Hogarth's Influence On Fielding Kiran1976


William Hogarth was one of the most prolific painters and engravers of 18th century and most of his work is known for their pictorial satire. In other words, Hogarth was able to achieve with his prints and caricatures, what his contemporaries strived to attain through their writings and poems.

Hogarth's first important series of pictorial narrative appeared in 1737 titled 'A Harlot's Progress' which consisted of six engravings. The series had earlier appeared in the form of paintings which were soon replaced by engravings. While Hogarth had been in this line of work since early 1720s, yet Harlot's Progress was the first set of engravings that established his position as a major painter and engraver of his time.

Hogarth's cartoons and engravings had a serious moral purpose to serve. They depicted a very real picture of the life and society in...
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