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Title: Community Policing

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Essay Instructions: City Council members are impressed with your speech, and some have questions for you afterwards. One member asks if you are really ready to deal with the complications of a very large and diverse population such as Jupiter holds. She asks, "Do you understand the issues that make our community policing difficult?"

Answer the city council member by going to the Discussion Board and discussing the barriers in law enforcement in community policing of a multi-cultural community (i.e., language, customs). Cite at least one example of a community that overcame these barriers.

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Carter, Ronnie A. 1995. "Improving minority relations." The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, December.

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Title: astrophysical object phenomenon

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Essay Instructions: What i want is around 1900 words indepth report about any astrophysical object/phenomenon. Like there is no restriction to the topic but it should be some how related to astronomy. My instructor gave the following choices if incase we cant come up with something. It can be any other topic too but just for reference if you want to use anything below.

The topic which you choose should address questions which would enable even a noob to astronomy to understand it completely.

I have 3 more small assignments so if you do a good work i would choose you as a writer again.

The list of suggested topic are:
Listed below are a few
possible topics with potential questions you might want
to answer.

Curtis-Shapley Debate (or the Great Debate):
* What was the topic of the debate?
* Who "won" the debate at the time?
* Who has proven to have been right?
* How does this affect our place in the universe?

Pluto's Demotion:
* When was Pluto discovered?
* How long was it considered a planet?
* Why was it demoted to "dwarf planet" status?
* What are some of the other "pluto-like" dwarf planets?
* Do the others have moons? Are they round? Are they as big?

The Earth is Round:
* Detail the method Erastothenes used to measure the size of the Earth.
* How close was he? What led to the difference?
* Did the Greek believe him?
* Did people believe the Earth was flat at the time of Columbus?
* Did scientists of Columbus' time know and/or agree with the spherical

Lightning on Jupiter:
* How frequent is Jovian lightning?
* How do we observe it?
* How strong is it compared with Earth lightning?
* Does it teach us anything about lightning on Earth?

Mars Rovers:
* How many Rovers landed?
* How many are still operating?
* Where have they been/where are they headed to?
* What have we learned from those missions?

Dark Energy & the accelerating universe:
* What do they mean by these terms?
* What could provide the dark energy?
* What observations suggest that the universe is accelerating?
* Who was famous for including this in his calculations?

Supermassive black holes:
* Where do they exist in galaxies?
* What kinds of galaxies host them?
* What happens to objects the approach them?
* Does the Milky Way have one?

Martian Meteor & Life:
* Describe why the initial announcement created such a commotion?
* Do people still believe that the rock contains evidence of life?
* What further tests can there be for life on Mars?
* How do they know the rock came from Mars?

Gamma-Ray Bursts:
* Why the name Gamma-Ray Burst (GRB)?
* How were GRBs first discovered?
* Do they occur in the Milky Way Galaxy, or far away in the Universe?
* What is the best suggestion for what they might actually be?
* What is SWIFT doing to help study this question?

Other topics...
Neutrino telescopes and the Sun
Gravitational Wave telescopes
SPITZER and the disks around young stars

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Works Cited

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Title: Fallibilism

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Essay Instructions: Part I. Fallibilism. Describe a fictional situation in which it would be reasonable for a person to believe the following claims are true, whether they are are or not. Include events in the person's life, information the person possesses, and any evidence that the person might have that supports the belief. The best answers will be thorough. In general, we think a person is more justified in believing a proposition when they have more evidence for it, and their belief is corroborated by different sources. Assignments should be typed and double-spaced.

Example: A. Fever is caused by demon possession.
Jane, who lives in 14th century France, has seen many people with a great fever. The priests in her village say that the fevers are always caused by demon possession. Sometimes the priests perform sacred rituals on the people with fevers and they get better. Jane's parents and family all believe, and have told her, that demons cause fevers. And they can be trusted to tell the truth. It makes sense, she reasons, that being possessed by a demon causes great harm and discomfort to a person's body; demons are very malicious.

Example: B. Paris is the capitol of France.
Susan believes that Paris is the capitol of France because her 4th grade textbook said it is. Her teachers in elementary school reiterated the claim. Her uncle once went to Paris, and he claimed it was the capital; he told her about visiting the capitol building there.

Do all of these:
1. Bad things happen to people who walk under ladders.
2. It takes approximately 12 earth years for the planet Jupiter to make a complete orbit around the sun.
3. Penicilin cures infections.
4. MTV hosts the Video Music Awards every year.
5. Witches are capable of casting spells and curses.

Part II. Give the best reasons you can think of for disbelieving these claims. A good answer will:
? be thorough
? be detailed
? directly address the claim and why it is false.
? give counter evidence from reliable sources.
? give counter evidence from a variety of sources.

6. Al Gore is the president of the United States.
7. The earth is flat.
8. Smoking is non-addictive and safe.
9. 12 + 13 =26.
10. Positive thinking can help you win the Lottery.

Part III. Problems 11-13: Give three examples of statements that you believe it is reasonable to suspend judgment about. Make sure these are complete sentences.

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Title: scientific revolution and enligtenment

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Essay Instructions: Read the primary source first, and then answer each questions. You can use outside resources for #1 and 2.
1. Demonstrate a sophisticated knowledge of the events of the scientific revolution.
2. Demonstrate a sophisticated knowledge of the Enlightenment writers.
3. Choose a figure each from the primary source to support the scientific revolution and the enlightenment. Describe who they are, why they are relevant, and do you agree or disagree. (Total two figures)

Read "Galileo's Daughter", and the answer..
1. Describe the reception of Galileo’s early work ??" including refining and building telescopes, viewing and drawing the moon, and discovering Jupiter’s moons. Include political figures, scientists, and the Catholic Church. When why and how did the reception change?
2.Explain Galileo’s view of the relationship between Holy Scripture and nature and his work as a scientist.
3. In 1616 the congregation of the index published a proclamation that declared Copernican astronomy to be “false and contrary to holy scripture,” and condemned some books and some followers of Copernicus. How did Galileo respond to the edict? What did he do to protect himself?
4. Describe the relationship between Galileo and Cardinal Barberini, who become Pope Urban Vill. How did this and Galileo’s catholic faith shape his science and his writings? Describe the dialogue concerning the chief two world systems and the strategies Galileo employed to make it acceptable ??" including its licensing.
5. How and why did Galileo’s dialogue fall into disrepute? Explain the proceedings against him.
6. Do you think the proceeding against Galileo were understandable and fair? Why or why not?
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Work Cited

Sobel, D. Galileo's Daughter. New York: Walker & Company, 2011.

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