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Essay Instructions: Comparing/Contrasting the Character Atticus.

To Kill a Mockingbird

The Novel and the Movie

For this assignment, you will be writing 3-5 page essay that compares and contrasts some elements of the novel and the movie. You may compare (showing similarities) or contrast (showing differences) or do a combination of comparing and contrasting.

Your essay must be at least five paragraphs and no more than eight paragraphs. It should include: ?
An introductory paragraph, which briefly summarizes the plot of To Kill a Mockingbird.

? A thesis statement at the end of your introduction, which states the specific
elements you are comparing and/or contrasting and states your point of view about these differences and similarities.

? At least three body paragraphs with clearly stated topic sentences and sufficient
details, explanation and examples to support the thesis statement.

?A concluding paragraph.

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Title: Camera angle use on Uma Truman in Kill Bill 2 and how reflect emotion or status of power

Total Pages: 2 Words: 694 References: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: I have to provide 3 scene examples about the camera angle use on Uma Truman in Kill Bill 2 and how that reflect emotion or status of power. The paper required; minimum 2 pages double space font 12.

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Essay Instructions: PART 1
The research paper requires that you read a play or view a film by Horton Foote use ?To Kill a Mockingbird?
The first part will be about playwright and screenwriter Horton Foote
1000 words (but no more than 1020 words), double-spaced with a one-inch border.
This section of the research paper (1000-1020 words) should be a survey of biographical and historical information that will inform your reader about the author and his life. Your thesis for this part of the paper will focus on the author?s special contribution to the literature of his time. Comments about Foote?s life should be in past tense, as appropriate.
WORKS CITED REQUIREMENTS: You will create a Works Cited page with at least four entries
the research paper (1000-1020 words) should focus on the work. You will write a thesis statement concerning the work you have chosen to write about.
Paper #3 should have the following sections:
Section #1: Here you should describe the play or film and explain why you chose to write about this particular work.
Section #2: You should research the circumstances around the writing of the play or screenplay and explain how Horton Foote got involved in the project.
Section #3: Find some critical analysis of the work and present that analysis from critics.
Section #4: Present your own analysis of the work based on the following areas:
A. Dramatic Structure B. Characters: Antagonist and Protagonist B. Setting C. Title D. Central Conflict E. Culture. See Literature reading for more explanation.
WORKS CITED REQUIREMENTS: You should find four (minimum) critical articles about your work from which you will quote in your paper. (No general encyclopedia articles allowed. Do not use Wikipedia. No biographical articles are allowed in Paper
If you use an online source, make sure the article?s author is included. Otherwise, the source is not acceptable. Keep in mind that you should find several articles and select those critical materials that are the best for your topic. Critical articles are those that directly address the literary content of the works you are writing about. Film or play reviews are good sources for this paper. Do not use sources that cannot be verified as to the author.
For the second part of the research paper, you will submit a Works Cited page along with your paper that will contain at least four secondary sources (minimum) that you have used in Part Two of your paper. You will also include the literary work you are discussing in the Works Cited, since it is your primary source.


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Essay Instructions: I have to write a essay about the Book to Kill a Mockingbird on Scouts view of innocence in the beginning, middle and end in a multi paragraph 2 chunk 1:2 ratio. I have a requirement sheet that can be faxed or emailed to you.
Thank you
Zoanne Gray

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