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Title: Strategic Logistics Management

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Essay Instructions: Coursework assignment
Assessment criteria
Prepare a report of no more than 3,000 words, (excluding your chosen case study,
appendices and bibliography) analysing and criticising a case study chosen from the
literature illustrating an application of a logistics strategy.
Assignment Brief
Find a research paper which describes an application of a logistics strategy at a
retailer such as Walmart or Marks & Spencers. Research the paper and identify the
strategic position of the subject company in a logistics context using tools such as
Keynote, Mintel or GMID from the eLibrary. Use your chosen retailer to identify
important features of the logistics strategy by answering the following questions:
i. List and justify business strategy tools that could be used to identify the
current strategic position of the subject company in your chosen paper from a
logistics perspective. 20 marks (learning outcome 3)
ii. Evaluate the key strategic approaches to logistics management used in your
chosen case study. Critically assess any additional logistics strategy
approaches that could have been used to develop existing logistics
capabilities. 30 marks (learning outcome 1 & 3)
iii. Identify the management issues caused by implementing a new logistics
strategy with consideration for available capital, technical and human
resources. 10 marks (learning outcome 2)
iv. Outline the strategic significance of new technology developments and
business trends on future logistic strategies for your chosen case study.
10 marks (learning outcome 4)
The overall grade will be influenced by the application of the chosen case study as
well as the clarity and justification of ideas presented in the report.
Do not forget to include a word count & a copy of your chosen case study.
Assignment deadline:- Friday 6 April 2012

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Title: Global Logistics Management

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Essay Instructions: I need these questions answered in regards to Global Logistics. The text book I am using is Supply Chain Logistics Management, 3rd Edition, Bowersox, Donald. If you can help me on these I have much more for you from this subject.

How do you view the challenges and benefits of Information Technology. In regards to Logistics. Only about half a page.

Why is inventory important to manage? How do we improve packaging to improve efficiency in supply chain logistics?

The Toyota Company has recently suffered a great reversal in its position as an industry leader for quality and safety with the recall of millions of vehicles due to unsafe gas pedals. Survey current literature and offer three causes of this situation. Some material to guide you will be found in the current press, i.e. Wall Street Journal of Jan 29, 2010, "Toyota: Too Big, Too Fast," and the NY Times of Jan 27, 2010, "Rapid Growth Has Its Perils, Toyota Learns."
This needs to be about 3/4 of a page.

Compare and Contrast the customer service, customer satisfaction, and customer success philosophies of a supply chain mangament. Half Page.

Why is performance cycles consistency more important than speed? 2 Paragraphs

Explain the rational underlying volume consolidation. What are the risks associated with using a single supplier for an item? 2 paragraphs

Why would a company's cost of manufacturing and procurement tend to increase as the firm changes from an MTP (make-to-plan) to an MTO (make-to-order) strategy? Why would inventory costs tend to decrease? half page

Explain how logistics performance is crucial to JIT (just-in-time)? 2 paragraphs

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Title: ATTN Excellencio I research proposal completed topic deal current degree plan Transportation Logistics Management I d discuss issues moving material solutions Please complete initial phase outlined

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Essay Instructions: ATTN: Excellencio

I need the following research proposal completed-my topic has to deal with my current degree plan which is Transportation and Logistics Management. I'd like to discuss the issues with moving material and solutions. Please let me know if you can complete this initial phase as outlined below. Eventually the final paper will be requested! :)

Thank you!

Assignment Instructions
Week 2: Research Proposal

Following the model below (including bold headings), compose and submit a detailed research proposal. Remember that your final paper must include a minimum of 7 sources with at least 4 sources coming from peer-reviewed journals taken from the APUS library.

Professor/Instructor Name
COLL 300

Background/introduction: In this section, you will present your research topic and explain its significance. Why is it an important topic to research? Be sure to include any background information your instructor may need.

