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Title: Character "Little Miss Sunshine" Case Study of

Total Pages: 12 Words: 3907 Sources: 5 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Case Study of Character in a movie.

This is assignment is to review the main character in the movie Little Miss Sunshine. I think it is the little girl Use a comprehensive theoretical analysis from the bio-psycho-social, social work perspective. Start the paper with a succinct sari description. The 2-3 page case description should describe the main character, his /her background and current situation focusing on limitations and difficulties as well as strengths in biological psychological and social functioning. This part needs to be 2 pages. Then A Critical Analysis using application of theory. Need to use 4 theories (1 from each of the following 4 categories.
1. Systems theory, Family systems, ecological Perspectives theory or Gamily Resilience. I would prefer the systems theory or Family Resiliency. Need only one from this section
2. Psychoanalytic Theory, Ego Psychology. Object Relations, or Attachment Theory
3Coginitive (Piaget), Moral Development Theory, Behavioral or Social Cognitive (Social Learning) Theories.
4. Empowerment, Strengths perspective, Conflict theory or Social Dominance. I would prefer the Strengths perspective or Empowerment out of this section.
I only need 2 pages for each theory.
Be specific about how the various theoretical concepts you have chosen are useful in your analysis supporting your. Thoughtfully eclectic understanding of this person case.

Then use three Literature Sources and these two sources
Inside Out an Outside in third edition
Contemporary Human Behavior theory

So the total of the paper should be 12 pages total. So approxiamtely 2 pages for each theory and the 2 pages from the Case Description.

Please make some APA mistakes as I am an A- or B+ student.

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Title: Final Systemic Analysis

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1573 References: 6 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: For this assignment I will watch a popular film (little Miss Sunshine) and write a critical analysis of the movie. The framework for your examination of this film should include at least one of the theories studied in this course included in the family theories 3rd edition James M. White and David M. Klein text. I choose from the book chapter 5(The family life course development framework), and at least one of the clinical theories (Circumplex or Beaver's Model). It should also demonstrate a systems orientation and an emphasis on culture, ethnicity, and life cycle stage. The analysis must describe the relational dynamics of the film with examples from the movie. The analysis must provide support from the available, current literature. Only peer-reviewed journals are acceptable as references. I will fax over chapter five of Family Theories 3rd edition written by James M White and David M Klein today thanks.

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Title: Miss Sunshine Analysis "Even though

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1572 Works Cited: 3 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Video Assignment

For this assignment, you are to watch the movie Little Miss Sunshine, then answer the following questions in the form of a paper, using APA format.  The body of this paper is restricted to 6 pages or less. This does not include the title page or reference page.

The following questions must be answered in your paper:
1.  Discuss the family depicted in the movie in terms of (a) roles, (b) communication patterns, (c) system boundaries, and (d) power/control. 
2.  If you encountered this family in your Nurse Practitioner role, what would you propose to do for them in terms of an intervention or recommendation.  Referral to a family therapist is not acceptable!
3.  With your knowledge of family theory, what do you think will happen to this family over the next 5 to 10 years?
Because the pages are limited in this paper, please be thorough, but very succinct.  Please use headings in your paper ......headings are: Family Roles; Communication Patterns; System Boundaries; Power and Control; Intervention; Future. 

Sources no older than 3 years please
Customer is requesting that (heatherk13) completes this order.

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Title: Comedy and Culture in U.S. Literature and Society

Total Pages: 2 Words: 745 Bibliography: 2 Citation Style: None Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: You should write a speech addressing cultural and/or artistic aspects found in at least two different sources: Denise Duhamel’s poetry collection Kinky, and Valerie Faris and Jonathan Dayton’s film Little Miss Sunshine. I have provided a list of potential options that would work with Kinky and Little Miss Sunshine. Ultimately you must construct an ARGUMENT (likely about contemporary culture or art, but potentially about anything). You might suggest and defend an interpretation; argue for the purpose/meaning of your topic; assert a “message” (one of many perhaps) that you have reason to believe these writers/directors are trying to convey, etc. Regardless of your focus, you must provide evidence (specific details and examples) to support your claims and conclusions. You might address how successful/unsuccessful the writers/directors were in getting their point(s) across, or shed new light on the topic by discussing the greater context.

The categories below are broad, so you should narrow your topic, and identify specific examples that speak to (support, challenge) your argument.
Options to consider:

1. Function of Humor, Irony, and/or Satire
2. Influence of Media
3. American Dream (dreams of personal prosperity)
4. Capitalism and/or Commodity/Commercial Culture
5. Competition
6. Conformity and/or Independence
7. Friendship, Family, and/or Community
8. Individual and/or Communal Identities

You should construct your speech in such a way, that it would include the following components:
-Hook: an interesting first statement that draws the audience in
-Introduction: including a central thesis and preview/map of the speech (shouldn’t be too long)
-Body: demonstrating an appropriate organizational pattern, key points, transitions, supporting evidence (details, examples, etc.)
-Conclusion: summary of main points & ideas, ending with a satisfying reminder of how the points raised in your speech tie together/support your thesis.

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