She had read Canter's various books; had seen his skills in practice, and was impressed. She decided to use Paul as 'case study' in order to base Canter's techniques on him.

The Cycle in practice

1. Rules

On Ms. Z's first day in school she underlines three letters on the blackboard: SWL. This she explains stands for:

Students Will Learn.

Beneath these she groups 4 rules (1. No calling out; 2. No leaving chair, 3. No eating in class, 4. Respectful talking and conduct to teacher and classmates.) On the wall, has already been pasted a colorful chart with the exact same rules, pictures illustrating their intent.

Miss Z. then carefully and thoroughly walks their content, explaining the rules and their parallel consequence (both reward and punishment -- although Canter seems to emphasize punishment) when obeyed or disobeyed. Miss Z. then asks students to restate the rules in their own...
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