Description: Identify the main concern about your topic; include your research question and any relative secondary questions. You must include your working thesis statement, identifying it with the phrase: "My working thesis is...." You must also include the expected results of your research. Remember that a thesis statement is typically one complete sentence that is not a question.

Plans, Methods, and Procedures: Explain how you plan to research your topic. Will you be conducting primary research (such as surveys or interviews) or relying mainly on library research (databases, department portals, specific search engines)? What note taking methods will you employ? How will you keep track of your sources? Include the documentation style you will be using and a working bibliography, formatted in that style, following the guidelines found at www.hackerhandbooks.com/resdoc This web site is the citation standard for the class and must be followed for all citation formats.

Schedule: Include all course deadlines and any additional deadlines you have set for yourself. Decide when you will take notes and when you will compose the paper. (Some people do one and then the other; others alternate.)

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Title: Supply Chain and Logistics Management

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Essay Instructions: Subject "Supply Chain and Logistics Management"

Academic level: Master Degree

Language/spelling style: British

General subject: Management

Major Logistics PROJECT

Specific Topic: Supply Chain Integration Major Project

Sources: 20 (Must be business and supply chain JOURNALS)


This project requires you to investigate ALL THE LINKS IN AN INTEGRATED SUPPLY CHAIN, (TOYOTA) Cars Company is selected for this PROJECT to focus on its all LINKS of Supply Chain.

The Major Project must include:

1- An Audit of a major component of at least 3 LNKS IN THE SUPPLY CHAIN including INFORMATION SYSTEMS, PHYSICAL STORAGE, MANAGEMENT, LEADERSHIP, MOVEMENTS and UP/DOWN STREAM INTEGRATION. The whole business of the FOCAL LINK (i.e. Manufacturer or Distributor).

2- Describe the Supply Chain by a suitable DIAGRAM and WORDS to explain. (The diagram must be showing Toyota suppliers, transport, customers, etc..) If you unable to find a suitable DIAGRAM, you can draw your own diagram which illustrates the THREE LINKS you AUDITING and INVESTIGATING. (all diagrams and charts must be referenced).

3- Refer briefly to THEORETICAL concepts where relevant.

4- Construct a STRATEGIC LOGISTIC PLAN of an approved
COMPANY (Toyota) and its Supply Chain PARTNERS which:

a. Must involve TOP LOGISTICS manager(s)

b. May be restricted to ONE or TWO Product / Channel

c. Addresses PROBLEMS and SITUATIONS identified in the

You are advised to get an appreciation of the current Supply Chain of the companies by talking to the logistics and general managers and gathering relevant information about products, customers, CHAIN PARTNERS and each logistic function. You then choose ONE or TWO Product / Channel groups and study them through Physical Distribution, Materials Management and INFORMATION COMMUNICATION processes. For Low-turnover Supply Chains you need to Study the WHOLE LOGISTICS CHANNEL in DEPTH, for large Chains (like TOYOTA) short cuts may be made to fit within the time available. (If unable to contact TOYOTA company management, you can use some case studies about TOYOTA (there?re many) to gain the required information)

The chosen area is then AUDITED by asking questions of suitable staff to determine the CURRENT SITUATION and any PROBLEMS or POSSIBLE IMPROVEMENTS. Using the AUDIT findings as a basis, you then construct a FUTURE STRATEGIC LOGISTIC plan using your OWN KNOWLEDGE and the views of the LOGISTIC MANAGERS. This may be done informally or using SOLP worksheets.

The ORDER WINNERS WORKSHEET, and the ACTION PLAN WORKSHEET (Strategic Plan) for TOYOTA company must be studied and be included within your investigating throughout the report. (This must be in regard to Supply Chain not marketing) - You advise to include these tables in the appendices.

For each of the links you AUDITING and INVESTIGATING you choose, you must focus on the SERVICES related within each of the THREE LINKS (e.g. Information Systems, Transportation, and Leadership).

