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Title: anti semitism

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Essay Instructions: This is a 300 level History essay. No plagiarism please. To complete the essay, the writer must watch the film "The Longest Hatred", and use the guiding class notes I will upload along with these instructions. Please source whatever you can, only the major articles or the movie in MLA font.

You are to do the following:

Discuss the different forms of anti-Semitism as they have developed in European culture (e.g., religious, economic, political, and modern/scientific). How did anti-Semitism first originate? How did it change over the centuries since the fall of the Roman Empire? Who were the primary advocates of each type of anti-Semitism, and why? In answering this question, please draw upon your class notes, our readings from the Crowe textbook, and the documentary film, ?The Longest Hatred.?

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Title: vietnam war

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Essay Instructions: i would like to request the same writer for order A1041393 ID 27302
from the book "America's Longest War" Georgo C. Herring fourth edition
Pick 3 topics from one of the chapters 6,7 or 8; and then explain each according to what the auther writes. You must cite specifics from the chapter and explain them...tell me what the significance of the topic is. Please include your own opinion...do you agree with the author's point of view? explain...explain...explain.

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Herring, George C. America's Longest War United States and Vietnam 1950-1975. New York: McGraw/Hill, 2001.

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