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Title: Marketing Strategy Plan

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Essay Instructions: Marketing Strategy Plan

Select a Hospitality property that you are interested in and would like to learn more about. The objective of the project is to give students an opportunity to think about and apply the concepts covered in this class to an actual hospitality property. Your assignment is to create a new Marketing Strategy Plan for the property not just to report on their current marketing plan. The purpose of this assignment is to help you have fun with Marketing Strategy and show you how all the pieces of Hospitality Marketing fit together.

Spend time researching your selected property in the library or online.

The property I want to cover is the Marriott Hotel

For this project you will need to cover and create:

1. Mission statement

2. Slogan

3. Vision Statement

4. Do a SWOT analysis including a Competitive/Environmental Assessment

5. Objectives

6. Strategies and Tactics

7. Product positioning—Boston Consulting Group Portfolio Box

8. Product life cycle

9. Action Plans

a. Advertising
b. Promotions
d. Sales
e. Public Relations

10. Target market

a. consumer
b. buying characteristics
c. market potential

11. Issues

a. Measurements and Results
b. Budget

12. Ethical issues associated with the property


All reports must be word-processed (font Times New Roman, font size 12) doubled spaced and utilize correct grammar, syntax, and spelling. Margins should be no larger than one inch. It needs to be in paragraph form and you do not need to repeat the headings. Length should be adequate to cover all the topics including charts and tables.

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Title: Marketing Strategy

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Essay Instructions: Marketing strategy is what you will do to accomplish marketing goals and objectives. Many refer to the "4p's" as strategies. Others (and I am one) refer to them as tactics. That is, the 4 p's: product, price, promotion, and place (or distribution) are how you will implement marketing strategies such as segmentation, product differentiation, niching, etc. Neither strategies nor tactics are determined in a vacuum. They are determined in terms of the mission, and vision of the organization and the environmental variables faced by the marketer.
So, as a starting point in our discussion please consider how the strategies or tactics of a firm are developed.
Begin by reading the following article:
"Hawaii on tour: How paradise competes" by Lisa M. Keefe. Marketing News. Chicago: May 22, 2000.Vol.34, Iss. 11; pg. 5-7.

Now answer the following question in a three to four page paper:
What was the overall marketing strategy of the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau's (HVCB) campaign? Which specific tactics (4p's) were used and how? What would you have done differently and why? What were some of the environmental variables that the HVCB faced? What competitive advantage(s) did HVCB possesss?

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Essay Instructions: Marketing Strategy
Q. Prepare one page in marketing plan in bullet point format for the ODI lens .The plan should clearly state which group of customer you plan to target, which price you plan to target,what price you plan to charge,how you plan to sell & promote the product, and what unit of sales you expect to achieve in the next three years with proper working.

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Essay Instructions: ITM 435 - SLP

The questions for the SLP05 part of your marketing strategy direct you to consider marketing pricing activities as well as to indicate clearly how the strategy/project has been improved over the duration of the course. Make sure that your grader can clearly identify what sections have been revised, (e.g. use the Track Changes feature in Word).

Excluding your title page, and your revised SLP01, SLP02, SLP03 and SLP04 sections, your analysis of the new sections of the marketing strategy for Module05 paper should be not more than three pages long.

In other words, SLP05 should begin with a revision of what you prepared for SLP01, SLP02, SLP03, and SLP04 (sections 1-24) with those revised pages placed before you answer the following sections.

The New Section of the marketing strategy for SLP05

25. For your service, taking account of the marketing activities previously described and allowing for your time to provide the service and any ancillary costs, assess the OVERALL COSTS of your business which you would take into account in setting prices.

26. PRICE SETTING: How will you set your price(s)?


28. PRICE DISCRIMINATION: Will you vary your prices by segment? If so for whom and what will they be?

29. What will your expected PROFITS be? Show calculations for your expected profits over a reasonable time period. Refer to previous sections where you have stated performance goals.

30. End your marketing strategy with a summary of how your SLP has been improved as you have been developing it, (LEARNING). Include improvements that you arrived at through your own deepened understanding, as well as through feedback provided by your instructor. Address this via two section sub-headings:

a. Improvements to SLP through my own thinking.

b. Improvements to SLP due to feedback

Note that section 30 is important and must not be omitted.

Make sure you use section headings for each of the sections. In addressing the sections the CAPITALIZED BOLD words in the sections as headings and the non-capitalized bold words as sub-headings.

Write in a succinct, organized, and professional way. DO NOT USE ESSAY FORMAT.

Please complete the sections above, and any modification to prior sections (ensuring that the grader can easily recognize any changes) and submit the completed strategy for your business by the end of this module.


The MOD01 Background Info section contains "Notes for the SLP" which gives guidance for ALL the sections of the entire SLP.

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