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Title: Mariss Meyer Leadership Effectiveness

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Essay Instructions: I selected (Marissa Mayer (Yahoo, USA)) from this list. Relate that person’s style of leadership to one or more of the four leadership styles outlined in Darling & Leffel (2010), providing examples of how your selected person has applied their leadership style in their business career. Then critically discuss how that person’s leadership style has made them an effective or ineffective leader.

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Title: Co Leadership research

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Essay Instructions: Select a leader from a mid to large co e.g , Sheryl Sandberg or mark Zuckerberg, Face Book, Or Viginia Rometti IBM; Mulally, Ford;or Marissa Mayer, Yahoo; Or Ursala Burns, Xerox; or Cook, Apple; Or Bezos , Amazon.. Research one of the leaders and using using "Why Should Anyone be led by you?, Goffee and Jones HBR, Sep-OCT, 2000 and What Makes an effective Leader? Peter Drucker, HBR,June, 2004 discuss modles and dimentions of leadership and Management, There are Commonalities and differences presented in each of these models and perspectives on Leadership. I do not care what Leader is Picked from list. Use 1-2 Articles published within the past 2-4 years which you will provide solid descriptions of the individuals approach to leadership e.g. NYT,WSJ,HBR, Forbs, Fortune, or other respected publication. What is being looked at is the understanding of the leadership models and analysis and application of the leadership modles to the leader selected Please reference other articles if Possible.Brefly compare and contrast the articles on leadership (Drucker/Goffee-Jones) by creating a 4 colum Chart. In one colum identify the Key characteristic of leadership From the Articles best describing these attributes/leader "behaviors" 4th collum examples of key characteristics of the leader you read about which map modles
Column titles
1.Key Characteristics of leadership---2.Drucker Model ----3.Gofee/Jones Model----4.Map individual Leader Reporting characteristics/Traits
Select a leader from the list to illustrate a Leadership model Goffee/Jones, or Drucker. Be clear and specific in your discussion paper, Resaons selected the model(s) and analysis, with examples from the articles to illustrate your points.
5-6 Page typed, 10 Arial font, double space 1' margins
References should be noted in footnotes and in a Bibliography page
the chart should be included in the 5-6 pages best to keep is simple

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