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Title: Fashion Cultural Historical Studies Gender Masculinity and Femininity Androgyny

Total Pages: 7 Words: 2478 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: An essay (2,000 words) presented in academic format, with bibliography and references.

Answer the following question:

"Fashion provides one of the most ready means through which individuals can make expressive visual statements about their identities". Bennett, A. (2005). Culture and Everyday Life. London: Sage. p. 96.

Discuss this statement with references to individual examples.

Include: Gender: Masculinity & Femininity, Androgyny

The answers should include:
- Reference to key themes, debates and concepts
- Referenced quotations (using Harvard referencing) from at least 4 academic texts - at least 2 of which should be from the unit Reader (NOTE: I will provide a Reading and Resource List on select chapter and not the whole book and not expected to read or use all of the suggested titles), use key quotes, judiciously, some longer ones, some shorter ones, sometimes just summarize/paraphrase key arguments with a citation.
- A critical analysis of examples

Presentation style:
- Ariel or Times New Roman
- Font size: 11 or 12
- Lines double-spaced

Reference key themes, debates and concepts raised in the unit Reader:

- For masculinity, explain/ write about the big theme of the 'Great Masculine Renunciation' Flugel (1930), develop this discussion with quotes from other writers e.g. Craik, Church-Gibson & Bennett, etc.

- Use Craik, Finkelstein, Breward, Wilson and Entwistle (all from the reading list) to explain the gendered 'separation of the spheres in the 19th century.

- Explain how men became responsible for public world of work, commerce and politics. Whilst women took the caring household role focusing on consumption and the domestic sphere.

- How did women dressed themselves and how their homes became an object of scrutiny 'the male gaze'. And how women became symbols of men's wealth, their husbands social status & respectability.

- Reference another big theme 'the gaze' and explain how the GMR & separation of the spheres created a new idea of masculinity and femininity in which women became the fashionable sex and the object of the look and men the bearer of the gaze.

- Another key theme is the debate about the extent to which men renounced Fashion completely or partially. - Flugel vs. Breward, Hollander (reading list).

- Discuss the extent to which men re-engaged with fashion in the late 20th century & its significance. - Mort & Nixon vs. Edwards (reading list).

- Define and use key words like: Fashion, Identity, Gender, Masculinity, Class, The Gaze, Representation, Subcultures, New Man, New Masculinities, Homo-social gaze.

- Discuss the struggle to wear bifurcated garments/trousers as a key part of the demands and dress practice of first wave feminists like Emily Bloomer - Wilson, Wilson and Taylor, Entwistle, Rouse (reading list)

- Discuss the debate between second and third wave feminists over the meaning of the stiletto heel covered by Elizabeth Wright (1989).

- Discuss about Jeffreys (2005) argument that fashion objectifies/oppresses women or whether 'new man' or metro-sexual images still challenge or subvert old macho man stereotypes.

Just a Suggested Structure of the essay

1. Intro - restate question and what it is cover: This essay will examine how fashion 'provides one of the most ready means to express 'masculinity (Bennett 2005: 96). In order to do this, firstly, I will explain how men came to 'renounce' fashion in the 19th century. Secondly, I will outline when and how men came to re-engage with fashion in the post-war period. In particular, focus on the role of subcultures and men's magazines. Finally, will conclude with an assessment of the impact of new 'man' on masculinity.

2. Development sections - covering history, theory, definitions as appropriate.

3. Final section - Conclusion (about 2 to 4 paragraphs) - sum up key arguments, refer back to and answer the question explicitly.

- The writer's voice (25% of the essay) can come in occasionally, mainly in the intro to explain what the essay will cover and in the conclusion.

- Cite the source of all ideas and be specific give facts not assertions/ assumptions.

I will include a reading list and powerpoint slides as referencing materials for any suggestion added to the essay.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Visual Communications

Total Pages: 3 Words: 783 Sources: 3 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: This research paper should be about how through the process observing and recognizing images. That through looking we negotiate social relationships and meanings. The paper should be all about how the James Bond role/image has transformed from the very earliest James Bond movies to the most current James Bond character. The paper should talk into detail/analyze the masculinity of James Bond character and try to see if their has been a transformation in how we depict masculinity through the James bond movie characters. Do we see a change in what masculinity is nowadays and what images/emotions does it bring out on us observing the James Bond Character. Is James Bonds character still as masculine in its current movies or have we seen a change in the masculinity through times.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Communion Describe the gender-specific relationship between men,

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1734 References: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: While the questions specifically ask you to reflect on what you’ve read and learned in
Communion: The Female Search for Love, your essay answers should not be limited to
Communion. Your answers to the questions should include a combination of: 1. References to Communion 2.
The use of quotes from the book that serve as support for the statements made in your responses
3. Personal opinions/observations/experiences/insights are encouraged and expected. 4. The use
of language (terminology and concepts) learned throughout the semester as it pertains to your
analysis of this book.

