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Essay Instructions: "Male in nursing"
For this next five-pages essay, explain how gender roles affect men performance in education.
You may want to narrow your paper to a specific culture, ethnicity or economic class. For this paper you must cite at least three outside sources.
ps. please underline the thesis and the list of three sources.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: heteronormativity

Total Pages: 3 Words: 733 References: 3 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Male (identifying) students should address the following questions:

According to our culture, what is the definition of femininity? Where do women learn what it means to be a “woman” in our culture? Why is sexuality used so often in advertising? How do you think popular media representations affect women’s self esteem?

ALL STUDENTS should do the following:

Address the following questions: What is meant by the term “heteronormativity”? How might heteronormativity be linked to homophobia?

Your paper must use standard formatting and it must be in an essay/narrative format. While you may use sub-headings (and I recommend that you do), your paper should not be a series of lists. Instead, your paper should have an opening introduction, a main body, and a conclusion.

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Title: Explaining Susan Bordo's Essay

Total Pages: 3 Words: 950 Works Cited: 1 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: After reading the book The Male Body: A New Look at Men in Public and in Private by Susan Bordo I have been assigned to write about the section called Beauty (Re)discovers the Male Body beginning on page 168 in the book. I am to basically write a letter to future readers explaining her essay, what she is saying, how she is saying it, and what are the most important parts to take away from her essay.
Too often people will jump to conclusions with this essay for several reasons: they read the first few paragraphs and become uncomfortable about the sexual words and subtexts that she uses. Most American male readers and conservative female readers are shocked by the Calvin Klein ad that appears within the first few pages of the essay. As well as the other images she uses in her essay. Some may think that her essay is about objectifying men and stop reading. Or assume that it is about the fashion world. Basically they have written off her essay without reading the whole thing.

Americans live in a society that is dominated by images (which are nothing more than masks and illusions.) Where it is easier to look good rather than be good. Where intrusive images and words are used to bring attention to often mundane and stupid things, a society where there is too much hatred, ignorance, and mindless conformity.

I want to tell the reader that they need to keep reading past the first few pages. That they should not jump to conclusions. Not to become overwhelmed or surprised by the images and subject matter. And that they need to move past the assumptions created by Americans insecurity with sexuality.

I believe she goes from simple infatuation in the beginning of her essay to deeper feelings by the end. She does this by starting with the simplicity of infatuation. Then, through her smaller essays she explains the complexities of what beauty actually is. (Example: Americans will look at the physical beauty of the ancient Greeks and claim that is true beauty. Whereas the Greeks believed you had to be beautiful inside and out.) So by the end of her essay you have a better understanding as to why she would rather go home with a man who looks like Clint Eastwood rather than someone who looks like a Greek god.

The Male Body: A New Look at Men in Public and in Private
by Susan Bordo
• Paperback: 368 pages
• Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux; 1st edition (July 15, 2000)
• Language: English
• ISBN-10: 7327
• ISBN-13: 7327
• ASIN: 6

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Male and Female's difference in a movie

Total Pages: 3 Words: 995 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Discussion section: using the results of the following 4 interviews, answers these questions:
1)to determine the extent to which male and female viewers differ in their perceptions of violence in Kill Bill Volume One, 2) to identify those factors that contribute to any difference in the perception of violence by men and women, and 3) to see whether or not male and female share any opinion regarding the violent women in the film.

Please refer to the interview transcripts.

