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For those who have achieved or been granted certain comforts, I would impress upon the congregation, such fortune has been accompanied by God's desire to see that this good fortune is shared. I would use my role in the Church to find ways to engage with poorer communities outside of our own, to create and empower an internal volunteer corps through which congregants can reach these communities and to establish outreach programs in which our congregation interacts in social and recreational events with poorer church congregations. To John Wesley the common ground for all man was his essential Christianity and his creation in the image of God. It is thus that he would perceive an ill or neglectful treatment visited upon the poor to be equivalent to the treatment that one might be expected to show toward God.

And in particular, though Wesley was so controversial a figure because of his endorsement for independent preaching of the word of the Lord, we can also deduce that he would express support for the encouragement of proselytizing.
Therefore, in my congregation, I would encourage my congregants to attempt to reach poor communities by using the avenues provided by God to change lives. Finding ways to help poorer communities to walk in the way of God should be a centerpiece of those efforts constructed to help improve lives.

A connection with a middle class or wealthy congregation is not, according to Wesleyan thinking, to be viewed as a point of separation from the poor. Instead, it should be seen as an opportunity to help the poor facilitated by access to those with the Christian will and the financial resource to improve these lives. For leaders in such communities, the imperative is great to use this position to invoke the sympathy and responsibility of the congregation to its fellow man.

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