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Essay Instructions: IBM was able to able to maintain the corporate culture for many year, I need to do a research on it was able to maintain its dominants cultures (adaptive, family & family orientation) was able to relate in the ever changing enviroment and if any sub-culture did contribute the it survival.

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Essay Instructions: IBM hiring untouchables or Dalits in India.
Define the cultural issue within IBM. Analyze the ethical and social responsibility issues that IBM must deal with as a result of being a global organization. Identify ethical perspectives in the IBM. Compare these ethical perspectives across cultures involved in IBM.
Include introduction and conclusion.

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Essay Instructions: Download IBM DB2 Express-C

There are a wide range of database management systems to choose from. The one that we are going to use for this course is IBM DB2 Express - C. The reason this DBMS is chosen is that, it has provided a lot of functions and also it is free.

To download DB2 Express - C, you will need to go to, register with IBM first before download. If you have any questions, read the e-book Getting Started with DB2 Express-C) and videos. The ebook and video will help you with ?the DB2 book? with the download and get familiar with the DB2 environment.

Follow the steps below for download:

Register with IBM
go to
click on Downloads link on the left of the site
Choose the suitable one based on your operating system. The current version is 9.7.4.
download a zip file to your computer. Unzip it

Read Chapter 3 of the DB2 instruction book for installation.

For this course, we will use the Control Center for database administration. For the advanced Database Management course, we will migrate to IBM Data Studio as the primary tool for database administration. Chapter 5 Sections 5.2 ? 5.4 of the DB2 book describes some tools you may find useful for this course.

Case assignment

The goal of this assignment is to ensure you have properly installed DB2 Express-C and get familiar with its environment. After you have finished downloading DB2 Express - C, Please follow the detailed installation instructions in Chapter 3 in IBM's DB2 book, and then write a 3-5 page paper on your experience with the installation of DB2 and relational database modeling:


You have successfully installed IBM DB2 Express-C by providing screen shots of the database in your paper.
Use the terminologies you have learned such as table, key, attributes, etc to describe two tables in the sample database.

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Essay Instructions: Read both the IBM case study and the Deloitte Consulting case study in Kerzner, Chapter 15.

You are to prepare a written summary and address the following questions:

Compare and contrast the project portfolio management approaches that IBM and Deloitte Consulting used to rank and select the projects for their respective portfolios.

Evaluate and discuss the strengths and the weaknesses of both approaches.

Discuss any improvements in the selection process of either firm that you would recommend.

You are to complete your answers to these questions in 750?1,000 words and turn them in to your Instructor.

Please make sure that you cite and reference all your outside sources properly, as per the Harvard Referencing System

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