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Where, many governments are often utilizing a model that augments private services with those they provide. The results are: that this is improving the overall quality of services and it is reducing costs. (Gray, 1995, pp. 75 -- 99)

Public Policy and Analysis

The article that was written by Lindblum (1959), discusses how many administrators will often use a combination of techniques and analysis when evaluating public policy. This is problematic, because it causes the overall bureaucracy to become more dysfunctional, by not having a set of procedures for effective planning and analyzing public policy. (Lindblom, 1959, pp. 79 -- 88)

Program Evaluation

The article from Proven (2001), talks about how cooperative organizational networks have been developed to evaluate the responsiveness of government programs. This is important, because these programs are providing a way of: having administrators and the citizens interacting together. At which point, they can evaluate the effectiveness of the different services being provided. (Porven, 2001, pp. 414 -- 423)

Intergovernmental Relations

The article written by Peters (2001), discusses how globalization is changing intergovernmental relations around the world.
As globalization and decentralization are forcing governments to become more responsive to the needs of the people. (Peters, 2001, pp. 131 -- 135)

Public Service Ethics

The article from Bailey (1964), talks about how many governments are increasingly using the normative ethics model. This is when you are addressing the underlying conflicts of interests that bureaucrats will often face. Where, they will refer to various special interest requests, to higher levels within the government. The problem with using this model is: it causes the sizes of the bureaucracy to increase and gives special interests unseal amounts of influence at the highest levels of government.


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