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He must instead keep aware of the accepted verbal and nonverbal communication gestures of other cultures. He should break out of the habit of preferring or revering his own verbal and non-verbal communication over those of others. Cultural relativism views all cultural practices as good. But unlike cultural relativism, effective intercultural communication does not state that al cultural practices as good. Rather the effective intercultural communicator exerts efforts to develop an intercultural consciousness and understand those of other cultures. This is to improve communication and thus increase understanding among all the members (Brown).

Simplifying the situation will also improve intercultural communication, internally and externally (Brown 2010). Visualizing culture as a community in general will lead members to discover ways of communicating among themselves and with customers and clients more effectively. Understanding separate communities and communicating with them in acceptable ways or in ways they will appreciate is the right approach. And acquiring an understanding of what is culturally acceptable entails an awareness of the norms in that society or community. This task, in turn, requires informal research or observation before giving in to the innate tendency to jump to conclusions that may result in communication dissonance. The intercultural communicator may secure hints from those with whom these communities already relate or if they have achieved a level of closeness that allows such query. The intercultural communicator may also simply inquire into the preferred or appropriate approach to communicating with the community members (Brown).


Intercultural communication has reached a stage when it is not only advantageous to be knowledgeable about it (RoseW 2013). Global interconnectivity has also made it critical in any thriving organization. More and more business organizations are getting diverse and that is the environment for intercultural communication.
These businesses cannot avoid investing in intercultural training for their workforce in order to make more profit. It necessarily comes as the consequence of effective intercultural communication, along with employee productivity and teamwork. The consequences or advantages of this new trend are productivity and proficiency, teamwork, global business edge and effective leadership (RoseW).

Intercultural Communication enables employees coming from diverse ethnic backgrounds to communicate among themselves effectively (RoseW 2013). It also serves as basis for management policies, which incorporate diversity. It enables employees to become more productive and proficient. This reduces conflicts and dissatisfaction that can ensue if their needs are disregarded in policymaking. It allows employees to understand and appreciate one another's cultural differences and to communicate effectively. This, in turn, builds teamwork spirit, the impetus behind successful business. Intercultural communication also provides a business with successful negotiation skills needed to compete and succeed in the global market where diverse cultures converge. The business also stands a better chance to compete globally. And a manager, who is skilled in intercultural communication, is equipped with the know-how to motivate his team, whatever the members' cultural backgrounds. Intercultural training induces effective communication, which translates into effective leadership (RoseW).


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