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Title: Infant Mortality

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Essay Instructions: Explore Healthy People 2000 objectives and focus areas related to infant mortality in West Philadelphia. Use vital statistic data which will be faxed. Define infant mortality, state why it is a concern (because West Philadelphia has the highest rates of infant mortality), describe risk factors, relate incidence and prevalence, relate mortality. Identify current resources and efforts made to reduce infant mortality in this community and evaluate if these resources are successful (include data from published sources). Identify a solution to the concern of infant mortality in this community. Consider legal, ethical, economic and social implications. Review of literature supporting topic should be included. Research articles will be faxed. If there is additonal resources needed for paper, you can use any other resources you need.
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Essay Instructions: Choice 2: Behind the Headline: US Babies Dies at Higher Rates
Read the excerpt, "US Babies Die at Higher Rates" on pages 258-259 of your text (uploaded). Listen to the following audio clip from NPR: Infant Mortality Rate at Odds with 'Culture of Life'
Answer the following questions:
1. What methodological explanations have been offered for the relatively high infant mortality rate in the US?
2. What social explanations have been given for the infant mortality rate in the US?
3. Explain the issue from each of the sociological theories outlined in the chapter

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Essay Instructions: I would like this writer (moriks 58 ) to write my paper

I would like to talk about free health insurance and infant mortality
My Thesis statement is about: everyone should have an access to free basic insurance where they can get free health care insurance for the new born in order to take care of their new born and prevent illness that might impact them so that we can lower the infant mortality rate. (you can rewrite it again to look better )
Here are my resources:
I need 2 pages the first one is a page summary and the second one is focus on one solution/intervention to the problem you described in page 1. Each page must be single-spaced and please do not forget citation format is in APA.

i will sent you by e-mail more details. you will find more description about the 2 pages and how to

write it also there is a Excellent Portfolio Examples please look at it

thank you

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Essay Instructions: Research Topic/Title:

To Assess The Impact of Prenatal Care And Health Care Access On Infant Death Outcomes In Five Public Health Districts With The Highest And Lowest Rates Of Infant Deaths In Georgia

(Basically, the study will focus on infant mortality in African American women in Georgia for the years 2000-2005 in 5 public health districts with the highest rates of infant mortality and 5 public health districts with the lowest infant mortality rates (so we are looking at 10 public health districts total that can be found on the OASIS website) in the state of Georgia).

Please Note:
* Thesis needs to be in APA format
* Focus on African American Population (compare to whites & others)
* Data sets are for the years 2000-2005
* Include a hypothesis, if needed


I. Introduction (Suggested topics to include in introduction please, you can also add more info. and change the order of topics)

A. Epidemiology of Infant Mortality in the United States
(What is infant mortality, Why it matters, Infant mortality on national, state (GA.), local level)
1. Prevalence and Distribution on Infant Mortality
a. Age (maternal (teens & adults), neonatal & post neonatal)
b. Geographic Location (Urban & Rural)
(include background info. on the 5 public health districts with the highest rates of infant mortality and the 5 public health district with the lowest in GA., demographics, population age, average income, ethnicity)
c. Social Economic Status (include info on national, state (GA) level, & local level, also include info. on mothers education, income, ethnicity, birth rates & lifestyles)

B. Purpose of Study
a. Literature Review( include hypothesis,
include info. on the state of Georgia,
African American women in GA, Infant
mortality in GA, state rank, etc…)
b. Theoretical Framework (as of now I
think the social cognitive theory
works with this study, please show the
relationship between this theory and the
research topic, & the variables that should
be considered to answer research questions)

C. Preconception Care (In the U.S., in GA. & within
the particular public health districts)

D. Prenatal Care (include info. on the number of
hospitals in each public health district, the
number of physicians in each public health
district, barriers to seeking care, please add
other relevant info.)

E. Access to Health Care (Info. on access to health
care in GA, info. on each public health district,
medical insurance: private, Medicaid, no
insurance at all, barriers to access and anything
else that is important).

F. Reducing Infant Mortality (on a national level, in GA and in particular public health districts, please add other relevant info.)

II. Methodology (include Measure, Procedure, Analysis, also please include the study design, the population to be studied, data collection procedures, the location and time
frame of the study, and how the data will be analyzed)

III. Results (include Findings for Research Question/Topic/Hypothesis, Describe findings as they relate to specific research question or hypothesis. This section should include the results of the study. Tables and figures may be used to describe pertinent findings).

IV. Discussion (Strengths and Limitations, a summary of your results and a discussion of the implications of your findings. Consider your results in terms of health policy, clinical, or public health implications. Your discussion must be supported by pertinent literature).

V. Conclusion (if you need to conserve space or pages the conclusion and recommendations can both go under the discussion)

VI. Recommendations (Consider your results in terms of health policy, clinical or public health implications)

Please include all of the following in the email:
• Data sets used for each public health district for the years 2000- 2005 (OASIS website)
• Abstract: Brief summary (250 words or less) of the major components of the study including purpose, method, results and discussion.
• References: All cited references must be included in the reference list. All references included in the reference list must be cited in the body of the text or tables.

• Tables- (suggestions for tables to include, you can add more or any tables relevant to research)
o Infant deaths and mortality rates for the five leading causes of infant death by race in GA, 2000 or 2004 or 2005
o Percentage of mothers receiving late or no prenatal care, by race and age in U.S. and GA (pick a year 2000 or 2003 or 2004, whatever you can find data on)
o Infant Mortality rates by education and race/ ethnicity, 2000-2005
o Low Birth Weight and very low birth weight, live birth rates by race/ethnicity, 2000-2005 (Blacks, Whites, American Indian Asian Pacific Islanders, Hispanics)

• Figures- (suggestions for figures to include, you can add more or any figures relevant to research)
o Infant Mortality Rates in GA. and U.S. 2000-2005
o Infant Mortality Rates by Public Health District in GA., 2000-2005 (can be displayed using the map of GA. and using different colors to represent the 5 public health districts with the highest IMR and the 5 public health districts with the lowest IMR, is it possible for you to use Geographic Information System (GIS) for all the maps)
o Infant Mortality Rates by Race/Ethnicity in GA., 2000-2005 (or pick a year, display African American, Whites, Hispanics, American Indian, Asian/Pacific Islanders)
o Map of GA. with hospitals, active primary care doctors displayed within proximity to public health districts (Geographic Information System (GIS))
o Infant, Neonatal and Post-neonatal mortality rates be race/ ethnicity, 2000-2005 (or pick a year, whatever data you can find for particular year)
o International comparisons of infant mortality rates, United States and selected countries, 2003 or 2004 or 2005

Other sources that might assist with data collection:
• Online Analytical Statistical Informational System (OASIS-GA, 2000-2005)
• Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System(PRAMS-GA, 2000-2005)
• National Institute of Health (NIH)
• Office of Minority Health
• CDC WONDER: infant deaths, linked birth/ death records
• National Vital Statistics
• National Center for Health Statistics 2000-2005
• United Health Foundation- Americans Health Ranking
• World Health Organization


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