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Title: Interventions by Koffi Annan

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Essay Instructions: Please conduct a review and editing of the book review about 'interventions-Koffi Annan’intended for a scholarly journal. See attached book review and guidelines.

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Annan Kofi, Mousavizadeh Nader. (2012). Interventions -- a life in War and Peace, the Penguin Press. Hardcover.

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Title: Response to intervention program

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Essay Instructions: Write an essay that includes the following:
Part I: a discussion of the value, characteristics, and purpose of an RTI program to a professional educational environment.
Part II: selection of an educational environment to modify including a plan of action to accommodate a response to intervention.

Background for part 2 the environment is an inner city school in Trenton New Jersey with a high population of Hispanic and African American students with common challenges a tough inner city school faces. Many of challenges for Hispanics are language issues and low parent involvement. Many African American students are involved in gangs with also little parent involvement. There are little or no programs that grab the attention of our at risk students. We need to incorporate afterschool programs incorporated with some type intermural system (sports) to attract these students.

Just giving you a little background. You may choose any idea you would like.

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Works Cited:

Works Cited

Carswell, S.B., Hanlon, T.E., O'Grady, K.E., Watts, A.M., and Pothong, P. (2009). A

Preventative Intervention Program for Urban African-American Youth Attending an Alternative Education Program: Background, Implementation, and Feasibility. Education and Treatment of Children, 32(3), 445-469.

Finch, M.E.H. (2012). Special Considerations With Response to Intervention and Instruction

For Students With Diverse Backgrounds. Psychology in the Schools, 49(3), 285-295.

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Response to Intervention in Middle Schools: Practices and Outcomes. Learning Disabilities

Research & Practice, 27(3), 136-147.

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Title: 1 The work based assignment presentation case participated P3 G3 find attached i upload 2 The work research application based focus topic Your case analysis produced initiatives translated interventions

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Essay Instructions: 1. The work is based on the assignment and presentation of the case you participated in (P3-G3). (find it attached i upload it )

2. The work is ?research and application based? with focus on the following topic:

Your case analysis produced some initiatives that can be translated into interventions. To ensure success, understanding intervention management is necessary. Please:
(a) Explore the basic reasons why would an intervention fail. Hints: list 5-8 potential reasons (hint: one reason could be unskilled change agent).
(b) Choose one of your initiatives and apply these reasons (from (a)) to assess the expected rate of success within the context of your case. Hint: use case information and specifics.
(c) With due consideration to the cultural aspect, if you apply this same initiative to a Saudi based education institute, would you think the success rate would be any different? Why and why not?

The assignment should have a minimum of 500 words.

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Title: interventions for metally ills

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  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: SWK 354 Critical Thinking Assignment Revisited! Simply answer the questions, do not write in an essay format

The specific micro problem I want to write about : Mentally ill

1. What is the specific micro problem? EX. Teen Runaways

2. What is one specific intervention that has been researched to address this micro-problem? In otherwords, what is your hypothesis statement? EX. Teen drop in centers help reduce the amount of homeless teens.

3. Identify one research article that discusses the effectiveness of this intervention.
Answer the following questions about this article:
a. Who are the researchers for this study?
b. Who are the subjects of this study?
c. What is the number of subjects in this study?
d. Where was the research conducted?
e. Who funded the research?
f. What is the date of this article?
g. From what journal did this article come from?
h. What are the methods used in this research? Describe how they collected their results
i. State one piece of “outside” data or statistic that is presented in this research and find the reference to this data and check it out for its accuracy. Is it accurate and accurately represented, not taken out of context and cited properly?
j. Do you detect any biased or stereotyped statements? And if so what are they? What seems to be the frame of reference, perspective or worldview of these researchers?
k. Write a paragraph summarizing the intervention the researchers used and the results they obtained. Include stats such as “after participating in this treatment program, subjects were 60% less likely to hit their partners at the 1 year follow-up”
l. Does this article discuss other interventions that are different than the one she chose? If so which ones, briefly list and define
m. If you were conducting this research how might you improve the study?
n. Describe if this researcher discusses any other studies that support his/her findings and make note of those citations.
o. What are some indications that this is a credible study? What are some credibility concerns? What are some indications that this is a valid study to address the micro-problem? What are some concerns?

4. Identify one research article that disputes the effectiveness of the intervention you chose. If you can not find one that specifically disputes your intervention, find one that is one different intervention that might be in opposition to the one you chose and answer the following questions. (EX. Abstinence only education vs. contraception/sex education)

Now answer the same set of questions a-o as in #3.

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Works Cited:

Kirsch, Irving (2008). "Initial Severity and Antidepressant Benefits: A Meta-Analysis of Data

Submitted to the Food and Drug Administration." PLoS Medicine.

Scott, Jan (2001). "Cognitive Therapy for Depression." British Medical Bulletin: 57:1. 101-113.

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