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Title: Letter to Editoeand Critique of editorial

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Essay Instructions: LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Reserch a topics of purpose of preparing a 2 page letter to the editor that presents one side ofa current social controversy. Photocopies of the pertinent sections of the most importent 3 sources needed.
CRITIQUE OF EDITORIAL: 3 pages of typewritten response to an editorial that has appeared during the semester on a current social controversy. A minimum of 3 sources should beused.

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References Cited

Steinberg, Adria. "From Large to Small: Strategies for Personalizing High School." Written for Jobs for the Future. Boston, MA, 2002. Website www.jff.org.

2004 Education Commission of the States. "Helping state leaders shape education policy" Denver, CO. Website www.ecs.org.

Report of the Citizens' Commission on Civil Rights, 1997. "Do Magnet Schools

Serve Children in Need?" Washington, DC, 1997. Website www.cccr.org.

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Title: Dear Editor ltr Persuasive essay

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Essay Instructions: Format:
Standard 12-point font (Arial, Times, Verdana) 1” margins on all sides
Save the file using one of the following extensions: .docx, .doc, .rtf, or .txt
This assignment should be a minimum of 3 typed pages or at least 750 words.

Select a problem in your community or your school that you feel passionately about (students talking on cell phones in the classroom," the limited number of parking spaces at school, etc.) and write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.

In your letter, explain the problem, express your views on it, and then offer a solution to it.
In order to effectively persuade your audience??"the newspaper’s readers??"to agree with you and to act on your solution, you will need to fully understand the problem and understand your audience. In addition, you will need to be able to describe the problem detail, to clearly explain your position on it using a persuasive tone, and to provide strong, concrete examples to back up your claims.

Include name, address and telephone number.
Ms. Naeema Lee
PO Box 12345
Orange, CT 06477
(203) 777-9774

If you would like your opinion to be published, write 'For Publication' at the top of the letter.
Avoid personal attacks and bad language. Focus on one issue in a few paragraphs. Eye-catching headlines are essential in the newspaper business.
Try to give letter an engaging title, and use that title as the subject line of your email message, along with the words 'Letter to the Editor.
If sending by email, put text in the body of the message. Don't use attachments.
Be clever, witty and disarming, as humor indicates that you have a sense of perspective about the issue at hand and don't intend to commence a fire-bombing campaign.
Beware of any but the most subtle and cheerful sarcasm.

E-mail a letter to the editor to:letters@nhregister.com or/
To send a letter by regular post, address your message to:
New Haven Register
40 Sargent Drive
New Haven, CT

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Works Cited

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Addiction. KCPQ. Retrieved February 8, 2012, from http://www.q13fox.com.

Lenhart, Amanda. (2010). Teens, Cell Phones and Texting. Pew Research Center. Retrieved February 8, 2012, from http://pewresearch.com.

Nationwide. (2011). Driving While Distracted: Statistics to Know. Retrieved February 8, 2012,

From http://www.nationwide.com.

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Title: Letter to the Editor

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Essay Instructions: REQUESTING - WRITERGRRL101

You are the marketing director of a large real estate company which spends over $1,000,000 a year advertising in your local metropolitan newspaper. You have just gotten word that the paper is planning a series of investigative articles on the misleading practices used by some real estate brokers. The story mentions two brokers who work for you and who you had already disciplined for their out-of-line practices. You had assumed the matter was taken care of, now it will be made public and make an extremely negative impression on the company. You know you have a "million dollars worth of clout" with the newspaper. While you ideally would like to eliminate any negative reference to your company, you also recognize the newspaper has a social responsibility to its readers. Write a letter to the editor laying out what you would like the paper to do and explain why.

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Title: analysis of article

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Essay Instructions: Using the following article:

Why Fear Everything’ is an Argument by Alan Dershowitz

Assignment details:
Dershowitz essay was first published as an op-ed piece in a newspaper. Write a letter to the editor explaining why you disagree with some or all of his points, or explaining why, although you accept some of his points, you think he has neglected others.

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