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Title: Media Bias Knowledge is rarely

Total Pages: 20 Words: 7231 Bibliography: 40 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Here is my thesis: The coverage of political, corporate, and ideological media bias in America not only speculates the credibility and impartiality of media outlets and their journalistic ethics, but also filters news coverage in such a selective manner that it impairs the decisions and rhetoric of the American populace and dangerously questions the efficiency of American democracy.

It has to be 35 pages total, no specific number of sources but I'd like around 40-50 I have the first 15 pages done which I will email today, as well as an outline of how I would like the rest of the paper to look and a work cited I would like you to consider using. This way it will be easier for you to see where I am going with this paper and to better mimic my writing style and level. I will also send a couple notes and bullet points from videos that I watched and would like to be incorporated into the thesis. I also would like the first 15 pages that I send you to be broken down under sub-topics as well; you can reword the first chapter if you think it would better help the overall efficiency and message of the paper. Please continue to use sub-topics as well as chapters throughout the paper.

I would like you to use MLA and footnotes to cite your work, and I would like you to include a title page and a works cited if its free of additional charge.

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Title: Media Bias

Total Pages: 10 Words: 3160 Sources: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: The paper must show how the media bias affects the public opinion. It needs to include an introduction, literature review, analysis, recommendations, and conclusion. Must follow an APA citation format with a reference list.

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Title: Media Control in Egypt

Total Pages: 12 Words: 4404 References: 10 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: I want to prove by the end of the paper that media control in egypt is bad and that is why i am against it

A Research Paper Outline
I. Abstract
II. Introduction
A. Topic: The controlled media in Egypt.
B. Historical background:
a. The government has been directly involved in the distribution of information since 1960, President Gamal Abd el Nasser, is the one who nationalized the Egyptian press.
b. Anwar Sadat (the president after gamal abd el Nasser) then adopted the idea.
c. Finally was Hosny Mubaraks regime did not change anything, and controlled shares in the three main daily newspapers in Egypt, Al Ahram, Al Akhbar and Al Gomhuriya.

C. Variables: Major Factors
a. Social situation
b. Political situation
c. Economical situation

D. Research question(s):
a. Should the Egyptian government control the media?
b. Should the citizens respond to the Egyptian government control over the media?
c. Is government control of media beneficial?
E. Thesis statement: Although some people may believe that the media should be controlled, I refute this perception and believe that the media should be an independent organization, citizens have the right to know all the information precisely and accurately, the government should not be involved in relaying truthful information to the public and the Egyptian government should not be aloud to brain wash most of the citizens with lies
III. Literature Review
A. 1st idea: media doesn?t view both sides of the argument.
1. ?Report on the State of the Media in Egypt? by Dr. Huissen Amin
2. ?Egyptian Press and the Transition to Democracy? by Hala el Zahed
B. 2nd idea: Some of the restraints disallow writers to speak out the truth.
1. ?Journalism with Restraint? by Mohamed Hamas Elmasry
2. ?Freedom of the press?

