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Title: Malaria Prevention Among Children in Africa

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Essay Instructions: a topic relating to GLOBAL infectious diseases, based on the topic listed on the Carter Foundation website:


The purpose is to become familiar with a global microbiology issue, as well as science writing styles (logical, succinct, no prose or emotional adjectives, the correct use of scientific terms), and to encourage some critical thinking and analysis of topics related to studies in microbiology.

The paper will be short, so that every sentence must be meaningful and necessary. The paper must be between 1000 and 1250 words (NOT INCLUDING REFERENCES), and must relate directly to global or world-wide aspects of topic.

introduce the disease, the etiologic agent, and current progress in prevention (separate paragraphs for each, in addition to the introductory paragraph). Do not discuss treatment as that is outside the scope of this essay and is not directly related to the global aspects of the issue.

also include additional connecting paragraphs discussing the global aspects of the disease issues, such as historical perspectives, origin(s), or spread, or control, and/or political issues. Make sure you provide a logical discussion of topic in these paragraphs, comparing information from various sources.

a concluding paragraph that sums up conclusions. No new information should appear in the concluding paragraph. Critical analysis that you have done should be seen here. For example, making your own predictions or explanations for problems that you have read about, or comparing two different strategies seen in two difference sources.

avoid being overly general.

There will be NO DIRECT QUOTES anywhere in the paper, referenced or not. This is to encourage to learn effective analysis and paraphrasing techniques. No cut and paste transfers. Not even if you change some of the words

6 or more references from approved sources, such as peer-reviewed journals, government agency web sites (CDC, NIH), books or e books from our library, or University web sites.

You MUST follow APA style instructions as posted exactly. The guidelines are a simplified version of APA to make life easier.

50% of references should come from peer reviewed sources

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Africa: Adopting an Integrated Approach to Malaria Control (2009) All Africa Global Media. The Carter Center 24 Apr 2009. Retrieved from:

Malaria (2012) World Health Organization. Retrieved from:

Malaria (2013) World Health Organization. Jan 2013. Retrieved from:

McNeil, DG Jr. (2011) Human Swallows Pill. Mosquito Bites Human. Mosquito Dies. The New York Times. 11 Jul 2011. Retrieved from:

The Life Cycle of Malaria (nd) The Carter Center. Retrieved from:

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Amir Attaran & Maharaj Rajendra. (2000). Ethical debate: doctoring malaria, badly: the global campaign to ban DDT. British Medical Journal, J 321:1403-5.

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Socrates Litsios. (1996). Tomorrow of Malaria. Pacific Publishing.

Malaria In Sub-Sahara Africa

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Title: Malaria

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Essay Instructions: Please Note: Since this paper is singled spaced and has a title page, table of contents, and appendices if necessary, I do not know how to count the number of pages. I am doubling the number of pages. Please let me know if I have calculated correctly. I can not have a delay!!!

Subject of disease of paper : Malaria

This is an Epidemiology subject paper!!! This paper will be 6-7 pages in length, singled spaced. Do not exceed 7 pages or less than 6 pages!!!!!

Highly Recommended Search engine: Pubmed (

Paper Outline: APA Format

Format and Style

Title page
Table of Contents
Appendices (as necessary)
Graphs (as appropriate), and strictly conform to the page limit
Section Headings
Subheading (as appropriate)

Grammar and Punctuation

Paper has to well written from the standpoint of sentence structure, typographical errors, subject-verb mismatches, and verb tense irregularities. Expect an “A” paper!


The style of references must be that of the American Journal of Public Health. No other referencing style is allowed!!!!!!!
The reference method utilized by the American Journal of Public Health is as follows: Number each reference as it is typed and list them numerically on the references page. Multiple references for the same information is a standard practice in publishing and is encourage (when appropriate).
See Section Manuscript Preparation and Submission Requirements for appropriate sections listed above. Do not under reference!
A common practice is to reference material at the end of a paragraph. This potentially under-references a paper.