Interview 1
HY = Helena Yip, [female] friend of the researcher
R = Researcher

R: Here I go! Thanks so much Helena.
HY: No problem!
R: So my first question is: why did you watch Kill Bill?
HY: Hahaha...ya know, I decided to watch it no matter what once I saw the film advertisement. Uma was so cool in slashing those who were standing in her way!
R: Does it mean that you enjoy the violence in the film very much?
HY: Yup! I even saw the film twice just for the sake of reviving the film once again. I like the power, the female power, you know...that strong female characters kick ass.
R: So do you think strong female characters, I mean, female action heroines are just fantasties and why?
HY: You know who is Chyna don't you?
R: Sorry...haven't heard of...
HY: Okay, let me tell you who she is. And I think as a female you should know who she is.
R: Okay...
HY: Chyna is the most powerful female wrestler in the World Wrestling Foundation. She defeated many males on the stage. She not only won two Intercontinental titles vs. men but also obtained the Women's Championship belt!
R: Won two Intercontinental titles vs men? Sounds kinda cool to me.
HY: Yeah. She achieved what no other woman had ever done in the World Wrestling Foundation when she defeated Double J. In this way, she gained her first WWF Intercontinental Title. She became an equal with the male wrestlers, stupid male wrestlers who said it couldn't be done, haha, as a female I feel so gratifying.
R: So female action heroines are not fantasties to you, right?
HY: Absolutely not! By the way, you know that I have been studying martial arts for nearly five years.
R: Haha, sure, I remember you know Tae Kwon Do. So...what do you think of ??The Bride??'s violence?
HY: Her violence is awesome. I cheered in my heart when I saw that "Buck who wanna fuck" was killed by the Bride. I was amazed when seeing her fighting with Crazy 88 in such a violent way. She demonstrated her power and fairness at the same time, you know, the way that she slashed all the members of the Crazy 88 except the kid who was new to a brutal fight. Generally speaking if I were her, I would go crazy too and seek for a roaring rampage of revenge.
R: So it seems to me that you think the Bride was justified in her every act trying to kill Bill?
HY: I failed to see why she wasn't. She had her reasons, no matter how violent she was. And I love her violence. It's so powerful.
R: I see. You like the Bride, then what do you think of Oren Ishii's violence?
Ah...she was as powerful as the Bride. Though she was powerful, she remained calm when one of her followers questioned her status as a leader. Once when it came to issues with her heritage, she chopped off the head of her nasty follower without a word. After that she delivered a powerful speech that was so memorable that it had me repeated the speech for more than 5 times! I also like the way she treated the man who killed her family: she cut her stomach open on his bed with her samurai sword. Cool.
R: Enough for Oren, now what do you think of Oren Ishii's personal bodyguard, Go-go Yubari's violence?
Go-go was the most interesting character in the film I'd say. She did an amazingly good job in wielding her deadly ball and chain. Loyal and protective to her leader, and welcome any challenges. I liked it when she said, "You call that begging? You can beg better than that." And yeah, the way she stabbed the guy who wanna fuck her was so fuckingly cool.
R: Which character do you like the most? Why?
HY: Oren. Coz she is the calmest and coolest character in the film. Not to mention the most powerful.
R: Got it. Now...what are the differences between male and female action heroes in the films you have watched so far?
The phenomenon is, if both male and female hero were put together in a film, the female one would be framed as slightly unusual, and less capable; if males dominate the hero roles, and what they are trying to save is usually a beautiful but stupid woman who could always do nothing but screaming and crying, especially in the many films of that arrogant man, Jackie Chan. If the hero is a female, then she usually fights male villians...or, the female hero is a victim and seek revenge, just like what you saw in "Kill Bill".
R: Helena, this is an insightful point. Thank you for your time.

Interview 2
JK = Jacking168 (MSN Username), [male] friend of the researcher
R = Researcher

