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This is very important in the securing of communication taking place over the open systems like the internet. This is done by embedding hidden information in data packets that are being conveyed over the TCP/IP link. The information is embedded in audio, video or even in pictures that are being sent over the link.

Digital watermarking

Digital watermarking involves the use of steganographic techniques to effectively embed information into various documents. This is important for copywriting reasons by corporations. Digital watermarking is then used in embedding a company's copyright into the property of a company. This is then used in prosecuting pirates as well as digital thieves. The copyright or trademark information is embedded in the copyrighted image, audio or video files.

4. Name at least two different Information Assurance (IA) standards, each from a different standards organization. Summarize the standards and explain why they are important.

ETF RFC 2246.

This Information Assurance (IA) standard is used in securing web servers and is part of the TLS Protocol Version 1.0.

The TLS Protocol is employed in the encapsulation of other higher level protocols. An example of such protocols which is encapsulated is the TLS Handshake Protocol that is used in allowing the server as well as client to perform authentication of each other as well as to negotiate a special encryption algorithm as well as the use of cryptographic keys prior to transmission or receiving of data by the application protocol (Santesson, Nystrom & Polk, 2004) .

ITU-T Recommendation X.509 (2000)/ISO/IEC 9594-8:2001.

This is an Information Assurance (IA) standard used in defense messaging systems. It is used in the information technology as well as in the issuing of public and attribute certificates (ISO/IE,2002).
The importance of the ITU-T Recommendation X.509 (2000)/ISO/IEC 9594-8:2001 standard.

According to ITU (2009) the -ITU Recommendation X.509 (2000)/ISO/IEC 9594-8:2001 standard is used to define the framework for using public-key certificate. The framework includes the specifications of the data objects that are employed in the representation of the certificates that are issued as well as the revocation of these certificates. The public-key certificate framework is critical in the definition of certain critical components of the Public-key Infrastructure (PKI) as well as Privilege Management Infrastructure (PMI).


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