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Title: martha stewart

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Essay Instructions: Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia (MSO) and its founder, Martha Stewart, have been prominently in the news over the felony conviction of its namesake founder. Use the Internet to search for different news reports regarding this issue, and identify at least five different perceptions on the overall issue. Differentiate between the "obvious" conclusions based on facts, and those conclusions that are based on values and opinions.

Design a report/paper for management and employees of MSO on the variety of different interpretations of Martha Stewart's actions that led to her felony conviction. Evaluate the public perceptions, the reality of the situation, and any possible mitigating circumstances, rather than continue with an outright condemnation of Stewart's actions.

The perceptions and opinions of prominent opinion leaders on the issue certainly have some influence on the perceptions of the people of MSO. Do you think that such influences might affect the morale and performance? What steps can be taken by MSO to offset the biases that may develop internally?

Do not use quotations. Put everything in own words and cite withing text and reference page according to apa style.

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Essay Instructions: Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and Hain Celestial Group have hired you to develop a marketing plan for the purpose of expanding the distribution of their ?Martha Stewart Clean? line of eco-friendly cleaning products to the regions of Asia and South America.

Prepare a marketing plan proposal to sell the cleaning products in one country located within either of those two regions. You should make sure to answer the following questions in your marketing plan:

?What alterations might have to be made to the product or it?s packaging to succeed in the target country?
?How should the products be distributed?
?What about pricing?
?Is there a large potential market in the target country? Why or, why not?

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Title: commonapp essay extracurricular activities or work experiences

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Essay Instructions: martha from monterrey, mexico, essay for commonapp

Please briefly elaborate on one of your extracurricular activities or work experiences in the space below (1000 character maximum).

Had a summer internship during summer in Proeza (Human Recources) my families business.

Great work experience since I got to know the workers there and I had to adapt myself in their environment

Worked in recruiting students from collages to work internships with the goal for them to later working for the company. Had to go universities and represent the company to give them a pitch and let them authorize our advertising in the university.

Got an inside look in all the hard work I had seen my family do, and how the workers thought of them

Learned responsibility and hard work, sacrificing all my summer and working from 9 am to 6pm

Personal growth, got to know myself and my company better

*you can put whatever you like…..this is just the basics but you can elaborate it much more* thank you

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Title: Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia

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Essay Instructions: writer: PHEELYKS

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia -

Do a financial analysis using ratios, comparative ratios and the annual cash flow statements available at data bases


You should analyze and evaluate liquidity, asset management, debt management, profitability and market value ratios of the firm. Use the Dupont Ratio (see fax) when analyzing profitability. Your analysis should be based on five years of annual financial statement data.*

Your analysis should include a table that summarizes the ratios discussed in your analysis.

Your analysis should be related to past and current articles in periodicals and other qualitative information regarding Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. Comment on company's performance and its future potential in your analysis. Include own analysis and views.

Thank you pheelyks for all your assistance - you have been an amazing help!

*I paid extra for the analysis in the event that the cost did not include it.
*If you need any extra time, please let me know in advance

5 pages plus one table page
There are faxes for this order.

Customer is requesting that

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Customer is requesting that (pheelyks) completes this order.

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