R: To begin with, thanks for sparing your time...
JK: Come off it! Don't be so formal...
R: Haha first question is: why did you watch Kill Bill?
JK: My friends asked me to go to the films, as I was far from preoccupied, I agree. But it never came to me that what they were going to watch was Kill Bill...I was stunned.
R: Stunned? You mean...
JK: The blood, the chopped heads and body parts...they all stunned me. This was the most violent film I have ever seen in my life. Terrible, but terrific.
R: So do you enjoy the violence in the film or not?
JK: Yes...actually I do. The scene in which the Bride cut her way through Crazy 88 was gratifying. Uma Thurman did so well, so as Chiaki Kuriyama, you know, Go Go Yubari.
R: I see...let's talk about them one by one. What do you think of the Bride's violence?
JK: She was a tough person. She got a strongly personality that I admire. She was a bit crazy I must say. But her craziness was triggered by the lost of her friends and her baby. If I were a woman, if I were the Bride who lost her baby, i think I would be very sad, and then went berserk...
R: It seems to me that you do think the Bride was justified in her every act trying to kill Bill, don't you?
JK: Exactly. May be too much blood, but given the situation, she was justified. She wanted to spare the lives of the youths, like the youngest boy in Crazy 88 and Go Go Yubari. The difference was, the former chose to escape, while the later didn't and a good fight started. By the way the fighting-scenes in this film are of the level of John Woo!
R: I see. You have expressed your views towards the Bride, then what do you think of Go-go Yubari's violence?
JK: Go-go Yubari was freaking hot as fire in her Japanese school girl uniform...when she said, "You wanna screw me?" I nearly wanted to shout "Yes I do!" But I don't want to be stabbed with a knife in the groin, haha. She was not only a cute babe, but an adorable psychopath with a steel ball and chain as a weapon...and able to handle it so well. It was really impressive!
R: Alright. What do you think of Oren Ishii's violence, then?
JK: She was harsh and mean when she chopped other's head off...but it doesn't mean that I don't like her. Like the Bride, she had a dark past. I like her authoritativeness, though.
R: It seems to me that you like all the characters mentioned above. If you have to choose one among them, which one is your favourite and why?
JK: Wow, it would be the hardest moment in my life, haha. I find it difficult to choose between Go Go and Uma the Bride. But if I really have to choose...then I will choose Go Go.
R: ...because she was freaking hot in her Japanese school girl uniform?
JK: Haha, you really know what I am up to. But you only got 50% of the picture. If her gaze was not deadly cold and if she could not wield her steel ball with chain so well, then she would not be my favourite. I like Go Go the most because she was a character of cuteness, awe and fear.
R: So in general, do you think female action heros are just fantasties and why?
JK: To be frank you cannot find someone like the Bride or Oren Ishii in the real world. But I know a female friend who gained her karate black belt a couple of weeks ago. As for the famous ones let's say...Joan of Arc, yes, she is a historic figure, not a fanasty. The number of female action heroines in the real life cannot be compared to male heros, of course, but we know the kick-ass ladies really exist, and they are increasing.
R: Got it. Now...what are the differences between male and female action heroes in the films you have watched so far?
JK: Many female action heros are with large boobs and sexy legs, while the males have the right amount of muscles in the right place. You can't find a female hero who is extremely muscular, or a male action hero without muscle. Female action heros, however powerful, their muscles should not be highly visible, otherwise they will not be welcomed, and even labeled a villain.
R: ...especially by the male viewers.
JK: Don't gawk at me, okay? That's the norm of the society. Women should be smaller, except for their boobs.
R: I see what you mean. Anyway, thanks for your time.

Interview 3
TKD = TKDavid (Forum username), [male] viewer
R = Researcher

R: Okay, here we go! Thanks a ton man.
TKD: Welcome sweetie!
R: So why did you watch Kill Bill?
TKD: Why? For violence, for excitement, that is.
R: So do you enjoy the violence in the whole film?
TKD: Yeah, why not. The violence doesn't make sense, but it's funny! I mean, it's a cheezy movie in which ironic scenes are everywhere, somehow quite similar to Armee of Darnkness, but there is more blood, blood spraying everywhere. Very exciting, and intense graphic cartoon violence with limbs being cut off in nearly every scene. It's entertaining. And yeah the sword fighting was really accurate. Good job.
R: What do you think of The Bride's violence?
TKD:'s interesting to me, you know, there are a hell lot of Asian men that think that she is a true-to-life goddess, but I'd say that as a American man I'd see see her as just attractive. I like Go-go and Oren more, though...
R: That's an interesting thought, but what do you think of the character, the Bride as a whole, her violence?
TKD: Ah...I can see that I got the wrong end of the stick...okay, I think the Bride was a stereotype of Chinese martial art heros and Japanese swordmen. She regarded honour and dignity as the most important thing. But mind you, there is no such a kind of woman in the real life, that's why watching Kill Bill is Fun.
R: I see. To what extent do you think the Bride was justified in her every act trying to kill Bill?
TKD: Well, this is not a serious movie, but the revenge in the movie is kinda serious I'd say. I think, I real life situation she is justified, but not so much blood, haha!
R: What do you think of Oren Ishii's violence?
TKD: She had a sorrowful past, so I think her violence was as justified as the Bride. She was a business people who understood that the best way to maintain order among collegues is a quick beheading. If you ask me, her violence is the best way to make people shut up! By the way her character is all striaght from the movie "Lady Snowblood".
R: What do you think of Go-go Yubari's violence?
TKD: The way she wielded her deadly ball-and-chain...the way she stabbed the guy in the a man I find it frightful, yet powerful. Her performance is convincing, without her we may never know a hot and innocent-looking schoolgirl can actually perform some fearful kung fu moves. It's a good thing. It's pretty cool.
R: Which character do you like the most? Why?
TKD: Oren. As I said before she had a sorrowful past and experienced a lot in her life. She tried to be fair, but some people don't respect her and of course she chopped the buffer's head off to maintain authority. I wish I were her when I was holding an online discussion, hahaha.
R: In your opinion, what are the differences between male and female action heroes in the films you have watched so far?
While the males are killing males, the females are also killing males. But males hero kill other males for justice, female heros kill other males for revenge, but it can also be interpreted as a way for a female hero to obtain justice when the society cannot provide her any.
R: Okay, my last question is, do you think female action heros are just fantasties and why?
TKD: We don't have Buffy, Max or Zena in real life, of course. But you will probably be arrested by a male cop rather than a female one. So I think female action heros can't create an illusion of equality but re-establishes the existing inequality. But at least I think female action heros are attractive, otherwise we can't see so many movies and TV series about them. I think both male and female like them coz they are attractive yet powerful. They can get a hold on themselves without screaming help from males, to me it's not a bad thing. But in today's society most females just can't have the privilege of living without the fear of being possible victims. That's a sad thing. May be that's why those self-defense classes are very popular in USA.
R: Impressive. Alright then, that's all. Thanks for your help.

