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Title: International Business Environment

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Essay Instructions: International Business Environment

Consider the following statement: "Globalisation and the resulting increase in
competition harm people, as international companies play one government against another to get the best deal possible. Meanwhile, governments continually ask for greater concessions from their citizens, demanding that they work harder and longer for less pay." Do you agree? Why or why not?

Assessment Guidelines
Assessment for this module takes the form of an individual time-constrained assignment. This will provide some guidelines about what to expect and what is expected from you.
The Format and Duration
The assignment will be a paper consisting of a discussion-type question. You are required to write an essay-type answer of about 3000 words.
What the assessment will be based on
You are expected to use a variety of sources in writing your answer. These may include textbooks, journal articles, internet sources and newspaper sources (for example, the Financial Times). You will be expected to carry out' research on each chosen question, gathering and selecting relevant information for inclusion in your answer. It is important that each answer puts forward your individual analysis on the issues raised, using your sources as evidence and examples. The answers you write will indicate the development of your thoughts and critical evaluation of the topics in the module syllabus.
Your answer must be organised logically and written clearly and have a conclusion based on the findings you have made and your analysis of the issues.
Referencing - Always reference your sources. The Harvard System is recommended for all modules in the Business School. As this is a time-constrained assessment, rather than a longer coursework assignment/ you will use only a few references for your answer. It is important, however, to cite each in the text, thus: (Green, 1990,
P. 20)
In a reference section at the end of each question, list full details/ thus: Green/ P.
(1990) English Gardens, 2nd edition, London: Sage Publishing.
If the source is an article/ cite it thus: Green, P. (1990) 'Petunia Growing'/ in Fox/ S.
and Hedgehog, R., Cottage Gardens, London: Sage/ pp 20-29. OR
Green, P. (1990) 'Petunia Growing', Gardeners' Monthly Journal/ Vol. 22, No. 6, pp 30-39.
If Green's article is published on the web, cite it in the same way, giving the web address as the location. Many journals are now published on the web!
Remember that your reference refers to the particular sentence which it follows. If You wish to refer to Green's overall ideas in a particular work, (Green, 1990) is sufficient. If you find a paragraph in Green which you feel is particularly relevant,
you may paraphrase it and cite (Green, 1990, p. 23), Of you may quote a sentence
or two, putting the quoted material in quotes, thus, '.. ..' (Green, 1990, p.24). Do not simply copy out a paragraph from the source and put (Green, 1990) at the end
of it. This is ambiguous, and is not adequate acknowledgment.

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Ervin, J., Smith, Z.A., 2008, Globalization: A Reference Handbook, ABC-CLIO

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Benefits of Globalization, Business Maps of India, accessed on January 20, 2009

What is Globalization? Globalization101 Website, accessed on January 19, 2009

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Title: International Business

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2700 WORDS , Typed and 1.5 Spaced, EXCLUDING Tables and Appendixes and Bibliography

One-Inch Margins on FOUR Sides of the paper and FONT Size 12.

Please follow strictly to The Australian Guide to Legal Citation and also HARVARD Style Referencing and also Turnitin.

You are required to develop a report acting as the employees of a consulting company who have been hired by the Australian Trade Commission (AUSTRADE) . Austrade's mission is to help Australian Companies succeed in International Buisness by Providing Advice, Market Intelligence and Support to Australian Companies to reduce the costs and risks invovled in selecting and developing International Markets (AUSTRADE , 2008). You have been Hired by Austrade to Write a Report advising on the attractiveness of India and China for Australian Companies interested in developing their International Markets. INDIA and CHINA are Two of The World's Biggest nations and the Fastest growing economies in the world, however , both markets still present considerable challenges for Australian Companies interested in expanding in the region.

Your TASK is to Conduct Comparative Assessment of The Attractiveness of These Two Markets Based on a number of Dimensions. The Dimensions you choose to construct this assessment is in part up to you, However, They Should Reflect your learning on INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS and its environment (Doctoral Level).
FOR example, you may utilize components from The PESTEL Framework OR The CAGE Distance Framework to construct your REPORT.
You have to complete this REPORT and it is recommended that you CHOOSE ONLY FOUR(4) DIMENSIONS on which to base your COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS.
It is Essential that you USE the SAME DIMENSIONS to Analyse BOTH COUNTRIES(INDIA and CHINA).

Taking the Huge Market Potential of BOTH of These Countries as a GIVEN, Your Report Should Provide AUSTRADE with a Recommendation on which of the Two Countries are likely to present fewer risks and challenges' to AUSTRALIAN companies considering INTERNAYIONAL Expansion.
Your Report should produce a Rational Evaluation of The Business Environments' (Rather Than Simply discussing market size or potential) SO THAT AUSTRADE can provide advice to Australian Firms on what to expect when conducting business in these Markets.
AS A RESEARCH , Your Report must Provide EMPIRICAL DATA on BOTH Countries so That you can make a REASONABLY ROBUST Recommendation.
There are faxes for this order.

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Excerpt From Essay:


Wong, Lung-Fai (1987) Agricultural Productivity in China and India: A Comparative Analysis Presented at the Symposium on Feeding the People of China and India, American Association for the Advancement of Science Annual Meeting, Chicago, Illinois, February 15, 1987. Online available at

Das, Dilip K. (2006) the Chinese and Indian Economies: Comparing the Comparables Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies, Volume 4, Issue 1 February 2006, pages 77-89 Routledge Taylor & Francis Group Abstract Online available at

Emerging Markets outlook for 2007 - India, China, Russia, Eastern Europe and Brazil (2007) the Market Oracle. Online available at

Balasubramanyam, V.N., and Wei, Yingqi (2005) Textiles and clothing exports from India and china: a comparative analysis Taylor and Francis Journals in its journal

Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies. Abstract online available at

Veeramani, C. (2005) Specialization Patterns Under Trade Liberalization. Indira Gahndi Institute of Development Research. Online available at

Sinha, Swapna S. (2007) Comparative Analysis of FDI in China and India - Can Laggards Learn from Leaders? 2007 *****.

