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Title: Prompt 10 Minute Play Length 7 10 pages Write play relevant society today It mob gangster related a love story a family struggle Nothing back past history The play written stage light stage directions enter lights cut a character laughing a facial expression stands

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Essay Instructions: Prompt for 10-Minute Play
Length: 7-10 pages

Write the play about something relevant to our society today. It can be for example mob or gangster related, or a love story, a family struggle. Nothing back in the past history.
The play needs to written with stage light stage directions, as in where to enter, when lights cut on and off, or a character laughing or a facial expression that really stands out.

In a moment of comic relief from the melancholic brooding in Hamlet, the Danish prince offers sage advice to the actors performing in the play-within-a-play encompassed by Shakespeare?s tragedy. Though directed at a roving band of thespians, the Bard?s instructions serve as a suitable manual for playwrights:
Suit the action to the word, the word to the action; with this special observance, that you o?erstep not the modesty of nature: for anything so o?erdone
is from the purpose of playing, whose end, both at the first and now, was and is, to hold, as ?twere, the mirror up to nature. (3.2.17-22)
Hamlet's advice to the players emphasizes the importance of finding appropriate language to convey action while avoiding excess and exaggeration in the portrayal of characters. The purpose of acting, he asserts, is to serve as a mirror image of Nature, with special emphasis on human nature. The same can be said for the objective of the playwright: to emulate human nature through the dilemmas and conflicts dramatized in live performance.
Drama can be defined as a work written to be performed on stage that represents individuals engaged in action that involves a change of fortune and reveals human nature in the process. Furthermore, drama has the capacity to expose and criticize social and political movement/institutions with perhaps more immediacy and impact than the novel, short story, or poem. Unlike reading a novel, short story or a poem, where the reader is free to imagine the scene and interpret the text from a subjective standpoint, watching a play is a much more immersive experience that involves the spectator in witnessing the characters? responses to situations that may lead to a felicitous fate or a tragic calamity.
Write a 10-minute play in which you attempt to "hold the mirror up to nature" through the use of compelling dialogue and character development, keeping in mind the essential role of the audience as a participant in the ritual of drama. As guidelines for revision, use the checklists on structure (265-266); characters (271); dialogue (279-280); theme (284); and production elements (293-294).
An effective 10-minute play meets the following criteria:
? highlights unity of action and conflict through the interplay between characters
? presents a beginning that establishes the goals of the protagonist(s), develops the
conflict through a series of complications and obstacles, building to a climax, and an ending that involves resolution of the conflict
allows the conflict to emerge naturally from the situation instead of relying on contrived plot twists (avoid a deus ex machina ending)
? creates believable, authentic-sounding dialogue that reveals character and/or advances the action
? avoids dry and elaborate exposition (having characters explain prior events in the back story of the play) instead of allowing the background to be revealed naturally through references in the dialogue
? develops well-defined central characters, including a protagonist with clearly defined goals and an antagonist who tries to thwart them (whether that antagonist is internal or external (including other people and social/cultural/political forces)
? establishes a theme that is revealed naturally from the interaction of characters and the central conflict
? provides a strong sense of time and place through creation of scenes
? incorporates basic elements of production (stage directions, lighting, sounds, props, and
costumes) to enhance the experience of the play
The following steps are designed to assist you in developing your 10-minute play. We will be doing some exercises in class and/or as part of your homework assignments. Please keep all your work so you can refer back to it and turn it in along with your final paper.
1. Practice crafting dialogue based on eavesdropping on people around you. Learn to emulate the patterns that are distinctive to speech.
2. Do some initial brainstorming to develop ideas for your play using the ?Kick-Start? exercises on pages 295-296 of Creative Writing.
3. Create a profile of your characters, especially the protagonist and antagonist. Figure out names, goals, character traits, physical appearance, occupations, clothing style, and lifestyles.
4. Decide on the essential plot of your play, highlighting how the play opens, the complications that develop, the climax and the resolution (also known as the d?nouement). 5. Establish the scene or scenes within your 10-minute play, deciding how you will create a sense of time and place through use of set design, lighting, sound, costumes, and props. You don't have to sketch out all this information in the play itself, but you should have a good visual sense of how your play will be staged.
6. Arrange to have people read your play out loud so you can get a sense for the authenticity of the dialogue.
7. Using material from in-class and homework exercises, develop a draft of your 10-minute play. You will receive feedback from your peers and from me on your draft.
8. Taking into consideration comments from your peers and from me, revise your play. Use the checklists referenced in the third paragraph of the prompt as guidelines. After focusing on revision of content and structure, proofread your play for clarity, precision, and grammatical correctness; and create your final version.

