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Title: Intercultural Communication

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Essay Instructions: Intercultural Communication Project
Intercultural communication is an increasingly important aspect of communication in
today's ever widening global society.In addition, untold numbers of individuals live
every day of their lives 'on the border'which is to say they live and participate in two
cultures; many immigrant families now seek to maintain as much of their own cultural
heritage as possible, intercultural marriages are no longer a rarity, universities the world
over seek to attract students from other countries, businesses seek to establish and
maintain a global presence by sending employees to foreign countries.
Successful intercultural communication is in fact based on the study of the entire culture, not just the
necessary language skills.
Intercultural communication isn't being fluent in another language.In fact, it is quite possible
to be successful in another culture with somewhat limited language skills,
or be fluent in another language yet be unsuccessful in the culture.
Ultimately, it is the study of every aspect of a culture:
how power, leadership, time, relationships, obligations, freedoms, etc. are viewed.
Choose any aspect of intercultural communication.
(The easiest way to do this is to use the index of the text
book.) De Vito 7th ed.
Research the aspect using at least three primary sources in
addition to the text book.
Write a four page, double spaced essay that
analyzes explains the aspect chosen.
Be sure essay is well organized and well supported.
a bibliography
(Works Cited) at the end of the essay.

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Essay Instructions: Intercultural communication (Learning outcome 3) (1000 ? 1200 words)
Intercultural communication difficulties often arise not because of a difficulty with the actual language, but because of the different assumptions and expectations that people from different cultures bring to the act of communicating. Select any two cultures (preferably one of them should be your own) and compare them under two of the following dimensions of culture:

o Individualism/collectivism
o High and low context cultures
o Power distance
o Masculinity/femininity
o Uncertainty avoidance

Learning outcome 3 is :the challenges involved in intercultural communication.

Illustrate the comparison with examples of language and highlight potential areas of miscommunication between members of the two cultures.

I would like to do b/w Arabs and Amaricans .

please note that I am Arab

In your conclusion, briefly comment on any changes in your awareness of your own communication with people from other cultures.

You should use a minimum of 3 different academic texts for your references.

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Title: Intercultural Communication

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Essay Instructions: Intercultural Communication Essay (2500 words)
Due date: Thursday May 6
Assignment description:
Culturally diverse workforces are now a common experience as a result of globalization. Understanding how culture impacts on employee relationships and communication is vital to the success of multinational and culturally diverse organizations. Assume that a team composed of individuals from two different cultures has been formed to word on a project. They are able to meet on a face to face basis fairly regularly but may also have to communicate for short periods on a virtual basis too.
Write an essay outlining the kinds of cultural issues that might influence communication between members of the team. You are free to choose the cultural backgrounds of the team members. You may choose to include individuals from an Australian Indigenous heritage as one of your options.
In writing the essay consider theories such as; high/low context cultures, individualist/collectivist cultures, cultural dimensions, monochromic / polychromic cultures, tight/ loose cultures.
You must use a minimum of 15 academic sources. You may select any academic, reputable sources you wish to respond to this essay question. Please be aware that if there is a discrepancy in your referencing you may be asked to submit a scanned copy of one or more of your sources. Please do not cite lecture slides as a source.

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Title: Intercultural Communication

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Essay Instructions: Intercultural Communication Paper

• Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper that demonstrates an example of poor intercultural communication that significantly affected international commerce or foreign policy.

• Illustrate the lack of intercultural communication by clearly defining cultural patterns ??"theories, identity, and bias, for example??"and communication devices??"such as communication foundations and taxonomies??"between two cultures. Select one or two intercultural communication theories needed to address and possibly resolve the example you have given.

•I nclude answers to the following questions within your paper:

o How do the two countries differ in their cultural patterns? How does communication play a role in each culture?
o What communication devices were used by both parties in this example?
o How did these devices work or not work in this particular intercultural communication example?
o What key intercultural communication theorist would you enlist to help solve this intercultural communication problem? Summarize the position of your selected theorist and explain how their ideas might apply to the situation.
o What approaches or theories may work to resolve your poor intercultural communication example?

• Utilize at least two external peer-reviewed sources.

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