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Title: Lord of the Flies

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Essay Instructions: • Lord of the Flies by William Golding

1. List the main characters and describe the main characters; summarize the setting; plot (exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution)
2. Write a 2-3 paragraph essay on each of these two essential questions (utilize the text, include page numbers):
(A.) Loss of Innocence: What causes the boys to change from innocent kids to barbarians?
(B.) Man's Evil: Do you think humans are born evil or learn evil?
3. Who dies in the novel? How? Why? (Page numbers are necessary to validate your answer). Why did the other characters not die? Explain your answer
4. This novel has been described as a religious allegory. Some critics even believe that Simon is portrayed as a Christ figure in the novel. Find evidence that would support this philosophy. (Page numbers are necessary to validate your answer).
5. Golding also uses symbolism in the novel. What might be symbolic about each of the following: Conch, glasses, fire, Lord of the Flies, mask, beast, the “flies,” darkness, mountain, forest, beach, dead pilot, Castle Rock, scar,
6. Golding’s novel deals with the evil, barbaric side of humans and the conflicts and influences of man’s inability to reason. Find 3 ??" 5 examples that illustrate this point including the page number. Use these examples to write a 5-paragraph essay (3-5 pages) discussing the theme of the evil, barbaric side of man. You must use 3 literary devices to defend this theme, and you must have 3 quotes (use MLA style in your citations). For this essay, you will need to use symbolism (select one symbol and find 3 examples of that symbol in the book), imagery, and a literary device of your choice. This essay needs to be in MLA format with quotations from the text as your proof for each device.

**Each component of this assignment should be 1-2 pages unless another length is specified. This entire assignment should be approximately 8-10 pages, typed (Times New Roman, 12 pt font, double spaced).
**(Be sure to keep the following in mind as you write: completeness, format, content, sentence formation, grammar, usage, mechanics and format in the all parts of this assignment, including the essay)

Be sure to use YOUR words when completing these assignments.
Please be sure to use the book: Lord of the flies by William Golding ISBN#0-399-50148 ONLY.

Thank you

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Title: Censorship of Lord of the Flies

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Essay Instructions: Lord of the Flies has caused controversey for a variety of reasons, and has been banned or censored at one time or another. Each student will write a research paper focusing on the general issue of censorship, the specific issues involved in the novel, and an account of the censorship history(causes for censorship, responses, etc.) of the novel. You will also discuss the novel itself, dealing with your interpretation of the issues it presents.

P.S. Make it seem like it's coming from a freshman in college, with average to below average writing writing skills. Also, the sources for the Works Cited shouldn't be all internet sources, so if you can get some book sources.

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Title: The Lord of the Flies

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Essay Instructions: For the reading assignment(Lord of the Flies)I need:

I. One paragraph precis (summary): Be as precise and exact with this as possible.
LIMIT: 50 words
II. Significant Issue: Copy three key passages. Explain each passage and its
significance to the novel
III. Rewrite: Choose one scene/event from the novel and rewrite it. Then write 1-2
paragraphs and tell why you chose the passage and how your revision/rewrite
would change the outcome of the novel.
IV. Personal Response: Create a poem, song, essay, review, informal journal entry,
analysis or other creative response to the work or to a specific event or character.
V. Five Essay Questions: written by you about the work. These questions are the
most important measure of the depth of thought given by the reader to the text.
You only have to write the questions, NOT answer them.

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Title: About lord of the flies

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1358 References: 5 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Smith,k. & Berg, D. (1987). Paradoxes of Group Life. San Francisco: Jossey Bass, p. 62-83.
!. Reflect on the film "Lord of the Flies" What were some of the characteristics of the "organization" when the group was first shipwrecked? what made it "functional"? Dysfunctional?
2. Identify at least two main characters. Decribe how each of them changed the course of the film. Why did they change? What impact did the "organization" have on these changes? What impact did the changes in these individuals have on the "organization"?
3. Consider the assigned reading How does the organizational literature support or confirm your conclusions about the impact on the individual of being part of an organization in this film?
4. Think about your own experiences in organizations. How did you change your behavior to adapt to the organizational demands or culture? Give examples. Are you a different person at work? Why? Have you been a " different person in differen jobs. Why?
5. What have you learned about organizations from this assignment.
I need this by 5:00pm est. Can you do this (202)355-5399-c

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