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Title: The primary functions and required skills for management

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Essay Instructions: The paper should have an introduction, a discussion of the material and a conclusion. The paper should analyze and synthesize the material, not just summarize. Describe how the material relates to the topic and explain how this information would help an individual in a management position. A thesis statement something like: Proper management requires an intricate blend of mangerial functions and managerial roles. The following is an example of an outline that I had in mind:A.Development of management
1. Henri Fayol 2.Frederick Taylor B. Define management C.Management Functions 1.Planning 2.decision making 3.organizing etc.D. Management roles 1. Interpersonal 2. informational 3. Decisional etc. E. Mixing the functions and behaviors F.Applying the knowledge to the job.
Examples of cited sources: The Essential Drucker by Peter Drucker. Reengineering Management by James Champy. It's OK to Ask em to Work by Frank McNair. First Break All the Rules by Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman

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Buckingham, M. & Coffman, C. (1999). First, Break All The Rules: What the World's

Greatest Mangers Do Differently. New York: Simon & Schuster.

Champy, J. (1996). Reengineering Management: Mandate for New Leadership. New York: Collins.

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Miller, T. & Vaughan, B. (2001). "Messages from the management past: Classic writers and contemporary problems." SAM Advanced Management Journal, 66(1): 4.

Wren, D.A. (1994). The evolution of management thought (4th ed.). New York: John


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Title: I Level 4 essay Understanding management role improve management performance My current role Nurse Shift Leader SISTER adult intensive care unit

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Essay Instructions: I am doing Level 4 essay about Understanding the management role to improve management performance. My current role is Nurse Shift Leader (SISTER) in an adult intensive care unit.

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Armstrong, M. (2006). A handbook of management techniques. London: Kogan Page Publishers.

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Schuler, R.S., and Jackson, S.E. (2007). Strategic Human Resource Management, New York: Wiley

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Essay Instructions: Your answer to each essay question should be complete approx. 200 words.

1. The text highlights the economic, political and social forces responsible for moving the health services system beyond the largely reactive acute care paradigm to a more holistic paradigm, emphasizing population-based wellness. These forces are causing a fundamental shift in the way health care is viewed. Compare and contrast the major elements of this "transformation" of health care. In your opinion, is this shift better for the patient or for the health care system? Explain your answer.
2. The processes that occur in health services organizations can be described in terms of six primary functions. Expound upon these six functions, detailing how each is vital to the organization. Do you think that the functions are equally important, or do you believe that one or more should be viewed as more vital than others? Explain your answer.
3. The national debate concerning health care reform and national health insurance provides one of many good issues for applying the open systems model and the resource dependence view of organizations. In your opinion, is health care a social good or an economic good? Support your view, reflecting on how the different managerial roles might support and have to apply these positions. If health care is a social good, then should we have a national health insurance plan that guarantees access? Why or why not?
4. Refer to the "IN PRACTICE" sections of Chapter Two, regarding "A Medical Center in Transition" from four different perspectives. Explain the managerial role and how it pertains to the changing environment of the Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital. Discuss the executive leadership challenges posed by the need to integrate and align the internal organization structure and culture at MHMH with the external environment. Explain the strategic context of organizational effectiveness, regarding the transformation of the MHMH and its implications for managerial action. Describe the simultaneous roles of managerial process management and executive leadership as this "new organization vehicle" takes shape.
5. Compare and contrast the four content theories/perspectives on motivation. As a health care manager, which theory/perspective would be most valuable to you, in motivating your employees? Which do you consider the least effective? Justify your answers
6. Compare and contrast the roles of management and leadership. Refer to the traditional, functional roles of managers: planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling. In your opinion, do these functions describe management or leadership? Explain your answer. Are effective managers always effective leaders? Why or why not? What types of traits, skills, knowledge, and abilities are necessary for the leadership role, as opposed to the management role?
7. Groupthink occurs when maintaining the atmosphere of the team implicitly becomes more important to members than reaching a good decision, and it is more likely to occur when there is an implicit avoidance of all conflict. These decisions can sometimes result in unethical or immoral consequences, an example of which was the Nazi mentality during World War II. Illustrate the difference between functional and dysfunctional conflict. Describe examples in which groupthink has led to decisions being made or actions being taken that were not in the best interest of the group—at the organizational level as well as governments and societies. What do you see as possible implications, when leaders discourage conflict of opinions?
8. As the newly hired manager of an Adult Day Care Center, you are also new in the community. Wanting to take an active roll and become involved in Eldercare issues, you attend a meeting of the local Mental Health and Aging Coalition, only to find yourself appointed as the leader of an existing team whose goal is the promotion of Elder Abuse awareness. How would you determine your team's stage of development? Once you identify the stage of development, describe the strategies you would use to make the team more effective. Because of your "newness" to the situation/location, are there any strategies you might avoid? Why or why not?
9. Consider the effect diversity plays in the mix of members of a group--ethnicity, gender, skills, expertise, traits, abilities, and attitudes. Discuss the pros and cons of group diversity and the value of heterogeneous groups. Detail the benefits that diversity should bring to the group, and detail the problems that could also result from that diversity.
10. Given three positions in a health care organization--a food service worker, a nurse, and a physician--analyze each position in terms of how each would rate the motivating potential, based upon the five core job dimensions of skill variety, task identity, task significance, autonomy, and feedback. Generate ideas for improving the motivating potential for each position, based on the five core job dimensions.

