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Title: Information Assurance

Total Pages: 10 Words: 2565 References: 8 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: The question I am looking to address with this paper is,

What role might time play in information assurance, or in civilizing the cyber world and its laws?

The following is just some thoughts I have on the question, to give the writer an idea of what I am thinking.

I feel that time will play a major role in information assurance and in civilizing the cyber world and it laws. It is important to understand that the laws that we currently have today in the United States did not evolve over night. Just like the human race we gain more knowledge as time went on and as we grew, adapted, and changed, we in turn learned that laws were an important part of our society because they create a concrete way of governing the people. Time changes everything. Thing you do now you will have no interest in doing 20 years down the road. Laws are viewed in the same capacity. It is important to know what we have to govern us now so we know how to change things in the future. As for the internet and the laws that govern it, it will take broad definitions as to what is considered right and what is considered wrong. It will be hard to govern the internet and all the activities that go on in the same second from billions of PCs and internet connections.
Homeland Security was established eight years ago, Homeland security didn’t exist. We thought that on a large scale that we were a safe country. We knew we had enemies but we thought that if something were to happen our 9-1-1 emergency system would be able to handle it all. Then two planes crashed into the twin tower, one hit the pentagon and another crashed in a field. Four planes were hijacked on the same day and we knew nothing until the end. We realized then that we needed new laws and regulations and procedure to deal with such tragic events.
The internet is no different, there is no face, no name, no race, no nothing; just an IP address and that is what we are going to have to build off of. Many people just want to check their emails, and communicate with family and friends; not everyone is on the internet to hack into the computers of others and steal personal information or trying to send viruses through email and websites. It’s the few people who have personal agendas and vendettas that ruin it for the rest of us. I understand free speech and how important it is and how people should be able to display publicly what they feel they have the right to, but that doesn’t disregard the fact that things need to be monitored from smaller children. I don’t feel it is the laws responsibility to deter children from entering into adult sights on the internet just like it is not their right to deter them from robbing a bank. It is the law enforcer’s job to take action after a crime has been committed, it is personal morals and experiences that try in talk a child out of a bad choice. Laws will only improve with time, because it is time that will show how many ways it can be broken. Once we have seen all we need to see, then we will be able to write laws that are specific and that have punishments that fit the crime committed.
At the website provided:, you will find the laws that are currently active as it pertains to the internet. There are few that pertain to children and the internet. We have yet to cross the line of sexual predators that are after our young children on the internet. But it is also understood how uncharted that territory is. How unlawful it is to monitor someone personal belongings without search warrants and how our current laws protect every individual living in the United States. It is with time that we will learn what works and was doesn’t and it is with time that we will formulate a way to govern the internet just like we have learn to govern all other public forms of communication.

This last paragraph is something I definitely want the writer to address.

Laws for the Internet are evolving but they are currently inadequate. The real problem is that the Internet is evolving faster than our legal system can produce legislation to control it. If the Internet ever matures to a steady state and doesn't change for a decade or so I think our legal system will evolve to control it but until that happens I think it will always be a loosing battle (legislatively). While the Internet is changing so rapidly I think another option is to use code rather than laws to enforce ethical and moral behavior online.

I want the writer to crystallize a crisp statement about what your paper will address and what it won't in the introduction paragraph.

The Research Paper will be graded against the following criteria:
• Clear statement of thesis to be analyzed and its relevance: 15%
• Technical Content (depth and accuracy of information and analysis): 40%
• Recommendation, answer, or conclusion supported by research and analysis: 15%
• Clarity, Organization, grammar and spelling: 15%
• APA Style: 15%

Please have the writer email me with any questions.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Information Assurance and Security IAS Digital forensics DF

Total Pages: 33 Words: 9242 Works Cited: 25 Citation Style: IEEE Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Possible project for you to do is to develop a set of Information Assurance and Security (IAS) Digital forensics (DF) labs (or a lab workbook) for future use in teaching. Highlights are below:

? 3 large-scale labs (collaborative, students may finish in about 1 month)
? 5 medium-scale labs (collaborative or individual, Students may finish in about 2 weeks),
? And 10 small-scale labs (individual, students may finish in about 1 week)

