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Essay Instructions: MY TOPIC IS KIDNEY FAILURE .
The Health Problem-Kidney failure
Clinical Assessment of KIDNEY FAILURE 7points
Differential Diagnosis of KIDNEY FAILURE 5points
Development Stage (Erickson)-KIDNEY FAILURE 4points
Applications/Implications for Families-KIDNEY FAILURE 4points
Clinical Management- The purpose of this section is for you to learn in an expert manner what safe and competent Nurse Practictitioner practice is with this health problem-KIDNEY FAILURE.
Evidence-based Protocol for NP management.
Focus is on the Nurse Practitioner’s management plan for this health problem-KIDNEY FAILURE. This component provides the overall PLAN for how this problem should be managed. Written in prose, not bullets or tables.
The following are components of the overall plan but not the entire plan: 15points
Health Teaching Plan 5points
Health Promotion and Disease Prevention 5points
Pharmacokinetics of Medications used in the treatment/
prevention of this health problem. You may use a tabular
format for this section but must follow APA Table guidelines. 6points
Future Trends for Clinical Management of this problem 4points
Evaluation of Outcomes-Evaluation and Time Frame. 15 points
What are the expected outcomes following implementation of the management plan? 5points
Address when the Nurse Practitioner stops managing the problem-KIDNEY FAILURE. 5points
Referral plan if needed. If not needed, tell why. 5points
Summary Provide a brief wrap up of what you have written, Do not introduce new materials into a summary. Be succinct and to the point. 5points

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Title: Diabetes and Kidney Failure

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Essay Instructions: This paper aims to evaluate the hypothesis that even if diabetes is managed it may lead to kidney failure. The experiment should include analyzing multiple methods of analytical data collection including examination of means, medians, t-test, etc.

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Title: Advancing in my life is important to me

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Essay Instructions: discuss my personal and work experience and how it is relevant to the nursing profession. what are my goals and what contributions do you hope to make to the nursing profession?
Please compare the roles of a nurse practitioner, a physician and a physician's assistant.

I have 13years experience in the nursing field
I worked 10 in nursing homes/assisted living 1 year in home health
6 years in the hospital
In the hospital I worked with a program called share the care ...where I worked all over the hospital as an nursing assistant...emergency room, micu,picu,nicu,peds, oncolgy...etc....
In other words I have some experience in all most area of the hospital...I love it...this is my passion to nurse sick people back to heath...
I never really new what families and friends were going through when someone close to them got very ill or died until 5 and a half years ago my father was diagnosed with a spot of cancer on his live. a year and ahalf I watch him tranform into totally different person and there was nothing that I could do
3 years ago my 37 year old brother was diagnosed with KIdney failure. His third time going to dialysis air goy in his porter cathe causing air bubbles in his brain and spine. There have to be a God because he was taken the University hopital and they put him in the hyperbaric chamber. He came out paralized on his left side
To make a long story short By the Grace of God I was able to nurse him back to health. It was a ough road but my brother is is at least 95% back on his feet.
nursing is my passion. my favorite places to work in the hospital was the emergency room and trauma. I am looking at where I am as a person and I would like to transition so that not only will I be a care giver but also be able to help on a higher level of care.
I have settled for a lot of things in my life. A degree from Hopkins will allow me to get the best education as well as become one of the best nurses in the field of nursing.

This is a little history about me
thank you in advance

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Essay Instructions: Discussion area: Asthma
Post your responses to the Discussion based on the course requirements.
Your Discussion postings should be written in standard edited English and follow APA guidelines as closely as possible given the constraints of the online platform. Be sure to support your work with specific citations from this week's Learning Resources and additional scholarly sources as appropriate. Refer to the Pocket Guide to APA Style to ensure your in-text citations and reference list are correct. Initial postings must be 250?350 words (not including references).
Required Resources
Web Sites
? Medline Plus

The following Web sites contain animations and interactive tutorials that may inform comments in the Discussion area.
o Kidney Diseases
o Lung Diseases
o Urinary Tract Infections
o Kidney Failure
o Asthma

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