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Allen, Gemmy (1998). Management: Motivation. (2002-2007). Management vs. Leadership.

National Center for Healthcare Leadership (2005). Competency Model.

Shapiro, Karen, Stoughton, Mark, Granff, Robert, and Feng, Linda (2000, July). Healthy Hospitals: environmental Improvements Through Evnrionemental Accounting.

SOPHA. (2008). Essential Public Health Functions.

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Title: Subject Business Management Topic Human Resources Solving Conflict work place Task A Scenario provided You scenario write a role play script aimed resolving conflict Human Resources Manager employee partner

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Essay Instructions: Subject: Business Management
Topic: Human Resources - Solving Conflict in the work place.

Task: A Scenario has been provided. You will use the scenario to write a role play script aimed at resolving the conflict between the Human Resources Manager (you) and employee (your partner).
You are to analyse the problem in the scenarios from the perspective of BOTH the Human Resource Manager AND the employee
Finally, you are to write a role play script that demonstrates your ability to use negotiation, advocacy and leadership skills to solve a Human Resources problem. You must ensure that you obtain a mutually acceptable outcome to the situation. The outcome is to be in the form of a win-win statement that clearly outlines a plan of action. Current relevant legislation and human resources management theories must be observed.
? Remember the art of successful negotiation, and always attempt to look beyond the initial preconceived boundaries to attempt to solve the conflict.



You have recently created a new position of factory manager, advertised the position and invited both internal and external applications. You received about one hundred applications and from these you short listed ten for interview. Only one of these was a current member of staff. You developed a set of ten selection criteria for the interview process and the interviews were conducted by yourself and the Operations Manager who will be the direct supervisor of the new employee.

You were extremely pleased with the quality of three of the candidates, any one of whom you would have happily employed. One of these three is a current staff member who has been working for the company for ten years and has a completely unblemished record in his job. He / she is very conscientious and efficient. Unfortunately he / she does not have the same level of communication skills or experience as the successful candidate. You and the Operations Manager agree that the best candidate is a man who has been managing a large factory producing for an export market for five years. He is a mechanical engineer who has completed a one year Post-graduate Diploma of Management.

You have been dreading the moment when you have to tell your current employee the bad news. You know that he / she has been aspiring to promotional positions for several years and he / she has been studying an on line Business Administration degree in an attempt to prepare for management roles.

