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Title: Joseph Andrews

Total Pages: 12 Words: 5672 Bibliography: 13 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: TEXT: Fielding, Henry. Joseph Andrews and Shamela and Related Writings. Ed. Homer Goldberg.
Norton Critical Edition. New York: Norton, 1987.

Required tasks:
??interpret the text and perform a close textual analysis.
??situate the work in the author’s canon or career.
??show an awareness of the social and historical context of the work.
??familiarity with the text’s critical history (for example, critical controversies or debates
that have arisen in connection with the work)

Please do not limit reading only to recent criticism nor to the criticism in the Norton Critical Edition; develop a sense of the critical response to the work over time and how that critical response corresponds to changes over time in critical approaches to literary works generally.

The paper needs to be 12 pages. It must be typed, double-spaced, and formatted in 12-point Times New Roman with one-inch margins and numbered pages. I will need an MLA-style Works Cited page (not included in the 3600-word limit) with 13 academic, scholarly sources. Please deliver paper in e-mail and Microsoft word.

Question: The topic of the paper needs to be on Henry Fielding but I don’t have the exact question for the paper yet. I won’t receive it until Wednesday, April 27 at 3:00 pm (WST). I am submitting my request early so that the writer has adequate time to find the specific book that they will need in order to properly reference and cite some of their information for the paper.

I will be submitting my question on April 27 at 3:00 pm (WST) at such time the writer can begin to start their research. I would like to receive the final product on Friday, April 29 at 11:00 pm. This should be a 2 day turn around time.

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Title: literature

Total Pages: 9 Words: 2872 Sources: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: I am a graduate student and I need 9 page paper on Henry Fielding''s depiction of ethics and morality in his novel Joseph Andrews. You can include some background information on Henry fielding in connection with depicting his characters in the novel the way he does. It needs to be MLA style with some direct quotes from the novel itself to support arguements.

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Title: waifs in literature

Total Pages: 6 Words: 1992 References: 4 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Discuss the figure of the orphan as portrayed by Defoe in "Moll Flanders" , Fielding in "Joseph Andrews", and Dickens in "Oliver Twist". Although in all three novels the hero/heroine is an orphan or at least a foundling, yet the different social statuses in which the orphans find themselves, their genders, as well as the level to which the heroes realize that they are orphans, significantly affect their behavior. Dickens’s Oliver Twist possibly starts off lower than any of the three orphans. He knows no love from when he is born, and suffers immense hardships throughout the novel. This clearly states itself upon his character; Oliver is a weak child who cries a lot and at times almost seems effeminate, he clearly lacks the love of a mother. Defoe’s Moll Flanders on the other hand realizes that she is an orphan, yet she is taken great care of by her adopted mother and the family she resides with. This makes her willful, and with a certain power which, in opposition to Oliver, seems at times quite masculine. Finally Fielding’s Joseph Andrews, is very slightly affected by the fact that he is a foundling until the end of the novel. Joseph simply does not realize he is a foundling till the end, and grows up believing that Pamela’s parents are his true parents. Therefore his character and actions were not significantly affected by this fact, and he is simply portrayed as a valiant and chaste young man.
Its important to analyze passage from the text to understand the behavior and psychology.

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Title: english Research paper the influence of william hogarths works of art and or engravings

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1459 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: TOPIC; the influence of william hogarths works of art and/or engravings( Like marriage a la mode, the rakes progress, the harlots progress etc) on Henry Fielding''s satiric works like in Joseph Andrews, Tom Jones or Shamela,. How Fielding''s works was influenced by Hogarth''s
. need biographical information on hogarth and also a little bio on fielding. an example of one of the way he influenced him is that each of hogarth''s works tell a story and also fieldings novels are separated in episodes and can also stand by itself. 4 pages should focus on the influence of hogarth''s work on fielding. and 1 page on the biographical info. need to have at least 4 sources and parenthetical citaitons . MLA format required.. No internet sources permitted. thanks. please let me know if you need additional info.

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