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Title: Law represented in Inherit the wind

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Essay Instructions: As we consider what law is like as a system of social control, and how it compares and contrasts with other ways of managing conflicts and pursuing grievances, it is very useful to look at how law is depicted in literature. In the fictional context, general knowledge about law is used to set a mood, further dramatic action, and serve as a powerful symbol. For this assignment, each student has been assigned a work of literature that has something to say about what law is like and what role it plays in society. Please either read the work you have been assigned, or else find some other way to learn in detail about its plot. After summarizing the plot, discuss what the work has to say about law. For example, would you call the work mostly sympathetic or critical of law? What characteristics of law are most featured in the work? If law had not been used in the conflict depicted in the work, what would have been likely to happen instead? Does the depiction of law in the work cry out for legal reforms? If so, what reforms?

Topic; "Inherit the wind"

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Works Cited

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Title: Socratic Questioning

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Essay Instructions: I need a brief case study on the book/movie Inherit The Wind;especially the part in the movie/book where the defense attorney uses Socratic line of questioning against the prosecuting attorney tom show the bias and the prejudice of the creation theorist against the evolution theorist.

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Works Cited

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