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Title: corruption ethics in business since end of cold war

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Essay Instructions: The assignment is to write a "position paper" of 3-5 pages (so I think 4 is good) supporting the following position:

"With the end of the Cold War, corruption has increasingly become unacceptable on a worldwide basis."

So the idea is that international businesses from most countries are choosing today NOT to use bribes and general corruption to get their way anymore. It's not accpetable/tolerated today. Whereas it was more accepted during the cold war even for U.S. companies, especially before the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) signed by President Jimmy Carter during the late 1970s. The class is named "international business ethics." The professor does not require any sources to be cited unless of course you specifically use a specific fact from a source that would need citing. He simply wants us to argue this position using our own statements. Here are his words:

" The two position papers should be argued as they are written. Those are the positions of "industry' these days (i.e. the business community) and you will not go far arguing that it's all relative (it all depends). So simply write statements in support of the statements."

You can mention recent developments like the Global Compact, CCBFO, Trans International, PUMA etc. as examples.

(should be double-spaced, times new roman font is fine and 12 point font size)

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Essay Instructions: The subject has the name: Cultural Issues in Managment.
Report should have the following aspects:

Based on your study on this module of cultural theories, international business ethics and the practice of managing across cultures, and assuming the role of a business consultant specialising in cross-cultural issues, write a cultural briefing for the Human Resources department of an international business (real or fictional). The briefing should refer to the company?s international strategy and indicate what you consider to be the best means of achieving an appropriate global mindset within this company in order to achieve successful outcomes in the global environment. Your briefing should cover a range of issues, including the creation of cross-cultural teams, training employees for expatriate assignments, the appropriateness of national negotiating styles and preparing employees for the challenges of cross-cultural management. This assignment may take the format of a report or a more creatively designed briefing document.

Important is to wirte where is the company based and what they are doing and the purpose of the existence e.g Germany and who the want to go e.g. China.
The Report shoulb be wirtten in the We-Person and I should be used Theroies of Hofstede or Schwartz and Case-Studies of the following book:Thomas, David C. (2003). Readings and Cases in International Management: A Cross-Cultural Perspective, London, SAGE Publications. ISBN 978-0-7619-2637-5.

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