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Title: organisational behaviour

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Essay Instructions: Assessment will be a single 3,000 word written assignment to demonstrate a critical understanding of theoretical concepts and frameworks, and their implications for practice. The assessment is based on the analysis of a single case study. Learners will identify, critically analyse and apply Management and Organisational principles and theories within a specific Organisational case. These theories will be used to diagnose managerial challenges within the case organisation and to select and justify a strategic action plan suitable for the future development of the organisation.

In the latter half of the unit, some class time will be made available for assignment support, where specific issues and questions can be raised by students and discussed by unit participants.

Specific assignment briefing.

You will be case study (Greater Manchester Congestion Charge) case study.
A good place to start is the ‘Integrated Case Overview’ file.


1. You should conduct an organisational audit of the organisation, identifying a single key issue presenting a clear challenge for the management of people that you consider to be of particular relevance and importance to its operation.
2. You are required to present a strategic recommendation for Management to address this challenge.
3. You should illustrate your strategic ideas with relevant tactical level management policies/practices. You should explain and justify your ideas with relevant theories and empirical evidence from the relevant literature.

Written assignments of 3,000 words should be typed in report format using double spacing and should be properly referenced using the Harvard system. Attention is drawn to the rules concerning plagiarism to be found in the university regulations (see guidance below).

Students should note that this is a Masters level programme and the assessment criteria for this module will reflect this. Feedback and marking for both written work and presentations will be in accordance with the following criteria.

Students will have to:
1. Demonstrate a critical awareness of a range of organization and management theories (ULO1),
2. Differentiate between theoretical perspectives (ULO2)
3. Relate the theory to practice, either in their own organizations or through a case study ULO3&4)

Formative feedback opportunity

Students are encouraged to provide a single A4 sheet summary (maximum 400 words at space-and-a-half) of their initial analysis including issue selection (based on a suitable analytic model such as SWOT or PESTLE) and initial focused analysis of and theory application to their key issue in relation to the
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Title: Managing People and Groups in the Global Workplace

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Essay Instructions: Individual Assignment Guide

Based on the assigned readings and additional scholarly articles, accurately describe and critically analyze the current performance assessment system in an organization with which you are familiar. Identify and evaluate the system’s major strengths, limitations, and most important managerial challenges.

Report length: Use the template below. Limit your presentation to no more than 1,200 words.

1. Give a succinct narrative description of organization used for assignment and your relationship thereto.

[Note: You need not give the specific name of the organization if you prefer to keep that confidential but you should give sufficient information so the context can be understood (industry, size, focus, etc.)]

2. Briefly describe the organization’s current performance appraisal system, being sure to clarify whether it:

* is formally or informally applied
* is used systematically across levels, functions, and units
* focuses primarily on organizational goals, individual behaviors, or a combination thereof
* recognizes and incorporates performance on teams
* includes 360 feedback

3. Describe the major goals for the organization’s performance assessment system.

[Note: These may be both the formally articulated goals and those you believe will be important. Offer a brief explanation of and support for each goal, relying where appropriate on insights gleaned from seminar readings.]

4. Analyze strengths and limitations of the current system.

[Note: Be sure to refer to information gleaned from the work of scholarly experts when undertaking this assessment of the system you are examining. Use Bernardin Figures 7-2, 7-3, and 7-4 to assist in your analysis.]

5. Discuss any legal or ethical concerns associated with the current system.

6. Discuss any possible challenges or implications for a diverse and/or multicultural workforce.

7. Based on your critical review, briefly discuss and defend changes you believe might be made to improve the system. This should include how the system is used, training/preparation, etc.

8. Briefly reflect on lessons you take from your analysis as a current or future leader in this organization or industry. Consider the implications for your need to ensure performance and commitment of all those for whom you will be responsible.

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Essay Instructions: Case Analysis. ?Silvio Napoli at Schindler India.? You purchase the cases directly from Harvard Business Press.


Submit an analysis of the operational and managerial challenges Schindler faces in India. Your report should clearly demonstrate your ability to apply, integrate, and cite relevant theories, concepts, frameworks and ideas from course readings into your analysis. Additional research is not required. Focus on the data and information provided by the case study, course readings and conferences discussion.


The report is to be 7-to-8 pages, double-spaced with 1-inch margins, 10-to-12 point type, and posted as rtf or Word document. Use APA format for references. The cover page, references, and appendixes are not part of the page count. The organization of the report is to include:

Introduction: A brief, one-to-two paragraph introduction that succinctly states the issues or problems you will discuss in the report. Do not restate the facts presented in the case.


From the list below, identify and briefly discuss what you consider to be the two major issues and management problems challenging Schindler?s cultural adaptation for its operations in India.

Strategy, mode of entry
Organizational structure
Marketing, sourcing strategies, logistics
International and local staffing policy.

2. Was Silvio the right choice for general manager of Schindler?s India operations, for this start-up company? Should you recruit staff primarily for knowledge or for attitude? If you were Silvio, would you accept this assignment? If yes, why or if no, why not?

3. Imagine you are Mr. Luc Bonnard. How would you evaluate Silvio?s first 8 months as general manager of the Indian company? How effective has Silvio been in developing the organizational capabilities of Schindler India? What action do you think Bonnard should take in regards to Silvio: Should he leave Silvio alone or coach him to make specific changes? Or is it time to remove him?

Conclusions and Reflections:

What insights does the Schindler case give you into the connection between the cultural context and making business decisions and the factors that influence a country?s business practices?

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Essay Instructions: Prepare a case study that involves some type organization with which you are familiar. For this requirement, student may use the case study approach to solve an organizational challenge/ problem, surface an issue of concern, or other issue. Use as a source an interview with a CEO, senior manager, existing work situation, or past personal work experience. Case study usually present one to several issues affecting the organization and may be positive or negative or both. They may include a multitude of issues such as culture, ethics knowledge, various type of problems, communications, managerial challenges, various personality conflicts, or a combination of these. The student goal should be to present the case from the perspective of a selected issue or issues. The selected issue is clearly defined in the presentation of the case.

3 PAGES SINGLE SPACE, APA style, 1-2 sources

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