Jean Watson's Theory Of Caring


Jean Watson's Theory of Caring

Every person or patient has needs, which must be uniquely recognized, respected, and filled in the quest for healing and wholeness. Caring for the patient not only enhances recovery in any mysterious way. It can also be demonstrated and practiced by those who care for patients, especially nurses. Caring occurs in an environment, which accepts the patient as a distinct being with distinct and unique potentials (Al-Sharmi, 2010; Conway et al., 2011). Caring promotes health better than simply curing an illness. It promotes growth through the patient's potentials. Caring is also central to nursing (Al-Sharmi). These basic principles form the core of Jean Watson's Theory of Human Caring.

Watson conceived her Theory of Human Caring while she was teaching at the University of Colorado in 1975 to 1979 (Conway et al., 2011). It evolved from her...
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