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Title: Butoh japannese dance and its relation with the theater of Artaud references to postmodernism and Derrida concept of the diferance Butoh as symbolic word

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Essay Instructions: I need to make a paper on Butoh, a japannese dance form born after second world war, talk about his founder hijikata, about the history and the moment in time, talk about german expresionism briefly, which coincides with the arise of Butoh, then relate to the actionism viennes which was during the 60 with the theater of antonin artaud, and his writtings about the essential drama (the doble and the teather) then correspond the otherness found in Antonin Artaud, and relate it to the thoughts of Jacques Derrida, his concept of "la differance", and his metaphors about blindness and the myth of narcisus. Continue talking about his "Doble reading" and the written word, and relate them to the butoh dance, as if the figures marked in that slow movement were the representation of those words in the acceptance of what is not definable. Butoh as the capacity of performing the text trhough performing the body, and reveling that concept of "la differance". Finally talk about avant gard in arts and dance and its relation with postmodernism and butoh as a form of language that could go beyond the cartesian thought and perhaps mark anew path for an after-postmodernism

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Title: Theorizing Ideology

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Essay Instructions: Using the following quote from Terry Eagleton as a starting point, theorize the concept of IDEOLOGY in an essay of no more than 2500 words. Include the work of Eagleton plus that of any two of the theorists below. You may use, but are not limited to the material in the Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism.

Literature, in the meaning of the word we have inherited, is an ideology. It has the most intimate relation to questions of social power. [. . .] As a liberal, "humanizing" pursuit, [literature] could provide a potent antidote to political bigotry and ideological extremism. Since literatyure, as we know, deals in universal human values rather than in such historical trivia as civil wars, the oppression of women or the dispossession of the English peasantry, it could serve to place in cosmic perspective the petty demands of working people for decent living conditions or greater control over their own lives, and might even with luck come to render them oblivious of such issues in their high-minded contemplation of eternal truths and beauties. -- from "The Rise of English" by Terry Eagleton (in the Norton 2243, 2245)

Matthew Arnold
Boris Eichenbaum
Cleanth Brooks
W.K. Wimsatt
Monroe Beardsley
Ferdinand de Saussure
Roland Barthes
Paul De Man
Michel Foucault
Levi Strauss
Gilles Deleuze
Félix Guattari
John Langshaw Austin
Jacques Derrida
Jacques Lacan
Judith Butler
Helene Cixous
Donna Haraway
Laura Mulvey
Walter Benjamin
Max Horkheimer
Theodor Adorno
Jurgen Habermas
Stuart Hall
Raymond Williams
Houston A Baker
Gloria Anzaldua
Homi K. Bhabha

*NOTES: Theorize in this case is synonymous with problematize. Present a thesis and antithesis. Defining IDEOLOGY may be useful but is not required. The quote above does not necessarily have to be cited in its entirety, but fragments of it should appear at some point in the paper*

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Title: Public Issue Life Cycle

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Essay Instructions: I go to UCLA and we turn it electronically to turnitin.com so it needs to be new not found off the web. I need an essay paper for public issue life cycle! Our essay should take utilitarianism, rights, justice/fairness, virtue ethics. All four need to be discussed within the essay. They don't have to be equally discussed because one might weigh in on the topic more then another but our professor said all four should come along some amount. Each paper will be graded on TOPIC(concreteness, originality, complexity), CONCEPTS (quality of argument and evidence), and WRITING (organization, flow, grammar, spelling). On each of these three dimensions, your paper will be evaluated as EXCELLENT, GOOD, or POOR. EXCELLENT counts three points, GOOD, two points, and POOR, one point. It has to be a public life cycle of a social issue. It has to be something real meaning there has to be articles discussed about it. I was going to do life in Iraq. She wants it to be something that maybe hit the news and then died out or got bigger. How did it break out, why are the people concerned or why and how did the media portray it! Here is what she sent out in an email that gives two examples.....

(I sent out this announcement earlier today, but since I didn’t receive a copy of the e-mail, I’m not sure whether it went through, so I am resending it.)

Your PILC analysis must be driven by some question/puzzle/tension.

Here are two examples of questions/puzzles/tensions we worked out in class:

1. Social issue PILC (paper #1):

a. In the 1970s, the issue of gay liberation was mixed in with the issue of "man-boy love" (more so in France than in the United States). Since then the two issues have separated and blown up in opposite directions, with opposite outcomes: society has become increasingly tolerant of gay man and totally intolerant of pedophiles. Why?

b. On the gay liberation issue, liberals have consistently run ahead of public opinion, conservatives behind. On the pedophile issue, conservatives have often run ahead of public opinion, liberals behind. (If you find it hard to believe that liberals would support pedophiles, consider that in 1977, in France, leading French existentialist, feminist, and postmodern intellectuals, including Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, Michel Foucault, Jacques Derrida, and Roland Barthes, signed a petition calling for the decriminalization of consensual sexual relationships between men and boys.) Why?

There are faxes for this order.

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Works Cited

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Title: Please see instructions

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Essay Instructions: In this doctoral level activity, please use American syntax, APA style (12 pt Times New Roman font). Please ensure the sources (books) are current/up-to-date and complete. If you use a direct quote, please include the page number of the quote. For this activity, please design a 30-60 minute lesson plan for an outstanding group of junior class high school honor students that incorporates different, innovative, creative modalities of learning (other than "chalk and talk"). Please set the lesson plan up in the form of a 10 slide PowerPoint presentation that incorporates "speaker notes" that are 50 - 100 words for each slide and located in the notes section of teach slide. The speaker notes located in the notes section of the slide may be comprised of brief paragraphs or bulleted lists. One one page, please provide an overview of the lesson and tell what the ojbective of the lesson plan is, for example, the student will explore..?.. develop..?..employ..?.. etc.

You may get some ideas from the following website: http://www.readwritethink.org/classroom-resources/lesson-plans/remember-that-book-rereading-1150.html?tab=4#tabs

Thank you for your ideas for this assignment and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me.

(P.S. the resource book this assignment is centered around is Chapter 10 of the textbook entitled "Pedagogies of Difference: Rethinking Education for Social Change" by Peter Pericles Trifonas (2003) that discusses Jacques Derrida's thoughts about "Pedagogy of Difference" and his philosophy of deconstruction as a post-critical pedagogy - that is, as a way of reconceptualizing what it means "to know" about the self and the other beyond the certainty of empiricism and rationalism and their methods of teaching and learning.)

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Moje, E., Ciechanowski, K., Kramer, K., Ellis, L., Carrillo, R., & Collazo, T. (2004). Working toward third space in content area literacy: An examination of everyday funds of knowledge and discourse. Reading Research Quarterly, 39(1), 38-70.

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