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Title: Article critique

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  • Document Type: Essay
Essay Instructions: I need an article critique in 4 pages (double space). should be related to technology as possible (ex: technology and crime, Internet addiction, genetic engineering, on)or Alcohol or anything. it should be a quantitative research (has the statement of the problem, question and subquestions, hypotheses, inductive and deductive analysis ..., result). I need it to be as simple as possible (no depth in English vocabularies, please.) and easy to understand. if there is any question regarding my request, please e-mail me. Essa

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Works Cited

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Title: Addiction to the Internet

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  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: 1.Length: 5-7 pages (not including title and reference pages)
2.Format: APA
3.Main body to include: Intro, Discussion of topic,
Conclusion, and Reference page
4.Research requirement: 12-15 peer reviewed scholarly sources

Have you seen any evidence of Internet addiction disorder? Describe what you perceive to be the symptoms. Is it possible for someone to become addicted in a clinical sense?
If so, what, if anything, can be done to help someone who has IAD? How can a college help? An employer?

This paper will be used to create a 10 minute powerpoint presentation. I will need enough key points to make at least 10 slides.

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Federvisch, Anne (1997) Internet Addiction 7 Aug 1997 Online available at;

Addictions and Life Page: Symptoms of Internet Addiction (2005) Retrieved from the Internet 08-20-2005.

DeAngelis, Tori (2000)s Internet Addiction Real Monitor on Psychology Vol.31 No.3 2000 April. Online available at

Caught in the Net at Work (2000) Monitor on Psychology Vol.31, No.3 2000 April Online available at:

Clinicians drawn in by clients with Internet abuse problems Online available at;

Young, Kimberly S. Psy.D (1996) Pathological Internet Use: The Emergence Of A New Clinical Disorder, University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, Session 2127, 11:00-11:50 AM, Saturday, August 10, 1996, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Exhibit Hall (D-14).

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O'Toole, Kathleen (1999) Nie to head new institute studying impact of technology on society Jan 13, 1999 Online available at: / 1999/january13/nie113.html

SIQSS Internet and Society Study Online Retrieved from the Internet 20 Aug 2005 available at: netStudy.html

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Title: Internet Addiction

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  • Document Type: Essay
Essay Instructions: I need you to start the first 16 pages of the 26 page-research (paper order ID:8503) with the following requirements:
- the total number of pages is 26 pages.

-Proposed Research Paper

Examine Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) and discuss its impact on society today and how to overcome the limitations of IAD.


 Describe what IAD is
 How does it impact society as a whole
 Identify the warning signs/symptoms of IAD

 Develop and implement a survey on Internet usage patterns
 Review relevant literature on the subject

 Maladaptive patterns of Internet usage can lead to addictive disorder

-Summary of Findings from Research
 Summation and interpretation of responses to questions
 Theories and arguments found in current literature

-Treatment Options for Overcoming IAD
 Can IAD be cured?
 Identify current methods based on latest research
 Discuss success rates

-Final Summary

note: - I need you guys to focus more on treatment options (solutions for the problem), what ever possible solution or ideas. for example, how can the religion principles make influence on people, or what can the governments do to help solving this problem (for example: Saudi''s regulations require all internet companies to block all illegal or unethical sites)as an option.
- I will pay you the rest of the research (last 10 pages) within 10 days.
- this research is due on July 15, so take your time.
- for any questions, please email me.
Thank you

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Excerpt From Essay:
Works Cited:

Works Cited

Addictions and Life Page. Symptoms of Internet Addiction. 24 June 2002.

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Title: The Mental and Physical Health Effects of Internet Use among young adults

  • Total Pages: 7
  • Words: 2208
  • Bibliography:6
  • Citation Style: APA
  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: Please use the book Caught in the net ISBN# 0-
and also the the book Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games ISBN# 07864-191-56 in the Lit Review.

Other sorces should be on related topic of Internet addictions.

Please include a work cited page and/or bibliography.

Please properly cite each and every reference in APA format.

If you use a qoute or a passage please cite properly.

The research question for the entire research paper is-
What is the relationship between the amount of time spent on the internet by young adults and their physical and mental health. Please make sure that ties in with the Lit Review.

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Excerpt From Essay:


Fox, R.F. (2001, November). Warning Advertising May Be Hazardous to Your Health: Ads Pose a Threat to Physical, Emotional, Social, and Cultural Well-Being. USA Today (Society for the Advancement of Education), 130, 62-77.

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