C. 3rd idea: media influence citizens? opinions, and the way they thimk

B. Historical data: Most prominent sources
C. Interview:
a. famous writer for Al Ahram (Sherif el Abd)
D. Survey:
a. Respondents of different ages, gender, and how they feel about government control over the media.
E. Findings: The responses have revealed the degree of dissatisfaction with the current situation of the government control of the media is astonishing.
IV. Conclusions
A. Topic sentence: Media control has negative impacts on social factors.
1. Sub idea: Unfair distribution of information. For example biased articles.
a. Evidence: When Mohamed Morsi was president, he used the media as a tool in order to improve the image of the Muslim brotherhood.
2. Sub idea 2: Do not show both views of the argument.
a. Evidence: During 25 January the press manipulated the society
3. Sub idea 3: Media bias has negative effects on the people?s sense of safety
a. Evidence: people were afraid for their lives during the revolution (amr adeeb)
B. Topic sentence: people?s daily decisions are affected by the power of the media. (economy)
a. Sub idea 1: when the press destroys the reputation of anything
1. Evidence: after the media found out that Hazim Abou Ismail was half American, the media destroyed him by discriminating him in many ways.
b. Sub idea 2: The Media cannot be trusted, (Backstabber)
1. Evidence: during the 25 January when the citizens were powerful than the government, the media supported the citizens and started to discriminate on the government. (vise versa)
c. Sub idea 3: the economy?s way of thinking can be manipulated through the media
1. Evidence: people nowadays are starting to recycle the garbage in Egypt after the media built awareness to the people. (
C. Topic sentence: Politicians who own private channels use the media to manipulate the society.
a. Sub idea 1. Every political party uses its media relations for their private agenda.
1. Evidence: a TV program called rab3a
b. Sub idea 2: political parties use their new agencies to alter the truth.
1. Evidence: al jazerah program during the 25 January
c. Sub idea 3: political parties use the Media to help any candidate to win any elections
1. Evidence: the media was literary telling the people to vote for Sisi.
V. Recommendations:
A. Media must improve several things to improve the social factors
a. There must be fair distribution of information so that it would be trustworthy.
b. All views of the culture must be announced by the media without taking any sides
c. As the media showed the negative side of the society it must also show the positive effect so that the people would feel safe by showing the role of governments while providing security.
B. Media must consider what it is airing for the people as it affects the economy.
a. Media must consider the consequences of presenting any negative information about anything.
b. Media must introduce all sides of the stories to give people the freedom to choose what the believe.
c. Considering the economy's situation before presenting anything that might affect more negatively.
C. Media should decrease the use of politicians and use normal people more
a. The media should gather more information about the politicians before the go on air and talk.
b. Media should prevent being mislead to a specific idea to increase its credibility
c. Media must announce all information about all candidates so that it wont mislead the people of whom to choose in the electives.

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Title: Project

Total Pages: 2 Words: 672 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: This week your deliverable is a persuasive essay about mass communications. That means you must argue for or against one of the topics I list in the k-mail. You cannot write ?about? the topic. You have to have a clear ?for or against? thesis. And you must select one of these?no exceptions or alternatives.


Convergence results in fewer rather than more sources of information, just more distribution channels.
By being inundated with ?sound bite? news, Americans are less well informed now than in previous decades.
Media bias comes from the audience, which selects the sources to agree with its own views.
If the Internet kills newspapers, it will kill its own information source.
Citizen journalists -- bloggers -- will obviate traditional media reporters.
Advertising should be deemed appropriate for family or adult viewing, and relegated to time periods just as shows are.
Television has a responsibility to portray minorities in proportion to their numbers in American society.
There are no exceptions to the topics listed above. These have been chosen because sources are readily available and the topics are timely.

REQUIREMENTS [APA Format and Style]

450-600 words, plus cover and reference pages.
Run spell and grammar check before submission.
Double-spaced using 12-point Arial or Times New Roman.
You must use at least TWO sources other than web sites, but obtained from a library [physical or virtual]. They may not include our textbook or any consumer newspaper or magazine. Find a journal devoted to communications, media, psychology, or medicine.
These sources cannot be more than five years old, and they must have an author.
The sources used in the paper must be cited using APA style with in-text citations and a reference page. Review APA style if necessary to make sure you paper is formatted correctly.
Be sure to cite and reference every quote and every paraphrased passage. Failure to do so is plagiarism.
No more than 20% of the total words can be quotes or paraphrased material.
A cover page is necessary. It should contain the title of your essay, your name, the assignment name (lesson 7) and the date submitted.
Use formal writing
No personal pronouns such as ?you? and ?I? in any form.
No contractions are allowed in the paper.
No slang, colloquialisms, clich?s or trite phrases.
Every paragraph is to have one and only one topic that supports your thesis.

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