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Title: Personal Leadership Profile Paper

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Essay Instructions: Personal Leadership Profile Paper
The goal of the final paper is to create your personal leadership profile and clearly identify three skills/ characteristics to improve upon that will ultimately improve your leadership effectiveness.

The final paper is a paper with four parts:
1. What were the key understandings you acquired about your leadership effectiveness during the course?
2. Describe the results of the various instruments that were anticipated, and that surprised you – pleasantly and unpleasantly.
3. Identify and describe the three skills/characteristics that you have targeted for development that will ultimately improve your leadership effectiveness going forward.
4. Action Plan

The paper needs to be very insightful and relevant, no data, scores, or numbers: the application needs to glean from the data; you have thought through it and made personal and professional applications.
The final paper is composed of three parts:
1. Entries from your Personal Journal
2. Other course activities as review of “How Far Are You Willing to Go to Get Better?” document
3. Your reports from the two online instruments, Cornerstones and Social Styles, and Personal Report- make informal notes on your findings which will provide initial content for the final paper.

1 and 1/2 to 2 pages, per question, a lot of content (not to exceed 8 pages). On the action plan, put some specifics. If you are going to attend a seminar as part of your action plan, I want to know the name, date, and location of the seminar you plan to attend. If you are going to read some books, I want to know title, author, and when you will have it read by. If you are going to get a mentor, I want to know who, when, and how you will approach them. This plan needs to have several different approaches, tools, and be specific.

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Title: Educational Leadership

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Essay Instructions: Discuss Management Effectiveness versus Leadership Effectiveness.

Discuss Successful Leadership versus Effective Leadership.

What determines Organizational Effectiveness?

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Excerpt From Essay:
Works Cited:


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Title: leadership

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Essay Instructions: What is leadership
4 leadership styles(directive, supportive, participative, achievement oriented)
and leadership effectiveness (Employee motivation, satisfaction, leader acceptance)
title page
bibliograghy page
and/or works cited if necessary
status updates please

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Excerpt From Essay:


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Title: Foundations of Leadership

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Essay Instructions: Foundations of Leadership
Individual Self-Assessment Response Paper
1. Provide an executive summary to your paper that indicates your understanding of Fiedler?s Contingency Theory of leadership, your personal response to the related implications for you as a leader, and your understanding of how the theory fits into the larger leadership theory dialogue.
2. Fiedler?s Contingency Theory of leadership is fairly complex, but profound in it?s implications. What is your understanding of the variables and implications associated with the theory as delineated in Figure 6.1? Be sure to explicitly address every component of the model/theory.
3. Fiedler?s research empirically demonstrates that leadership style is largely ?hard-wired? and enduring ? that is, leaders that have high LPC and low LPC scorers are strongly relationship motivated or task motivated, and such leaders must be matched with the right situation in order to be most effective. Critically analyze and evaluate a particular leadership situation with which you are intimately familiar where leadership effectiveness and organizational performance was either positively or negatively influenced by fit between the leader?s style and the situational favorableness (as defined by Fiedler).
4. Complete the LPC Scale/Questionnaire on page 133-134 of the Northouse text. What is your LPC score? According to Fiedler?s theory, how should you interpret that score? What are the implications for you relative to your leadership effectiveness according to Fiedler?s theory? Do you agree with Fiedler?s claims? Why, or why not?
5. How does Fiedler?s Contingency Theory of leadership connect to the ?nature versus nurture? debate? How does it connect and disconnect with the Style Approach as codified via Blake and Mouton?s Managerial/Leadership Grid and the Situational Approach as delineated by Hersey and Blanchard?s SL II model?
The length of your paper can be no more than 3 pages single spaced.

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Excerpt From Essay:

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