You decided that you had to meet the current employee face to face to break the news and you did this as respectfully and tactfully as possible by taking him / her out to lunch. The meeting did not go well. He / she reacted very angrily and stormed out of the restaurant saying ?If you think this is the end of this, you are very much mistaken.?

You have since received a letter from the employee demanding a review of the decision and threatening legal action under the Anti-Discrimination Act. The employee is convinced that the Operations Manager is racially prejudiced and never had any intention of employing an Islamic Australian.


I am an Islamic Australian who has been living in Brisbane since the age of five. I joined this company ten years ago as a process worker and I have been working as a section foreman for three years. I know the factory inside out and I have been the best contributor to the company?s Total Quality Management program. I have been employee of the year for the last two years consecutively. I have gone into debt to study an on line business management degree, and passed twelve out of sixteen subjects. I work hard every day and never turn down any requests for voluntary overtime. I study until midnight most nights of the week. All of this has put tremendous strain on my relationship with my partner who wants to have children as soon as possible.

I recently applied for the new position of factory manager. I thought I was sure to get the position because it seems to me that an intimate knowledge of the factory and the quality management systems is essential. I have a very good relationship with the HR Manager, but I know the Operations Manager doesn?t like me. He has complained on several occasions about my determination to observe the Muslim prayer times, even if it takes me away from the job for about 15 minutes each day. He makes fun of my refusal to drink alcohol at company functions and I have over-heard him making racist jokes about Arabic people. I am smarter than him and I believe that he feels threatened by my contributions to quality assurance.

In the interview, I sensed the Operations Manager?s contempt for me and I resented a question in which he asked whether I would still insist on observing Muslim prayer times if I was appointed to the new position. I was told yesterday by the HR Manager that they had decided to offer the position to some guy from another company. I am furious and I am convinced that this decision was influenced by the prejudice of the Operations Manager. I have been researching the Queensland Anti-Discrimination Council website and I have become convinced that I should pressure the management into reviewing the decision. If I had the money I would sue for damages under the Anti-Discrimination Act. But they don?t know that I don?t have enough money, do they?

Personal Requests:
*The Human Resources Manager should be the 'main role' and have slightly more lines (this is because I am playing the Human Resources role when it comes to performing the script).
* Please have the Human Resources Manager (and employee if necessary) talking in paragraphs (rather than short lines)

An 'A standard (top grade)' requires the following,

- Sets and communicates goals
- Establishes authority by using forms of proof
- Makes proposals for new ideas
- Clarifies the nature of the conflict and scope of the negotiation
- Chooses a position and recognises position of other parties
- Identifies mutually beneficial trade-offs using consensus and collaboration

Conflict Resolution:
- Compromises to reach a ?win-win? situation
- Seeks to build trust and understanding and avoids being provoked into an angry or emotional response
- Engages in effective verbal and non-verbal communication and deals with criticism as constructive rather than negative feedback

Standard: This is for a Year 12 final Business assignment and requires sophisticated language and sentence/paragraph structure. I am also aiming for the highest standard as I currently am coming 1st in this subject at my college. The Criteria sheet has been attached/uploaded!

Thank you for your help!

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Let the record show that I am James X., Human Resource Manager for Zycon Corporation, a privately held corporation located in the City of Brisbane, Australia. Today is the 28th of June, 2011, and we are meeting with Mr. B., an employee of Zycon since March, 2001. Mr. B. has steadily worked his way up from a process worker to a section Forman since Spring 2008. Our meeting today is the result of a letter sent by Mr. B. demanding a review of a recent hiring decision made for Factory Manager. According to Mr. B's letter of June 10, 2011, Mr. B. feels that he did not receive the desired position promotion because of "discriminatory and unfair" labor practices, especially those from the Operations Manager. Reviewing the situation we find the following:

In April, 2011, due to corporate growth and efficiency studies, Zycon Corporation created a new position for our Brisbane Factory -- that Zycon believed it necessary to have an overall person who would be

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