Schizo, Psychosis & Lifespan Development Thesis

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A person with schizoaffective disorder, on the other hand, also expresses symptoms of schizophrenia but will also experience periods of either deep depression or unipolar illness or bipolar illness, which is a mix of both mania and depression (Taylor, 1998). During this time, hallucinations or delusions are present for 2 weeks, minimum (American Psychiatric Assiociation, 1994). This paper shall now go on to describe schizophrenia, which is the more form of these disorders.

Schizophrenia. Schizophrenia may hit only about 1% of the population, the effects of this disorder is devastating not just to the patient but also to those around him or her (Kring et al., 2007). Schizophrenia is described by Kring et al. (2007) by "the scattering or disconnection of thoughts, lack of emotion, odd delusions and bewildering hallucinations" (Kring et al., 2007, 359). A schizophrenic is unable to express his emotions and will often articulate inappropriate emotions (e.
g. laughing when told of a death in his family but getting frustrated or angry when asked simple questions) (Kring, et al., 2007). A schizophrenic also exhibits disordered thinking, wherein his "ideas are not logically connected; faulty perception and attention" (Kring et al., 2007, 350). Furthermore, a schizophrenic experiences a disturbance in his movement or his behavior (Ibid). He may drag his feet while he walks or may often look messy or untidy (Ibid).

A person need only suffer from one of following symptoms recurring in a span of 8 months to be diagnosed with schizophrenia (Prinel, 2006, 450). Symptoms of.....

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