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Title: 7 journal articles review

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Essay Instructions: Journal Articles: Pick 7 professional articles that are related to contemporary criminal justice issues to review in writing. They can be a newspaper, magazine, or a periodical. The Internet may be used for no more than 2 articles. Please include all copies of articles with the review. Type at least a 1 page commentary of the analysis of the article, including the name of the journal, political bias, if any, and if you agree or disagree with the article/issue. State your rationale not just an opinion. Always frame the issue as a contemporary one in our criminal justice system. Please make sure all copies of articles are emailed together with the reviews. If unable to include all articles in email, please notify me for fax number. Thank you.

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Felson, R. et. al. (August 2002). Reasons for reporting and not reporting domestic violence to the police. Criminology, Vol. 40, Issue 3.

Felson et. al.'s research utilized the National Crime Victimization Survey as its primary instrument in determining, assessing, and measuring the factors that lead to reporting (or not reporting) incidences of domestic violence. Survey findings show that there are three primary factors that are significantly relevant in inhibiting victims to reporting domestic violence to the police: "the desire for privacy, the desire to protect the offender ... And fear of reprisal."

The NCVS survey findings illustrate how the prevalence and continuous occurrence of abuse and domestic violence, especially among females, is still a social problem that needs unwavering attention by the government and civil society. New findings such as hesitance of male victims to report on their victimization reflect the changing nature of domestic violence in American society. In the same way that females need protection through the dissemination of proper and useful information about domestic violence, males are also in need of protection as well. Another important implication of the study is the changing nature of the respondents' (victims) concept of domestic violence, which varies significantly across gender.

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Title: Alcohol Abuse and Dependence Among the Elders

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Essay Instructions: Journal Article Review.
Assignment is to visit an on-line digital library or web site, select an article from a recent professional journal that addresses a disorder or dysfunction. It is a mandatory requirement to use and cite a "Professional Journal" article as the assignment.
Article Format is as follows: Title Of Journal,
Reference:Use American Psychological style for references found using electronic serch media.
Author, 1.(date). Title of article. Name of Profewssional Journal [On-Line], xx. Available: Specify Internet address.
Abstract: (A short statement of the purpose of the article)
Summary: (Summarize the article's major parts and findings/recommendations)
Personal Assessment: (provide your personal thoughts about the article's findings/recommendation)

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Title: Female Sexual Pain Disorders and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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Essay Instructions: Journal Article Review: The first part of your review should include a
summary of the article. Each journal consists of an Introduction, Methods,
Results, & a Discussion section. (This portion of the paper should be 2-3
INTRODUCTION: Identify the general question and the specific hypothesis
METHODS SECTION: Identify how the authors test their hypothesis, operational
definitions, dependent and independent variables, subjects used &
characteristics, types of measurement used.
RESULTS SECTION: Identify how the data was analyzed, which effects were &
were not significant, and the author’s findings/conclusions.
DISCUSSION SECTION: Identify the following:
a. Did the results support the hypothesis?
b. What were the limitations of the study?
c. What future studies or areas do the authors’ suggest this
information would benefit and why?
In the next section of the review, explain why this article interested & or related to
you. For example, was the research valuable, was the study practical/helpful; to
whom; was the study conducted ethically, should more research be conducted in
this area, who do the results of this study apply to, & what would you recommend
the next step to be in this line of research? (This section should be
approximately 1-2 pages)
a. Overall, the review should be 3-5 typed pages and double-spaced (This
does not include the cover or reference pages).
b. Attach a copy of the printed journal article to your typed review.
c. The journal article reviews MUST follow APA style (6th edition)
d. Be sure to use APA formatting in all aspects of the paper: title page, body of paper, in-text citations and reference page
There are faxes for this order.

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Excerpt From Essay:


Bergeron, S., Binik, Y.M., Khalife', S., Pagidas, K., Glazer, H.I., Meana, M., et al. (2001). A randomized comparison of group cognitive -- behavioral therapy, surface electromyographic biofeedback, and vestibulectomy in the treatment of dyspareunia resulting from vulvar vestibulitis. Pain, 91, 297 -- 306.

LoFrisco, B.M. (2011). Female sexual pain disorders and cognitive behavioral therapy. Journal of Sex Research, 48(6): 573-579.

Van Lankveld, J.J.D.M., ter Kuile, M.M., de Groot, H.E., Mellis, R., Nefs, J., & Zandbergen, M. (2006). Cognitive-behavioral therapy for women with lifelong vaginismus: A randomized waiting list controlled trial of efficacy. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 74, 168 -- 178.

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Title: God and incarnation

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Strauss, Lehman. Why God Became Man. 2004. [Online]. Available from

For the journal article above, write a critique similar to the ones for the Book Analyses assignments. Each critique will be in two parts:

1) a 300-word minimum critique, and
2) a 250-word minimum personal conclusion statement.

Specific Information about Critiques of Articles
A critique is NOT a mere summary. Do not merely paraphrase or even worse, quote entire sentences from the author or verses from the Bible (you must assume that your audience has access to the book and to a Bible). In your critique, you are not analyzing the topic in general, but you are interacting with the author?s presentation of the topic. (Too many students are tempted to just discuss the topic in general and forget to interact with the specific approach and point of the author.)

A critique is about understanding the structure of the article/book.
Your critique should address the following:
? the theological background of the author as revealed by his/her article/book;
? his/her understanding of the topic ;
? how the arguments are constructed;
? how he/she deals with opposite views and arguments;
? how balanced is the treatment of the topic;
? how focused or broad is the topic of the article; and
? how convincing are his/her arguments and conclusions and why.

It would be beneficial for you to research the topic online or in a library to find the common counter arguments to the author?s views and whether or not they are properly addressed in the article.

Keywords and key concepts include the following:
? evaluation; strengths and weaknesses of the article; reasoned response to any conclusions expressed in the article; the use of Scripture as well as theological foundations taught in lectures; and support of your assertions and conclusions.

Personal Conclusion
Your personal conclusion should not be a restatement of the critique. It is the place where you state where you stand on the issue(s). It is the place to set forth your position and back it up logically, theologically and most of all biblically (meaning with ?relevant Bible verses? properly interpreted). The instructor is less interested in what you believe than he/she is interested in why you do so; how you arrived at your conclusion and how you defend it (this includes being aware of the objections against your view). Do not just repeat the arguments of the author if you agree with him/her. Even if you agree with the author, you need to develop your own arguments and make sure that you address the weaknesses of and objections against the view. In case you disagree with his/her conclusions, indicate and demonstrate why your view is the best while making sure that you counter the author?s main arguments. While this is not a position paper, you should be able to support your own conclusions from the Word of God.

Please observe the following requirements for this assignment:
? Use 12 point Times New Roman
? Double-space
? One-inch margins
? Use a works cited section if you refer to other sources (Turabian)
? Divide the paper into ?Critique? and ?Personal Conclusion?
? 300-word minimum for critique
? 250-word minimum for personal conclusion
? Include the total word count at the end of your assignment

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Excerpt From Essay:

Works cited:

Hick, John, "The Metaphor of God Incarnate: Christology in a Pluralistic Age," (Westminster John Knox Press, 2006)

"Why God Became Man," Retrieved June 26, 2014, from

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