Interview 4
TS = Twisted Soul (Forum username) [female] viewer
R = Researcher

R: Arigato gozaimasu, thanks for your help!
TS: You are welcome!
R: Why did you watch Kill Bill?
TS: Well, I saw it because Uma Thurman is in it. I like Uma and the action scenes in the movie advertisement seems exciting.
R: Do you enjoy the violence in Kill Bill? Why?
TS: I find it quite violent, but I feel good and I am glad that I watched it. It is all about the revenge of a woman. I enjoyed the brutal martial arts battles in the film, but if it is not performed by a woman than I would have enjoyed it less.
R: What do you think of The Bride's violence?
TS: I wish I was her...slashing people who were standing your way with a samurai sword. I know it sound kinda silly, but I wish I have the power to be destructive and powerful, once in a while.
R: So to what extent do you think the Bride was justified in her every act trying to kill Bill?
TS: To a very great extent. You know what, the women in the cinema cheered when they saw that rapist was killed by the Bride with a brutual bang against the door. I think it is because out there there are so many women who have shared that experience of being honked at, if not being raped...there is something to do with the female's rage. The scene taps into their feelings...the rage. And I suppose this rage is somehow the fuel of females who are good at martial arts. The Bride's last battle with Oren Ishii really makes for a beautiful cinematic experience!
R: I see, what do you think of Oren Ishii's violence?
TS: You mean the way she revenged for her parents' death by plunging a huge sword into the chest of Boss Matsumoto? I think it is most gratifying. Sometimes in this world justice can't be done by the law, and I do not believe in any thing about karma, you know, the retribution for sin. If you are talking about the beheading scene, then I would say it is not about justice, but about the consolidation of power.
R: I got your point...what do you think of Go-go Yubari's violence?
TS: The moment she stabbed the suited man in the groin was impressive. After that she said, "Do you still wish to penetrate me...or is it I who has penetrated you..?" I like what she did and what she said, so can't do this in real life otherwise you will be under arrest. That's why I like her.
R: Hmm. Which character do you like the most then?
TS: I would choose the Bride. She is the most adorable character in the film. She acted like the mix of a traditional swordman and a powerful modern woman.
R: In your opinion, what are the differences between male and female action heroes in the films?
TS: Female action heros in the movies have a tendency of wearing too little when compared to male heros. I mean, what's the point of showing your boobs during a fight? It is totally impractical! They could be female heros, but can also be bad role models. There is no need to look sexy to become a female hero, but the cinema nowadays seems promoting the message in the opposie way.
R: Generally speaking, do you think female action heros are just fantasties and why?
TS: They are rare, but they are real and they are increasing, thankfully. If you want a famous example in Japan, Tomoe Gozen. She was a high level female samurai in the time of the Gempei War - around 1000 AD. Tomoe was an amazing woman who was very talented with both bow and sword. And yeah, she was also a good horsewoman. That's why she he was often chosen for dangerous scouting missions. Although she was the lover of Yoshinaka, who was also a great warrior, she never stayed behind when danger was out there.
R: Impressive. That's all, domo.

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