Absolutely No Wikipedia. References to the popular Press (Magazines and Newspapers) are not allowed. Internet or Website References Are Not Allowed Except To Reference A Downloaded Chart, Table or Graph and Only From A *.Gov Website.
Paper Sections: If there is a Section that does not apply, do not use it!!!!!

This paper will consist of (3) three Sections as follows:

Section I ??" Medical Information (1.5 pages maximum) Section II ??" Epidemiology

A. Description of Disease (Medical dictionary or textbook is ok for this section)

1. Definition
2. Classification
3. Etiology
4. Prognosis

B. Natural History

1. Stages
2. Symptoms

C. Diagnostic Procedures

1. History
2. Physical Examination
3. Laboratory Tests

D. Treatment (Information should come from journal article)

1. Drugs
2. Surgery
3. Other
Section II ??" Epidemiology (This section is the bulk of the paper and has to be from journal articles only)

A. Descriptive Epidemiology
Discuss the epidemiology overall and by population, subgroups (sex, age, race/ethnicity, social economic status, etc, as applicable).

1. Prevalence (Population in different places)
2. Incidence (Summary of what is going on with the
disease for different groups)
3. Mortality

B. Geographic Distribution

1. International
2. Regional (within US)
3. Rural vs. Urban, etc)

C. Risk Factors

1. Discuss known risk factors
2. Distribution of risk factors among subpopulations

Section III ??" Prevention and Control (1.5 pages Max)

A. Disease Prevention

1. Primary
2. Secondary
3. Tertiary Prevention

B. Public Health Intervention

1. Policy Development
2. Intervention Program

C. Current Research

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Excerpt From Essay:
Works Cited:


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18. International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association. A Pocket

Guide to Malaria Management Programmes. 2011. Accessed April 6, 2011.

Division of Malaria Control (Kenya). Kenya Malaria Fact Sheet: Malaria in Kenya at a glance. 2011. Accessed April 10, 2011.

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Title: Malaria

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  • Words: 2863
  • Bibliography:6
  • Citation Style: APA
  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: Pleae follow these instructions on the health topic" Malaria" as you write the paper.I want you to discuss malaria as ahealth issue.

1.Review of the literature regarding the selected health issue.
2. Discussion about the country or countries where the selected health issue is prevalent (Malaria)
a. Including populations affected;
b. country activities related to the selected health issue
c. existing programs regarding the selected health issue in the target country and other countries.
3. Discussion regarding barriers to solving the health issue (including those within the country and exterior to the country).
4. Discussion of helpers to solving the health issue (including those within the country and exterior to the country).
5. Identification and discussion of resources available within the country and in other countries for solving the selected health issue.
6. Outlook regarding this health issue for the target country (or countries). What do you think the future holds regarding the selected health issue(Malaria)?
Very important!! Please let me know as soon as possible if you can not do this paper within 24 hours.
Thank You.

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Excerpt From Essay:


Azarian, Taj; Kay, Robin S.; and Smith, Laura (2008)Malaria Among Recently Arrived Burundian Refugees: A Public Health Response. Epi Update. The Florida Department of Health, Bureau of Epidemiology. January 2008.

Breiger, Bill (2008) IRS in Uganda - a Call for Monitoring Resistance 21 June 2008. Indoor Residual Spraying. Malaria Matters. Online available at

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Malaria Vaccine Protects Infants Against Infection (2007) New Scientist - Health 17 Oct 2007 online available at

Principles and Methods of Antimalarial Measures in Europe," Second General Report of the Malaria Commission (Geneva: League of Nations Health Organization, 1927) prepared by S.P. James.

Statistics and Malaria's Public Health Impact (2008) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Department of Health and Human Services. Online available at

The Harvard Malaria initiative, Medicines for Malaria Venture, and Roll Back Malaria Receive Funding for Malaria Prevention from ExxonMobil. 2001 Press Release Harvard School of Public Health. Online available at

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