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Title: unique characteristics gifts and challenges what and who shaped John Wesley to become the person he was

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Essay Instructions: I need a book report on A real Christian: The Life of John Wesley by Kenneth J. Collins.
These are the questions that need to be answered: Based on Collins' book, what and who shaped John Wesley to become the person he was? What were some of his unique characteristics, gifts, and challanges?

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Title: John Wesley

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Please answer the following questions in essay form. Do not include the questions on the paper. Each question should have two (2) pages of answer dedicated to it. Please cite sources in MLA style.

Question 1: What was John Wesley’s position with regard to the state (i.e. rights of the king, democracy, Independence)? Was this position consistent with his work and commitment to serve the poor? Why?

Question 2: Using Wesley’s ethical/theological arguments to serve the poor, describe ways in which these arguments may be applied in developing cross-cultural programs in your particular home church?

Question 3: If you are assigned to serve a church (you decide on what capacity, i.e. pastor, counselor, associate pastor, director of Christian ed. etc.) in an affluent suburb and in which most members are middle to high class and fairly new Christians. How would you implement Wesley’s views on the poor? How would you teach/preach/explain to them about Holiness in the Wesleyan tradition?

Facts to consider:
John Wesley never challenged the institution - he was a staunch supporter of the monarchy.
Some of John Wesley's thical/theological arguments: He used natural law to justify his care for the poor as opposed to going against the institution, because he believed that one should challenge the social, but not the institution if it's not absolutely necessary since he recognized that he would need the institution's help in bringing about social change.
He firmly believed that everyone was created equal and even the poor was deserving of salvation and care.
He believed in using grace as a means to turn pride and anger to love and the world to lowliness, forgiveness and love of God.
He believed that piety wasn't something that was practiced personally but that it was attached to an action.
He believed in stewardship and accountability to God.
He believed in Universal grace and salvation.
He believed that Christians are morally responsible to engage in face to face interactions with the poor and for taking care of them.
He believed in the absolute authority of Scripture.

Facts of home church:
Membership culture: Mostly urban
membership: lower and middle-class
culture of community: mixed: African-american, Haitian, Caribbean, few Whites


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Wipf and Stock Publishers, 1996.

WesleyWesley, John. “XXVIII Sermon on the Mount” “XXXVIII A Caution Against Bigotry” “XXXIX Catholic Spirit” “XLVIII Self-Denial” “L The Use of Money” “LI The Good Steward” “LXXIV Of the Church” “LXXXVII The Danger of Riches” “XCI On Charity” “XCVIII On Visiting the Sick” “CVIII On Riches” “CXII The Rich Man and Lazarus” “CXXVI On the Danger of Increasing Riches” “CXXXIX On Love” “Thoughts on the Present Scarcity of Provisions” “Thoughts upon Slavery” in The Works of John Wesley. Vols. 5,6, 7,11. Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 1998

These Sermons may be accessed on the Internet at:


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Title: Wesley's Theology Methodism in the 12st Century the structure and mission of the United Methodist Church

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Essay Instructions: I want a book report on: Responsible Grace, written by Randy L. Maddox. The report should answer the following questions: Based on Maddox's book, discuss the major themes of John Wesley's theology.

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Title: John Wesley Powell and his work with the Bureau of Ethnology

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Essay Instructions: The Current Classification of Nativeamerican Tribes into Cultral Families is a result of John Wesley Powell's work as the Head of the Smithsonian's Bureau of Ethnology. Give a detailed exploreation of how this is so.

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