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Title: Schizophrenia and Psychosis and Lifespan Development Matrix and Paper

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Essay Instructions: 1)Schizophrenia and Psychosis and Lifespan Development Matrix and Paper
Create a matrix in which you address the following items:

2) Define the major DSM IV-TR categories of schizophrenia and psychosis, and lifespan development.

3) Examine the various classifications of schizophrenia and psychosis, and lifespan development.

4)Based on your matrix, prepare a 700 to 1,050-word paper in which you analyze the biological, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral components of schizophrenia and psychosis and lifespan development. Include a minimum of 3 professional references.

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Title: Personal Theory of Child and Adolescent Development

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Essay Instructions: In the movie "Forrest Gump" we are allowed to watch Forrest go from a little child through adolescence to a young adult. We watch his life unfold in the settings that he has been placed in and observe his natural social, emotional, physical, & cognitive development in a manner consistent with the ideologies of Ethologists. Although this is a movie and no an actual life observation, we are still able to learn about the importance natural observation has as we watch Forrest's life unfold before us. First, we are able to observe how specific life experiences through our child and adolescent year's impact subsequent life experiences that help influence who we become as adults. Second, we are able to gain a greater sense of the role our culture and its interaction with the larger socio-political context of the society we grow up has on our psychological development. The experiences of Forrest provides us with an opportunity to witness benchmark experiences that later define who Forrest becomes as an adult.

***Using Forrest'slife story as a case study to support your theory, I would like for you to create your own theory of lifespan development. In the creation of your theory you will hav ethe opportunity to draw from theories/theorists that define the field of child and adolescent development. There isn't a specific guideline to the type of theory you are expected to create or a specific theory/theorist that you must draw from as long as you are able to contrast each of your main ideas with at least two theorist/theories. Feel free to use your own development as a reference to support your theory if you so desire. Your paper APA format with a cover page, succinct and approximately 10 pages. The challenge for you to be as creative/imaginative as you would like.

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Title: informant analysis

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Essay Instructions: PSY 210 ? Midterm Guideline for Lifespan Development PaperPSY 210 Lifespan Human DevelopmentTHE BOOK WE USE IS INVITATION TO THE LIFESPAN BY KATHLEEN BERGER!!!THE FOLLOWING IS A VERY DETAILED SYLLABUS, GOOD LUCKI. Content - What needs to be included in the Paper? (90 points).Step 1: Real-life case study (30 points).(1) Identify your research informant (5 points).Identify someone who comes from a different background than your own (e.g.different generation, culture, ethnic group, language, social-economic status, special needs, life experience, etc.). Clearly state the purpose of this project, ask for informed consent of voluntary participation and agreement on using the data. Seek all possible ways to respect and protect the informant.(2) Data collection. (25 points)You can choose to use one (i.e. interview) or more than one research method (e.g.naturalistic observation, testing, etc.) to collect information about your informant?sdevelopmental characteristics.Suggested Interview Outline:- What specific background does this person come from? How does that different from yourown?- Which lifespan development stage is he/she in NOW?- What are the major developmental tasks he/she is facing NOW?- What are his/her major strengths and obstacles (stress, problems, etc.) at THIS stage?- If life were like a chapter book, how would he/she divide the life history?- What are the significant joys and sufferings in this life history? How did the past help shapethe present?- What keeps this person moving on in life?- How does he/she think about future, and the connection between his/her past, present andfuture?Step 2: Literature review (30 points).(1) Identify the theme (5 points).Based on the data you collected from Step 1, identify at least ONE uniquecharacteristic/theme (e.g. identity, creativity, poverty, etc.) in this life.(2) Literature review (25 pts).Then, review literature on this theme using 2 types of resources:(a)Theories/principles from class readings. (12 points)Describe and explain the major theories/principles directly related to thischaracteristic/theme according to our textbook. Does the literature finding help explain thiscase study?(b)External resources. (13 points)Search, read, cite, and discuss at least one current research (from external sources)related to this characteristic/theme.Checklist for locating the research from external resources:- Credibility of the sourcePSY 210 Midterm Guideline- Credibility of the author(s)- Scientific research including empirical data from systematic observations and measurements- Published after 2000- Directly related to the theme of your case studySuggested Outline for Research Summary.- What is/are the research question(s) and hypothesis (hypotheses) of this research?What are the major variables?- What is/are the author?s theoretical argument(s)?- What kinds of research methods were used?- What are the major conclusions of this research?- Does the literature finding help explain this case study?Step 3: Analysis and Discussion (30 points).(1) How would you describe this life history with the 5 characteristics of lifespandevelopment (Ch.1)?(2) How would you describe his/her development in the 3 domains (biological, cognitive,and psychosocial)?(3) How would you describe his/her development at THIS stage and across various stagesof life?(4) How does early experience help shape this life history? How does the later experience?surprise? us?(5) What is this person?s worldview (the philosophy of life and universe and reason forliving)?(6) How does the worldview(s) influence his/her life development (past, present andfuture), strength, and decision-making?II. Format - What should the Paper look like? (10 points)Your Lifespan Development Paper (minimum 6 pages) needs to be submitted in APAstyle in citation and in organization:Cover pageAbstractIntroduction and Literature review (I.2)Research method and Findings (I.1)Analysis and Discussion (I.3)Reference pageYou may use the Handout (Sample article in APA style) and the ?Guideline for WritingAssignment? in your syllabus to help you prepare the paper.Your paper should be submitted in ESSAY format. Questions listed above are merelysuggestions for the organization of thinking and writing. Do NOT submit the Term Paper inoutline format.Attach the Reference page and any supporting documents/materials as Appendices toyour paper. Cover page, Abstract, Reference page, and Appendix are NOT counted in the pagerequirement.III. Timeline.Checklist for Lifespan Development Paper - PSY 210I. Real-life case study___ Identify subject and report to instructor for approval.___ Informed consent.___ Interview___ background___ stages___ developmental tasks___ strengths and obstacles___ chapters in life___ joys and sufferings; past___ momentum___ connections between past, present and futureII. Literature review___ Theories/principles from textbook readings;___ External resources *___ credibility of source___ credibility of authors___ empirical data___ published after 2000___ directly related to lifespan human development___ Summary of research___ questions & hypotheses___ major variables___ theoretical argument___ methods___ conclusions___ literature help explain the case studyIII. Case analysis.___ 5 characteristics___ 3 domains___ stages___ early and late experience___ worldview___ influence life developmentIV. Format.___ minimum pages___ APA style *___ Guideline for Writing Assignment___ essay format___ Appendices if it appliesV. Early draft.___ outline of interview___ theme___ outline of major concepts/theories___ summary of research article___ a copy of original article

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Title: psychosis schizoid lifespan development

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Essay Instructions: *****REQUESTING WRITER: PROFDIGGER****
Create a paper in which you address the following items;
• Define the major DSM IV-TR categories of schizophrenia and psychosis, and lifespan development
• Examine the various classifications of schizophrenia and psychosis, and lifespan development.
b. analyze the biological, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral components of schizophrenia and psychosis and lifespan development.

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