India and China's Developmental Paths (2008) Urbanomics. 2 Sept 2008. Online available at

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Title: International Business Environment

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Essay Instructions: International Business Environment


1500 Words EXCLUDING Appendices, tables and References and Bibliography

(CASE STUDY- material resources sent via e-mail to you, Thank you very much, PLEASE Check : ).

(Please kindly strictly use only HARVARD Style Referencing and The Australia Guide to Legal Citation and Turnitin).

This assessment is dessigned to evaluate your ability to apply your understanding of Political Economy to a REAL CASE - IRELAND 2004. Political Economy Stresses that the Political, Economic, and Legal Systems of a country are Interdependent ; they interact and influence each other, and in doing so they affect the level of Economic Well-Being.

The Study of Political Economy Stresses the Combined Effect of Factors in Assessing the Economic Well-Being of a country and Subsequently that Country's attractiveness as a destination For Foreign Direct Investment ( Which is a key learning Objective of International Business Environment).
In Light of this, it is Expected and encouraged that you will overlap and Integrate your Discussions around the different Components of Political Economy (Example: The Connection between Political Decisions and Economic Management Being The Most Obvious Overlap).

Specifically, you will be required to use your knowledge of country attractiveness and foreign direct investment to ANALYSE the information presented in THE Major Case Study (Ireland 2004- sent via e-mail to you). You will be required to conduct an Integrated Case Analysis Demonstrating an Ability to Identify and address material in support of your answers and to Clearly and CONCISELY Communicate your answer to the reader.

The Length of This Assignment should be 1500 WORDS , EXCLUDING Appendices, tables and Harvard Referencing and Bibliography.


Assessment Criteria -
(Highlighted in FULL CAPS)

-The Primary Criteria is your ability to be ANALYTICAL defined during this assessment by your effectiveness in IDENTIFYING AND ADDRESSING THE KEY ISSUES IN THE CONTEXT OF THE CASE ANALYSIS TASK outlined ABOVE.

THE QUALITY AND STRUCTURE of your ANALYSIS will be assessed in the following way:
More Specifically, your Ability to IDENTIFY The CASE Information which ACCOUNTS for IRELAND's Success Structured within an ANALYSIS of POLITICAL ECONOMY and your Ability to IDENTIFY Other Relevant Issues which Explain why IRELAND has proved such an Attractive Destination for Foreign Direct Investment (Example: The impact of Regional Economic Integration ).
- When WRITING your ANALYSIS , you must explicitly draw the reader's attention to the Significance of The Material Presented in Explaining WHY this country has Proved so Successful in Attracting Foreign Direct Investment. FOR Example: DO NOT REPLICATE Information from the case study -IRELAND 2004- WITHOUT CLEARLY EXPLAINING to the Reader HOW this Information Accounts for the SUCCESS of THIS Country IRELAND 2004 in attracting Foreign Investment or How this information contributes to your overall anaylysis.


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Excerpt From Essay:
Works Cited:

Reference List

BBC news channel. 2004. Ireland is Named 'Best Country', published on Nov 17,

Barry, F. And Bradley, J. 1997. FDI and Trade: The Irish Host-Country Experience. The Economic Journal, vol. 107(445): pp. 1798-1811,

Berry, R. 2001. U.S. Foreign Direct Investment in Ireland: Making the Most of Other's People Money. Perspectives on Business and Economics, vol. 19.

Cassidy, Mark, 2002. The Irish Economy: Recent Experience and Prospects. in: Aronson, R., Munley, V., Thornton, R. (Eds.). The Irish Economy in Transition: Successes, Problems and Prospects. Elsevier Science, Amsterdam: pp. 5-30.

Hill, C.W.L. 2007. International Business: Competeing in the Global Marketplace. 6th Edition, part.3: pp. 335/GC3-15.

O'Connor, T. 2001. Foreign Direct Investment and Indigenous Industry in Ireland: Review of Evidence. One Europe of Several, Economic and Social Research Council, Working Paper 22/01,

In 1986, Ireland Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita was 64% of the EU average, its unemployment was 18% higher than the EU average and its national debt was 120% of the Gross National Product (GNP)

Case Study Analysis - Ireland in 2004

The country's success in attracting Foreign Direct Investment

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Title: International Business of Starbucks

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  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: International Business of Starbucks is the focus of the paper should revolve around this theme.

Here are some imput that sould go in the paper
1. company information: summary, products, size, etc.
.2 foreign direct investment policies in the country
3. the company's international expanion strategy
4. the company's international marketing philosophy
5. effects of regional economic integration within the region

and what ever else you can think of..

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Excerpt From Essay:


Simon, B. (2009). Everything but the Coffee: Learning about America from Starbucks. Berkeley:

Fitzgerald, M. (2013). How starbucks has gone digital. MIT Sloan Management Review, 54(4),

1-8. Retrieved from

Gilbert, S. (2008). The story of Starbucks. Mankato, MN: Creative Education.

Liu, K., Huang, J., & Chen, W. (2012). Starbucks experience explored in taipei. The Journal of Human Resource and Adult Learning, 8(2), 107-116. Retrieved from

Pham-Gia, K. (2009). Marketing strategy of 'Starbucks Coffe'. Mu-nchen: GRIN Verlag GmbH.

Seaford, B.C., Culp, R.C., & Brooks, B.W. (2012). STARBUCKS: maintaining a clear position. (). Arden: Jordan Whitney Enterprises, Inc. Retrieved from

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