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Essay Instructions: Individual Critique of a Quantitative Analysis Report
Individual Critique of a Quantitative Analysis Report

Post your introduction here. Provide a brief description of the problem the study was conducted to resolve and the significance to nursing. Conclude with a sentence similar to ?In this paper, a critique of the various elements of a quantitative research report will be presented?.
Study Purpose
Describe the purpose of the study.
Research Question, Hypothesis, Study Variables
Research Question
Note the research question. If not stated, state what you think the research question is.
Note the study hypothesis. If not stated, state what you think the hypothesis is.
Study Variables
Note the independent and dependent variables.
Conceptual Model/Theoretical Framework, Review of Literature
Conceptual Model/Theoretical Framework
Discuss the conceptual model (or the theoretical framework) used to guide the study.
Review of Related Literature
Discuss the literature review to support the study (currency, etc.).
Study Design, Sample and Setting, Extraneous Variables
Study Design
Note the research design and discuss appropriateness.
Sample and Setting
Discuss sample size and representativeness and appropriateness of the setting.
Identification and Control of Extraneous Variables.
Discuss extraneous variables in the study and ways appropriate measure were used to control for the influence of the extraneous variables.
Instruments, Data Collection, Data Analysis
Study Instruments/Tools
Discuss support provided for the validity and reliability of study instruments. Also discuss appropriateness of study instruments.
Data Collection Methods
Discuss appropriateness of data collection procedures. Discuss steps taken to protect the rights of the participants.
Data Analysis Procedures
Discuss appropriateness of data analysis procedures for the data collected. Discuss appropriateness of data analysis procedures for answering the research question and/or testing the study hypothesis.
Discuss two major strengths of the scientific merit of this study. Discuss two major limitations of the scientific merit of this study.
Summarize the salient points in the paper.

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Title: Individual Financial Contingency Planning

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1759 Works Cited: 5 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Individual Financial Contingency Planning: Topic-Second Chance Act of 2008

Write a 1,500-word to 2,400-word paper in which you evaluate these possible sources of revenue, temporary assistance, and funding assets as part of Financial Contingency Planning. Be sure to address the following sources in your paper:

Public-private partners


Bond issuance


Multi-level government financing

Effects of taxation

Evaluate the role that financial efficiency will play in obtaining this funding at the state and local levels

How you would go about identifying the sources of funds for the project

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Title: Moduler 4 Assignment 1

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1154 Bibliography: 4 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Individual: Canter's Behavior Management Cycle: A Case Study

a) Develop a 1250-1500-word case study revolving around a student's disruptive behavior. Apply Canter's Behavior Management Cycle to your hypothetical situation. Ensure that each step of the cycle is clearly discernable within your case study.

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Essay Instructions: Individual
Growing Your Staff
You currently work as a human resource management consultant, and you have scheduled a presentation to pitch your organization?s value to a company that you have worked for in the past.
Course Design Guide
Prepare a Microsoft? PowerPoint? presentation that will be used to pitch the need for your consultant services.
Include the following components in your presentation:
Identify the organization?s operational gap or need for the human resource management services. Provide any relevant background information within the speaker notes.
Determine why a training or employee development plan is needed and why it will fill the organizational gap identified.
Provide an outline of the proposed training or employee development plan.
Create a performance improvement plan worksheet and integrate it into the presentation. Complete the following in your presentation:
Convey the benefits of using your performance improvement plan over more standard, similarly used forms. Explain how your performance improvement plan should be used. Determine what impact your proposed services will have on the organization and its goals. Explain how these changes might affect the company?s Equal Employment Opportunity standing and its overall diversity-related

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