The output of the Major Logistic PROJECT should be a REPORT as if it to the Senior Logistic Executive of your company. Length must not exceed (3000 words) plus illustrations and SUPPORTING APPENDICES. You should aim to SUMMARISE your finding in one PAGE (EXECUTIVE SUMMARY) and report about 11 pages INTERSPERSED with PITHY illustrations. CONCEPTUAL REASOINING is required as well as COMMERICAL RECOMMENDATUIONS to the Logistic Executives for BUSINESS decisions.

The idea of this report is to design a better Supply Chain for TOYOTA, here the investigation finding must show any weakness of TOYOTA current Supply Chain if any, and Recommend a solution.

Marks will be given for the following areas in the MAJOR LOGISTIC PROJECT:

a. Audit of Logistics Channel and Chain Descriptions (High Weight)
b. Understanding Customers Requirements (High Weight)
c. Strategic Vision and Forming the Plan (High Weight)
d. Required policies and action plans (High Weight)
e. Integration between LINKS in Supply Chain (High Weight)
f. Presentation and content of report

All assignments will be submitted electronically and will be submitted to Turnitin.com to check for PLAGIARISM.

Project Summary: ---This has Already Done ? I will forward the summary to you by E-mail**

You don?t have to adhere with this Project Summary, you can improve the idea behind it if possible. (This project summary has been approved by the instructor).

A brief PROJECT SUMMARY (SUMMARY, company ?TOYOTA?, contacts & Project Plan) explaining the business to be studied and what you plan to DO for the MAJOR PROJECT to check that it meets the requirements. Include some of the SOURCE you intend to USE (Must be RECENT issues JOURNALS only and using a BUSINESS SECTOR DATABSE) All Source must be from a business and Logistics Journals.

Important: (Please read carefully)

***Only JOURNAL articles are accepted*** and must use Business Journals*.

***Source must be extract only from Journal articles or Database and up-to-date (preferred 2003, 2004 and 2005 articles)***

***Each body paragraph must have more than one source supporting, it's required to focus on points that more than two articles (Authors) agreed on, such as a .... Your Point in your own words.... (John 2005; Jeff 2005; Mark 2005; Anna 2005 etc..)... (all the 20 references must be used throughout the report and support the related points)***

***Minimum Quotes are required (No more than ten quotes throughout the report) direct copy from source MUST be placed in quotes, and cited using Harvard System, Students are advised to use their own words and minimize using of quotations***

***The report must be written in your own words not repeating sections from the Work Reviewed (Be specific and don?t talk in general terms), but the references must be included to support your words and idea.***

***EXECUTIVE SUMMARY must be included (Only one page)*** Very Important

***Appropriate/clear and Introduction, Conclusion is required***

***CONCEPTUAL REASONING is required as well as a suitable length COMMERICAL RECOMMENDATIONS to Logistic Executives for business Decision.****

***Report must be carefully written and edited; brief, as for a business audience, and correctly aligned with research style***

***You should include supporting appendices and diagrams (Must be referenced)***

***If required, you can minimize the report pages, and use the reset of page for appendices***

***SUITABLE DIAGRAM and WORDS to explain the SUPPLY CHAIN is required***

***EXECUTIVE SUMMARY is required (One page only)***

***List of sources, references, (20 sources) only (JOURNAL Articles) in Harvard System is required***

***The report must be highly presented in good research format***

*** The report must be not more than 3000 words (11 pages) plus illustrations, and the Executive Summary. BUT CONTENT IS FAR MORE IMPORTANT THAN LENGTH (After editing)***

***If you unable to contact the approval Company (Toyota) Management, use Case Studies and assumptions***

***Any direct copy from source must be placed in quote.*** Use your own words and use your ideas and criticize the business***

All assignments will be submitted electronically and will be submitted to Turnitin.com to check for PLAGIARISM.

Best regards,

There are faxes for this order.

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