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Title: Intergovernmental Relations

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Essay Instructions: Intergovernmental Relations: Issues in Public Policy

Issue : What changes need to be made in the public administration and political systems in order for them to be more communicative and inter-related.

The paper should be organized as follows:

Section 1.0 -- Statement of Intergovernmental Relations (IGR) issue

Section 2.0 -- Literature review noting the scope, dimension, and gravity of this Interovermental issue.

Section 3.0 -- Discussion of up to 3 Alternative IGR policies that chould resolve/mitigate the IGR issue.

Section 4.0 -- Your selection and justification of the "best" IGR policies to resolve/mitigate the IGR issue

Section 5.0 -- Endnotes

Section 6.0 -- Bibliography

(note sections 5.0 and 5.0 do not count towards the 15-20 page paper requirement)

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Excerpt From Essay:


Intergovernmental Relations - a Key to Good Service Delivery (nd) a Guide for Elected Members and Officials. An Output of Activity -IGR in the Free State. Australia South Africa Local Governance Partnership. Online available at

Agranoff, Robert2008) Toward an Emergent Theory of IGR Governance at the Dawn of the Network Era. Paper prepared for the 4th Transatlantic Dialogue, American Society for Public Administration/European Public Administration Group Milan, Italy June 12-14, 2008.

Zeemering, Eric (2006) City council members and the representation function in intergovernmental decision making. Working Group on Interlocal Services Cooperation. Political Science. 2006.

Kuye, J.O. And Ile, I.U. (2007) Realising the Full Potential of Public Service Reform Philosophies: With Particular Reference to the Nigeria's Servicom and South Africa's Batho Pele Principles. Journal of Public Administration. Vol. 42 No. 5. November 2007.

Ile I.U. 2000. Gender Equity vs. Job Performance: An examination of the implementation of Affirmative Action Policy at Nkonkobe local Government Administration in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. Unpublished Masters degree thesis in Public Administration, University of the North.

Kuye, J. 2006. Design and implementation of public service reforms: Lessons of experiences from South Africa. In K. Kiangu & G. Matabaha (eds). Public Service Reform in Eastern and Southern Africa: Issues and challenges. Tanzania: Mkuki na Nyota Publishers.

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Title: Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations

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  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: Discuss Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations: Effectively Intergrating Governmental Authorities and Responsibilities.

your paper’s discussion will:

Outline briefly the nature of the issue;
Present what you think are the most convincing protagonist (i.e., supportive) and antagonist (i.e., counter-factual) arguments;
Take a position regarding the issue—explain “why” you have adopted this perspective; and,
Project ... it is the year 2028: What does our nation and world look like based upon the position you took? Why does it “look” that way?
Stylistic Requirements

Length: 5 pages. This does not include any form of cover page or bibliography/works cited. Please note: I will stop reading/grading at the bottom of your fifth page.
Font: Times New Roman 12; regular. No other fonts will be accepted.
Margins: 1 inch left, right, top, and bottom.
Spacing: double-spaced. Do not manually override MS Word's double spacing function. If you are not using your own computer I recommend you check the paragraph spacing prior to submitting your paper -- you and you alone are responsible for your work. They use of “exactly” or spacing other than “Line spacing: double” will cost you at a minimum one letter grade. Documentation: You must document your sources in accordance with an approved writing style guide (e.g., Chicago Manual of Style, APA).

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Excerpt From Essay:
Works Cited:


1. Easterwood, Michael. 1984. "The Municipality and South Carolina Government," in Local Government in South Carolina. Vol. I. The Governmental Landscape edited by Charlie B. Tyer and Cole Blease Graham, Jr. Columbia, SC: University of South Carolina, Bureau of Governmental Research and Service, pp. 9-50

2. Hanson, Russell L. 1999. "Intergovernmental Relations," in Politics in the American States. 7th ed. Edited by Virginia Gray, Russell L. Hanson and Herbert Jacob. Washington, DC: Congressional Quarterly, pp. 32-65.

3. Moore, William 2008. On the Internet at retrieved on February 11, 2009

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Title: Critical Analysis of The Maze of Intergovernmental Relations

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Essay Instructions: How does the existence of a maze of intergovernmental structures, horizontally as well as central-local, affect the determination among alternate policy choices? Whose issues, when, become important.

Develop a specific argument by answering the quesition above. Be consistent and accurate.

Remember to have a explicit argument at the end of introduction paragraph. This is really important. develop and backup your argument at the body of essay using resources I give you.

I will give you all the 5 resources you need to use.

Two of them are online resources, the rest three will be sent to you as PDF version.

One of the online version can be found on website:

Chapter 3: "The Decline of the Consolidationist Movement in the United States, the Emergence of 'Public Choice,' or the 'New Regionalism'.

The other one:

Click Part 2: "Shifting responsbility..." and then click chapter 6: "contemporary Intergovernmental Relations"

If the access of online files request user name and password: UserName: jclai1 Password: Laijinchao19

I will send you the additional 3 resources.

Thank you!

Customer is requesting that (shender3) completes this order.

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Excerpt From Essay:

Works Cited

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Tullock, Gordon. The New Federalist. Toronto: The Fraser Institute, 1994.

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Title: Public Policy Article Journal Review

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  • Words: 721
  • Sources:10
  • Citation Style: MLA
  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: Find a article from newspaper, journal, or anywhere for each topic and write a quick summary of the article.

The discipline of public administration
The political Context of public Administration
organization theory
human resources management
the budgetary process

Public administration
Public policy and Analysis
Program Evaluation
Intergovernmental Relations
Public Service Ethics

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Excerpt From Essay:


Bailey, S. (1964). Ethics and the Public Service. Public Administration Review 24 (4). 234 -- 243.

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Welch, E. (1998). Public Administration in a Global Context. Public Administration Review 58. 71- 82.

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