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Title: Mainstreaming

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Essay Instructions: PERSUASIVE RESEARCH PAPER Agreeing with Mainstreaming/Integrating mentally and physically handicapped/challenged children as well as adults in todays society. MUST USE ALL FACTS to persuade the reader to agree with mainstreaming. DO NOT use personal opinion. Pages must be numbered, please add my name at the end. 10th grade high school level. Try to include the Brown vs. Board of education case" and Americans with disabilities act of 1990" Include these main points:
1. Mainstreaming provides multicultural education for the rest of society
2. It is their legal right to be included with the rest of society
3. Gives them a chance to lead a somewhat "normal" life
4. It is less expensive to mainstream

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Title: mainstreaming the non traditional learner in your choir

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Essay Instructions: The topic is mainstreaming the non traditional learner in your choir( coming from the teachers stand point). For a teacher, what are ways to support the dissable children in his or her choir/chorus.How to help the special students manage and participate in the most beneficial way for your choir/chorus's outcome and for the nontraditional learner.What should you not do as a teacher also needs to be included.

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Title: Mainstreaming

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Essay Instructions: My paper must be an argumentative research paper, in other words it has to prove something. it can't have personal experiences included in it. it must have the thesis statement in the introduction. Avoid using a bunch of blocked quotes, but you can have one or two but try not to make it take up most of the space in the paper or i will be graded down. avoid abstract theoretical papers without backing. it must have at least 4 print sources like a book, newspaper, periodical, etc. please do an argumentative paper on "Mainstreaming" students with mental or emotional handicaps. is it appropriate? if so, what are the most effective means? if not, how should we handle these students? i was thinking a problem solution paper would be good unless there is better way to go about it. i must have a works cited page. please use proper parenthetical citations and don't use footnotes.

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Title: ADHD

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Essay Instructions: Two pages to each question which has ADHD integrated in it. !.How has inclusion/mainstreaming worked to date in vocational schools? Include definitions to inclusion & mainstreaming. 2. What teacher and curriculum initiatives are needed in vocational/special education to form a successful partnership? Include behavioral and teaching approaches in classroom management. and 3. How can your shop/shop related programs integrate mutually compatable career goals for all students. ( how are the goals the student learns in class integrated to outside workplace?)
Summarize career tech teacher major recommendations for helping these students with learning disabilities to be successful with their employers. Shops in my school include culinary, carpentry, building & grounds, metal fab, and certified nurses aide programs.

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