Each of the 5 question should be clearly numbered in your paper and answered in 2-4 paragraphs using
complete sentences in an essay-style. There may be overlap between some questions, but you
must still clearly label and distinguish the questions so that I know what you’re answering.

The 5 questions are...

1. Describe the gender-specific relationship between men, women and love. How is it
different? Why? How does gender socialization contribute to these masculine and
feminine roles in relationship to love and relationships in general?

2. Explain hooks’ statement on p.105, “Nothing belies the assumption that men and women
are more loving than men as much as the negative feelings most females hold about our

3. bell hooks writes that “self-love is always risky for women with in patriarchy.” Explain.

4. Pick any section/topic in the book and explain why you enjoyed it/found it interesting and
insightful/could relate to it.

5. How does hooks define and describe love? How does her definition align with, contradict
and/or expand cultural notions of love? Be specific.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: masculine expression of love

Total Pages: 8 Words: 2620 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: This paper must be typed in size twelve font and eight pages double-spaced in length. My last name (LeJeune) and the page number must be in the upper right hand corner, excluding page one. I do not believe that we are supposed to use the word ?I? in this essay. I will need a bibliography that references all texts used (MLA format).

I must use two primary sources: Nate McCall?s ?Makes Me Wanna Holler? and Antwone Fisher?s ?Who Will Cry for the Little Boy?? I must also include five secondary sources, however no more than two of these may be from the Internet.

This class is about the rise of the African-American male in society, however my topic is more of a male issue and can be altered by simply placing ?African-American? in front of the masculine terms. It is known that men have socially and psychologically had difficulty recognizing and expressing emotions of love and respect toward women. I must use these two primary sources to demonstrate this and use the secondary sources to back-up, support, and help to explain the reasoning, causes, influences, etc? that are stated in the primary texts. I have been told that it is best to pick a solid subject (thesis) that includes a common idea between the two texts and then to incorporate the secondary sources to back-up, support, and understand the primary texts. The primary texts should be read with the understanding of the secondary sources in mind. (My teacher writes: ?You may craft your argument as you choose yet be mindful of the parameters of this class. In order to honor the integrity of our class discussion, you should define theoretical and conceptual terms in your paper. Your subject matter should focus on some aspect of African-American identity and the various ways our authors express their American experience in traditional and non-traditional ways. Remember, the literature is the focus; the social discussions are mere tools to help you analyze the materials. Don?t try to cover too much in this paper. Stay focused on a particular theme and let the theme determine how you analyze the texts but be sure to ANALYZE?mere summarization will not work for this project.?) Also note that the teacher explains on the course description that ?the purpose of this class is two-fold. First, we will investigate the current scholarship that traces the complicated ?conception? of the ?black male image.? Secondly- and more importantly- we will trace the ways in which African American writers have countered these constructions of themselves and their personhood in their writings, as they simultaneously reveal their views on family, love relationships, and their critical purpose in repairing their fragile communities.?

Nate McCall?s book is useful in chapters 6 and 21. In chapter 6 he discusses how he learns to regard and treat women as a young man. He describes the train that he and his friends ran on a girl and the emotions and thoughts that ran through him. He is reminded of his past in chapter 21 when he describes how his views and appreciation of women have changes since spending time in jail surrounded by only men. This book is good in the sense that although as a young boy running a train, he knew it was wrong but felt that admitting that would cause him to look ?less masculine.? Obviously by chapter 21 he knows that a ?real? man would defend a woman and openly love her.

Antwone Fisher?s book is a book of poetry, some written to women or about women and some are not. But through writing poetry (which in itself may not be considered ?masculine?) he is able to positively express his emotions. I have not read this book through so it may be wiser to simply pick a poem that fits this essay and stick with that one in addition to focusing on the idea of the book as a whole, rather than focusing on several poems. It may also by helpful (and a secondary source) to read his biography to see if he had any problems with women or love in his past.

Thank you and please contact me with any questions or concerns.

Excerpt From Essay:

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