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Essay Instructions: Subject: MASSAGE THERAPY
Local: Miami
Institution: Miami Dade College

Health Care Career Report Instructions 1

Miami Dade College Medical Center Campus Health Sciences and Related Studies

HSC 0003, Introduction to Health Care Health Care Career Report

Write a report on a health care occupation that you are interested in researching from the nursing or health sciences /allied health areas. This report is not designed for physicians or dentists. Students are recommended to use the APA style Microsoft Word Template.

Body of paper must be 3 - 5 pages with a separate cover page and reference page. There will not be an abstract.

The report is to be typed, neat, and well organized, double spaced, using 12-point font size and 1 inch margins using the American Psychological Association (APA) 6th ed format.

There is an APA style Microsoft Word Template available online at the MDC Library Website at

Use correct spelling and grammar, copying and pasting material into papers is not acceptable and is considered plagiarism.

Include a minimum of six different sources of information (books, professional journal articles, electronic sources, websites, etc.).

Indicate the exact source of the specific information presented, citing all references appropriately using APA format. Wikipedia is not acceptable as a reference

There are five areas of the health care career that you will be writing about: I. Job Description; II. Education and Certification; III. Employment; IV. Professional Activities; and a V. Conclusion / Reflection.

Rev 4/2012/PL

Health Care Career Report Instructions 2 There will be a cover, body of the report, and reference page. (no abstract or introduction)

I. Job Description
Describe the care/service provided by the healthcare professional List professional

certification or registration required (specific details will be in Section II) II. Education and Certification

What are the educational requirements for the profession / occupation. Different types of educational institutions offering the program. What is the exact length of time and approximate cost of the education required? List degrees or certifications earned.
III. Employment

Job availability (what and where?) Growth trends in the field Number of jobs advertised in the Sunday Herald, and other sources. Experience/No Experience required. Salaries - Entry level and with experience. Advancement opportunities, with or without additional education
IV. Professional Activities

Local/State/National Professional Organizations (cost to join as a student) Professional journals with address to obtain and cost. Is continuing education available and expected in the profession / occupation. Are continuing educational units (CEUs) required for this profession? If so how many and how often?
V. Conclusion / Reflection

Reflect on how you see yourself ?fitting? into this profession. What did you discover in your exploration of this healthcare field? What did you find meaningful and important to you?

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Massage therapy increases athletic performance

Total Pages: 8 Words: 2367 Sources: 10 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: This is my exact assignment (I am in school for Massage Therapy):

The project should be in a form that can be shared with the class as handouts and a class presentation. (I can take care of the handouts and class presentation, but the more you make it sound like a speech the better).

50% of the grade will be the written paper and 50% will be the presentation.

I would like to have a thesis, outline, and bibliography if possible.

Sources should include as many books as possible (out of at least ten sources needed four or five should be books). The rest preferably can be online sources from journals. You may also use massage trade publications or reputable medical journals, but the easier to find the sources are the better for me. Thanks so much!

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: An essay (300 min- 500 words max)
College Entry level in proper Essay format
Answering these questions:
1. Why do you want to practice Massage Therapy?
Help people, curios about human body, I can be self-employed, I can improved techniques that I can use to perform Abhyanga Massage, I can offer more variety to clients, I love it. I can practice in Hospitals, Spas, Clinics.
2. Discuss what had you been your experiences with MT?
I had being a client and definitely it released tension.
As pregnant woman I had a great experience with MT for cramps and relaxing.
As a practitioner of Abhyanga technique , I am aware of the physical demand on the body, and I will love to learn more biomechanics to avoid injured.

3. What do you offer to massage therapy profession?

Professionalism, experience in Abhyanga, systematic approach to understand and explain.
Holistic Approach and global practice as I would love to practice in Costa Rica, Colombia and Canada in the future.
My teaching experience help me to deal with presentations pretty confident and pass knowledge in the concrete, playful and simplest way.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Fibromyalgia a physiological and psycological approach

Total Pages: 7 Words: 2299 Works Cited: 11 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: The essay is about the Safety and Efficacy of of Two non-phamacological treatment approaches to Fibromyalgia.

One being Physiological - Remedial Massage therapy.

The other Psychological - Behaviour modification (including cognitive therapy for ongoing pain management/ stretching strengthening exercises - helping patients help themselves avoid exaserbating symptoms)

I need an essay template that for each approach:

- Clearly explains how each method works (specific mode of action)

- Justifies why both methods are appropriate interventions for Fibromyalgia

- Compare and Contrast some research findings in relation to the safety and efficacy of each method to other treatment options

- Outline any special condiderations/ precautions/ contra-indications for the use of each method

I will provide some readings which need to be used as much as possible, and all other resources for studies etc should come more from Australian sources than American/British/ European, if possible. (some of the readings will quote internationally anyway, which is fine)

Writing style should be relaxed and resonably casual, as thats how i write. essay is 2000 words.

This is how marks will be awarded.

5% - Identifies and describes two non-pharmacological methods
10% - Explains specifc mode of action for each method
25% - Well developed justification for use or non-use of each method
25% - Systematically incorporates research evidence into discussion of each method
25% - Explores key considerations for each method
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Excerpt From Essay:

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