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Title: Jean Watson nursing theory

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1424 Sources: 6 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Perform a database search for primary sources of your theorist's work. Your search should focus on work specifically done by your theorist, not ABOUT your theorist authored by someone else.
o This work can be in the form of articles, textbooks, or journals.
? In addition, some theorists maintain their own website. It is imperative that you use primary sources when gathering information.
? Submit bibliography list of primary sources
? APA format
? Minimum of three sources
Submit your theorist project outline. Follow the rubric for the theorist outline; use a power point slide presentation (or similar format) to create your outline. Use bulleted points for each section of the rubric. Make sure you have addressed all aspects of the presentation according to the rubric. Remember to include rationale for theorist selection.

Paper on Work done by Jean Watson, caring theorist, a view of nursing

1.Introduction to theorist,
including rationale for selection
2.Complete intro
with rationale
3.Overview of theory
4.Critique of theory
5.Contributions to nursing/health
6.contributions listed
7.Theory? practice link

Regarding critique of theory, you will be completing a theory critique in Assignment 6.1. For this draft, use bullet points to address the critique.

I need : Research paper on work done by Jean Watson, caring theorist including
power point presentation, bibliography, works cited, theorist outline, critique of theory, and use rubic listed above.

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Title: Concept Usage in a Professional Practice Model Unit 5 Assignment

Total Pages: 6 Words: 1719 References: 6 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Concept Usage in a Professional Practice Model Paper

Directions: (See Attached Resource Docs)

To complete this Assignment, you will write fully developed paragraphs on each definition/use/interpretation of the term you have chosen. Use 4?6 nursing scholarly sources to support your definitions. Your Assignment will be 4?6 pages and should include a title page and reference page (not included in the 4?6 pages for the Assignment). Cite all your references in correct APA format both in the text and on a reference page.


The purpose of this paper is to examine the philosophy of nursing and/or professional practice model in your facility (if you are not working or the facility does not have one, then you may choose one from your readings).

Example: My hospital?s framework is based on Jean Watson?s Caring model.

1. Select a concept which is included or defined within your professional practice model or philosophy, as a characteristic of the model.

2. For this paper, include a discussion of:

? Select a concept from your organization?s nursing philosophy or professional practice model. Example (safety, patient satisfaction, quality healthcare, accessible healthcare, responsibility, caring).

? Provide the organizational definition if stated. Also list your organization?s mission and vision statement. If the organizational definition, mission and/or vision are not stated, explain this in your paper.

? From the nursing literature find several definitions and uses of the concept (as in Assignment 1)

? From your reading and the organization?s definition, develop your own definition of the concept as if you are preparing it to submit to your workplace as a needed refinement (why you have modified the definition). In other words, modify it as you would like to see it developed into the framework and organizational structure of the facility and tell why you feel the definition of the concept should be modified.
? Describe how this concept supports your professional practice model.

3. Use 4?6 nursing scholarly sources to support your definitions.

4. Use the APA manual to cite in text and your reference list.

5. Your Assignment will be 4?6 pages, and should include a title page and reference page (not included in the 4?6 pages for the Assignment).

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: 1) Background of Jean Watson's Theory of Human Caring
2) Describe the major concepts of Watson's theory
3) Apply theory to a caring moment
4) Analyze major theory assumptions realted to peron. health, nursing, and environment in the context of the carting moment described
5) Describe how Watson's carative facors were utilized in the transpersonal relationship.

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: Max of 4 pages apa format with 5 citations all within 5 years one by jean watdon herself and one research article.
Not include the title page, abstract and reference page.
1. Summarize main points of Jean Watson's Theory: carative factors.
2. Compare and contrast the theorist with aurora university curriculum: caring, health, learning, nursing, and commitment to human dignity. Found on under nursing mission.
3. I will attach by philosophy paper because i have to describe her theoretical perspective influences my nursing practice. I am an emergency nurse 20 years and now directing medical surgical unit. I have to discuss how Watson's theory affects my choice of nursing roles , and setting or practice, the role of individual, family, and other health disciplines in providing patient care. Other issues to dizcuss may include quality of care, nursing process, and professional autonomy.

Excerpt From Essay:

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