Challenges in the response of public health in this area includes the following:

1) a lack of medical records or documentation of predeparture therapy;

2) Limited Medicaid reimbursement for therapy and follow-up care due to the lack of documentation;

3) Difficulty in securing the appropriate treatment since Malarone is not on the FDOH.

A formulary; and 4) Initial difficulty in locating a Kirundi interpreter for the interviews. (Epi Update, 2008)


Barriers to funding and focus on prevention, treatment and eradication efforts are identified to be those as follows:

Malaria no longer 'king of diseases' in the tropics and hardly any threat to the industrialized countries of the North

Malariologists no longer in charge - new breed of 'managers' have taken command

Basic research dominates and the little applied research that is funded has little operational links with control programs

More complex international infrastructure; countries need to...
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