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Title: Company analyze and research paper

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Essay Instructions: I need a company research and analyze paper. The company is going to be "LG Electronic company" which is one of the big companies in Korea. I need these things in the paper.

-What does the company do?
-Its history and reputation among its customers
-Its position within its industry
-How well does it perform these business activities relative to its competitors?
-How did the firm get to where it is today?
-Is the company in good financial shape/profitable?
-Will the company be profitable in the future?

The competitors will be Sony, Panassonic, and Samsung.

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Works Cited:


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Title: dear writer I research LG display CEO leadership style I upload file CEO's information problem I 1 Search leadership approaches explain discrepancy CEO followers 2 Think leadership style solve problem 3 suggestion 1 page 4 5 suggestion sources I leadership theory practice sixth edition peter g

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Essay Instructions: dear writer
I am doing research about LG display ( CEO ) leadership style
I upload file about CEO's information and the problem that they have
I need
1-Search leadership approaches to explain the discrepancy between CEO and the followers

2-Think about one leadership style which could solve this problem

3- suggestion ( 1 page) 4 or 5 suggestion

one of the sources I want it from ( leadership theory and practice sixth edition by peter g. northouse

can you write the sources please
thank you

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Adams, J.S. (1965). "Inequity in social exchanges," in Berkowitz L. (ed.), Advances in experimental social psychology Vol. 2, pp. 267-299, New York: Academic Press.

Buchanan, D; Huczynski, A, (2010) Organisational Behaviour, Harlow, FT/Prentice Hall

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Northouse, PG, (2012), Leadership: Theory and Practice, Sage Publications, Inc.

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Title: Internship

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Essay Instructions: It is about my internship paper.
I have done my internship in South Korea, Company called
LG household & health care.
Here's the website of the company I had internship at.

Please include
- What is internship? (1pg)
- Explain the responsibilities/activities of assistant
of brand manager. (2pg)
- How does that responsibilities/activities relate to my
major? (which is Marketing.) (2pg)
- Why internship is a good idea for school of management
students? (1pg)
- State at least 5 defining moment you can have during
internship? (1pg)

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Works Cited

LG Health & Beauty Website, 2008, April 21, 2008 http://www.lgcare.com/english/.

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Title: Lecture Response Paper

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  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: This will be a lecture response paper about Turi McKinley and Jason Severs lecture and their work.You can write about the advises and their life in this essay and what you have learned so far. they talked about their experiences and knowledge about their sector.
first you can start with who are they then the experiences
below here are the general information about the lecture:
frog design is a global innovation firm working with the world’s leading companies, helping them create and bring to market meaningful products, services, and experiences. frog's multidisciplinary process reveals valuable consumer and market insights and inspires lasting, humanizing solutions.

Turi McKinley is a Principal Designer whose primary role at frog has been to create clear, compelling interactive experiences and strategic visions for frog clients, and to lead in the design research practice in the NY studio. Her broad experience spans design research, interaction design and strategy for clients such as Colgate-Palmolive, LG, Educational Testing Service (ETS), Humana, and Qualcomm.

Prior to joining frog, she led design programs at MIT for clients including the University of Cambridge, the MIT Media Lab, and the MIT Entrepreneurship Center; developed social media software for emerging Eastern European markets; and worked on documentary films in Tibet, Nepal, India, rural China and Appalachia. She has degrees in Cultural Anthropology and Design.

Jason Severs is a Principal Designer who has helped to make frog an influential force in human-centered design. As a leader in the Design Research practice, he is responsible for promoting a systems-wide perspective on every project he engages, ensuring that the needs of users, businesses, manufacturers, suppliers, environment ??" and the rest of the value chain ??" are explored, understood, and considered as a part of the entire design process.

Before joining frog, Jason worked with Bruce Mau at the Institute without Boundaries on the project Massive Change and at Columbia University's Center for New Media Teaching and Learning developing courseware and distance learning applications

In the lecture Jason Severs talked about these things-
he is in to the field of design. Got really interested in how it influenced people how a design is important. Did a graduate degree in Columbia.
- Understanding design challenging,
- Bruce mal (company?) worked power of design transforming the power of design.
- Observation and interview,
- They need perspective(children) kids influenced in his design process, talk with his kid
- Drawing of his daughters design(scary)they thought about it
- Pictures
Talked about his thought “The world u take for granted is being aggressively designed for u” (make comments)
Showed a design of three maps sculpted 3D maps what they can feel in very cold.
Analysis insight intuition.
Process influence
Observe orient decide act(test)
Archetype design process
Actual design process
and etc.... You can find all the information in the website

Please add a bibliography part with the website links on

My english level is ESL 3, so please use easy words.
Thank you.
Customer is requesting that (hophead) completes this order.

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Frog design (n.d.). Website retrieved: http://www.frogdesign.com/

McKinley, T. (2011). Lecture notes.

McKinley, T. (2011b). Business Week: Profile. Retrieved online: http://bx.businessweek.com/profile/turi-mckinley/tmckinley499/

Severs, J. (2011). Lecture notes.

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