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Title: FEATURE ARTICLE Several Michael Moore documentaries screened years Currumbin Film Festival The documentaries shown Bowling Columbine 2002 Sicko 2007 Capitalism A Love Story The task write a FEATURE ARTICLE documentaries

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Essay Instructions: FEATURE ARTICLE
Several Michael Moore documentaries will be screened at this years "Currumbin Film Festival". The documentaries shown are; Bowling for Columbine (2002); Sicko (2007) and Capitalism: A Love Story.
The task is to write a FEATURE ARTICLE on one of the documentaries. The chosen documentary for the focus of MY feature article is 'Capitalism: A Love Story'.

MUST include the following elements:
-brief contextual information about the marker of the documentary and the documentary itself
- A comprehensive critique of the documentary in which you should comment upon:
* the subject matter of the documentary and its treatment by the documentary maker
* some of the strengths and, if applicable, weaknesses of the documentary
* some of the aesthetic features (editing, narration, use of music, sequencing of shots, intertextual references etc.) used by the documentary maker and the effect/significance of these features
* some of the values, beliefs and attitudes which underpin the documentary.
* some of the key representations in the documentary and their significance.
* subtle and complex distinctions in the evaluation of representations of complex concepts, identities, times and places.
- Concluding comments in which you express an overall opinion about your chosen documentary and perhaps, comment on the broader role of the documentary film genre in our society.
- inc. quotes and refer specifically to parts in the documentary, Capitalism: A Love Story.

Structure: ^ The points above can be written in any order, however it must follow a feature article style (ie: introduction...conclusion, a representation, quote and explanation in each paragraph)

Purpose: To make effective use of the genre patterns and linguistic conventions of the feature article.
To demonstrate effective written communication skills and to effectively critique the key elements of a documentary. Demonstrate insightful identification of roles and relationships between documentary makers and viewer positioning.

Audience: You are writing for an educated, literate audience of film festival attendees.

Language: combinations of a wide range of clause and sentence structures that achieve specific effects, while sustaining grammatical accuracy.
I am in my Final Schooling Year and require a range of highly sophisticated language, vocabulary and sentence structure. (Yr 12)

Remember: This is a FEATURE ARTICLE, therefore, language that reflects this type of writing style must be used.

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Title: The Lady with The pet Dog

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Essay Instructions: This paper should be based on the novel by Anton Chekov, "The Lady with the pet dog."
Use text from the novel to support your assertions, analyze but do not describe.
This Essay should answer the following:
Is this novel a Love story?
Obviously the story chronicles an adulterous affair between two married people but can the case be made that the characters are not selfish & responsible and there is nothing immoral about their actions.
How does the author portray the lover and their affair?
Is Chekov sympathetic or judgmental, Explain.

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Works Cited

Chekhov, a.E-text of "The Lady with the Dog." Available at:

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Title: English

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Essay Instructions: Please i want this paper to be given to Christine Ruba...

This eassy is from the bedford introduction to Literature and the author is Micheal Meyer. I want this to be half a page. The Topic for this one is "The Flowers".
What do you think Emily did with Homer? Why? What is
the significance of the "single iron gray hair" on the
pillow? What is the point of view here and who is the
narrator? ( This reading is from pages 75 to 81)

(2) next one is the "Killings" same book and author as the first one from pages 84. (about half a page too)

What is your reaction to Matt''s actions? What would you
hvae done? do you think he has "fixed" his situation?
What other consequences arise as a result of Matt''s

(3)Next is "Enough" same book and author as the first one. From pages 144. (about half a page too).

Do you consider the main character weak or strong? why
does she go unnamed? How is the similar to "The Lady
with the Pet Dog"?

(4) I want this one to be about a page. Same book and author as the first one. "Better Be Ready" Pages 266.

Discuss Emily''s reaction to Byron.

(5) Compare the attitudes of the narrators in "Who''s Irish" (p. 178) and "New York Day Women" (p. 216). How are these narrators the same or different? What distinguishes them? ( I want this one to be one full page)

And the last one is samething applies as in #1.

(6) "IND AFF"

Why is this story considered a love story? compare it
with other love stories in the book.
P/s email if u have any questions

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Excerpt From Essay:
Works Cited:

references as the narrator tells us of her affair with Peter the professor, and of her great affection for the old man. The story never seemed to be romantic in tone, except for the narrator's expression of her feelings for Peter. However, the sudden change and realization of the narrator makes us realize that the story is a love story after all, and that the narrator's story is a deep contemplation of her love for Peter, whether her love for him was genuine or somehow misguided. The story finds resolution after the narrator leaves the ole man, Peter, behind after her sudden realization of her love for him (which is actually a love fed by insecurity and longing).

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