Labs should address core concepts and practices in information/network security/assurance and digital/computer forensics

? Labs should help student gain practices based on concepts, algorithms, and mechanisms learned in class some labs should be programming ones
? For each lab, expected components in workbook include purposes and goals, IAS/DF concepts/algorithms covered, software/hardware/network needed, skills needed, main tasks and procedures, expected lab outcomes and results, suggested grading criteria, possible bonus work and points, duration of lab, and suggested (undergraduate/graduate) courses using the lab

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: See Below

Total Pages: 25 Words: 6861 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Topic: why/how to create a information assurance program within the case study organization with organization-wide polices for
1. Data Management / Change Management
2. Application Development

Final paper must contain the following components as indicated within the handbook:
? A cover page;
? A one-page executive summary;
? A table of contents (ToC) (created using the MS-Word headings feature that allows a ToC to be created using the Insert | Reference | Index and Tables ? | Table of Contents function);
? Report on the findings for all the topics discussed during the seminar that are relevant to their workplace;
? Analysis in each section of positive and negative aspects of the security posture of the organization;
? Concrete recommendations for improvement with analysis of relative importance, expected efforts, costs and feasibility to the extent possible given the time constraints;
? Appendix showing all the recommendations in a numbered list;
? Appendix showing all the recommendations sorted by priority and with expected costs, if available;
? Footnotes or endnotes for references that use the document automation features (e.g., Insert |Reference | Footnote) to avoid manual renumbering (it is not acceptable to use manually numbered footnotes or endnotes);
? A bibliography showing the full list of sources used in the footnotes or endnotes sorted by author and showing full author lists, date of publication, titles, book or journal, and other bibliographic details.

Including Budget Information

When you are making recommendations to business leaders, who will be making a decision about your recommendation and approving any associated costs involved, you need to include re-sourcing budget estimates to help your leaders in making their approval and allocation decisions for your proposed plan.

You should provide cost estimates for not only hard dollars, but also for other resources, such as number of personnel, man-hours, and time ranges.

It is not expected that you can always provide exact amounts. However, you should be able to provide estimated costs for all recommendations. If you like to provide the estimates as a range of amounts, that is fine, as long as your ranges are not so wide that a business leader would consider it as ridiculous and, as a result, damage the credibility of your recommendations.

Use of Research Papers

DO NOT copy and paste the research papers into the final paper This is *NOT* acceptable, and is not the purpose of the final paper. You will get a zero for this action.

Direct quotes from research papers papers - should be quite limited.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Information Security and Assurance

Total Pages: 3 Words: 1148 Sources: 6 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: This is an Information Security & Assurance term paper. When you read the questions below, keep in mind that your answer has to be from an information security and assurance perspective. All of the questions are related to information security and assurance even if it was not mentioned clearly.


-Answer any three (3) questions from Part A below.

-Each answer is expected to be concise, direct and to the point. It is anticipted to take approximately 3 to 4 paragraphs to answer (usually not more than a page). For each question, you must include at least two independent sources for your answer. In addition, You must answer your chosen questions in great details. Any reliable source is accepted, except 'wikipedia-like' and newspaper sources. Please make sure to site when needed and to provide a high quality paper that answers every aspect of your chosen questions.

Part A

1. In developing a policy for accessing a system you can use a closed or open approach. Decide which policy you would select for a system that has access to confidential data (such as student records, not online). Explain why your policy will be effective and how it will minimize an attacker's access to the records.

2. Explain which is more secure, Asymmetric or Symmetric Encryption, and provide two circumstances where each could be effective, one for Asymmetric and one for Symmetric. Each circumstance should be different from the other.

3. Explain Steganography and two circumstances where Steganography would be appropriate.

4. Name at least two different Information Assurance (IA) standards, each from a different standards organization. Summarize the standards and explain why they are important.

5. Summarize one major US technology law that has gone into effect in the last 10 years. Explain its impact, why it is helpful, and where it is a problem.

Excerpt From Essay:

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