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Title: Hybrid cars

Total Pages: 6 Words: 1941 Sources: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: This is a research paper, must include at least 5 sources.
Thesis: Hybrid cars can help reduce the environment problems
Please write the advantages and disadvantages of hybrid cars, also the trend of hybrid cars.
Please give support that can related to the thesis. And well organized the paragraphs.
In conclusion, please also restate the thesis.

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Title: Electric Hybrid Cars vs Gas Powered Cars

Total Pages: 9 Words: 2618 References: 3 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: The topic of this paper will be usage of electric/hybrid cars vs. gas powered (combustion engine) by society. The EV1 released by GM in 1996 can be used as an example of an electric car which was short lived. There was a movie released in summer of 2006 titled "Who Killed the Electric Car?" that details the rise and fall of the EV1. The following are guidlines that should be met when writing this paper:

Each point is a heading. You may have sub-headings if you want, especially if they could help in organizing your paper.

1. Start with purpose and overview of proposed research: Explain why you are interested in the research. Does the existing issue or problem affect any group of people? How is the research going to be useful to society, the country, the world, etc?

2. Literature Review: This is perhaps one of the most important and deeply-discussed section of your paper. What have previous scholars and researchers done in this subject? What are their theories? If there are opposing views, include them in. Your research may be supporting one side or taking both sides and coming up with something new from it. This section of the paper will illustrate the depth of your knowledge of on the research topic. You must also be aware of plagiarism. You need to cite any quotations and ideas that came from someone else. Example: John Gall warns that systems are like babies. Create a system and it sticks around. Worse yet, Gall notes, systems keep growing larger and larger [footnote/endnote or citation e.g. (Gall, 1975:12)].

3. Research design: In this section, you need to explain, in an organized way, what your research would look like. If it is quantitative or qualitative, deductive or inductive. What would its hypothesis be? Are you going to conduct a survey, participant observation, content analysis, etc.? Conceptualization -you need to specify meanings, definitions, terms, and most importantly, the variables of your research. All these need to be addressed so as to tie up any lose ends in your proposal, which would make it look incomplete and eventually reflect uncertainty on your part regarding your propose research. In this section, it would be good if you divide it into further sub-headings.

4. Also, how would you measure your variables - operationalizing your variables? Even if your proposed research is a qualitative type research, you still need to identify both the independent and dependent variables. In inductive-type research, you may need to identify the possible independent variables (whatever your literature review leads you to). If you are to conduct a survey or interview, please include some (if not all) of the survey questions asked and also an interview schedule. Explain why you would construct such questions – what are you measuring, and how does it help attain the research goals? In comparative-historical research, you need to identify the variables through your literature review, and explain how you are going to measure them using either first hand data or secondary data, or bot. A further extension of the literature review is necessary in this section if you’re doing this type research (comparative historical), especially if there have been similar-type researches done in the past.

5. Data analysis – how would you go about analyzing your data? Knowledge of basic statistics is essential here for measuring survey results. If it is qualitative, how would you analyze your observations and/or qualitative data?

6. Summary. In this section, you will need to address any potential weaknesses in your research. Also, if your research requires huge financial and human resources, where so you think you will need to seek aid for your research. Tie this back in with why would the research valuable to the ‘funders’ or to society in general. This helps with the justification of the research.

Only extensive reading on research methods as well as on your topic of interest can make your paper a quality scientific paper.

Please use a standardized reference system. You may use any – Harvard,, ASA, MLA etc, just be consistent. Internet references should have web page address. I would personally like to see more book reference than internets. NO WIKIPEDIA! Wikipedia can be used to find information, but such info should be backed by more reliable sources.

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Essay Instructions: (( Word count: Please discuss the below questions in about 1100 words.
Referencing: Use full Harvard Style Referencing (in-text referencing plus list of references at the end).
Answering: Response to the question should take the form of a full essay format divided into a number of paragraphs with introduction and conclusion without subheadings and bullet points. Support arguments with case study examples, as well as external examples.
-You can use the material of the textbook: Consumer Behavior by Leon Schiffman and Leslie Kanuk, as a supporting and guiding source of information. ))

Case Study
In a country where SUVs sell the most you wouldn?t expect a small, hybrid car to sell well. Despite such expectations, Honda successfully introduced the Insight in 1999. Toyota closely followed Hondas lead bringing the 2001 model Prius one year later. Five years later the Prius is such a runaway success that sales president Jim Press has dubbed it ?the hottest car we?ve ever had.?
The Prius combines a gas engine with an electric motor. The auto gets power from only the battery at low speed and from both the engine and the electric motor at high acceleration. When braking energy from the slowing wheels is sent back through the electric motor to charge the battery. At a stop the gas engine shut of saving fuel.
The original Prius was a small compact with a dull design it had a total of 114 horsepower it went from 0 to 60 in 14 seconds, but it got 42 miles per gallon. Although the second generation Prius introduced as the 2004 model benefited from modest power increase. But there where countless other improvements; the design was better looking with seven colors. The interior was roomy and practical, with plenty of storage space.
The new Prius also provided a seven inch energy monitor touch screen displayed fuel consumption, outside temperature, and battery charge level. Multiple screens within the monitor provided controls for air conditioning, audio, and satellite navigation system. But the most important improvement was the increase in fuel efficiency to 60 miles per gallon.
In its inaugural year Prius sold 15.000 cars but in 2005 107.000 Priuses were sold on the US alone and in 2006 Prius sold 500.000 cars worldwide. The rapid increase in demand for Prius had created a rare automotive phenomenon. During a time period when most automotive companies have offered substantial incentives in order to sell cars, Toyota dealers were getting a premium of $5.000 over the sticker price for the Prius. Waiting list for the Prius stretched for six months.
There are many reasons for the success of the Prius starting from the targeting strategy of techies who were attracted by the car?s advanced technology those buyers were able to hack the Prius computer and modify it by using the dashboard for watching TV and playing video games.
By 2004 Toyota had skimmed off the market of techies. Toyota anticipated that environmentally conscious as well as those desiring more fuel efficiency would be drawn to the vehicle. To launch the new Prius, Toyota spent more than $40 millions spread over media in consumer-oriented magazines and TV. In the summer of 2005 gas prices have skyrocketed to more than $3 per gallon; as a result buyers moved to small and hybrid cars.
In addition to Toyota?s effective targeting techniques various external incentives have helped to spur Prius sales. For example some states allow single occupant hybrids in HOV (high occupancy vehicle) lanes. Some cities like Los Angeles provide free parking for hybrids. And currently the government gives a tax break incentives of $3.500 for hybrid car owners.
Few private companies are also getting in the game; Timberland and Google contribute with $3.000 to each employee who intends to purchase a hybrid like the Prius.
Although Honda was the first to market hybrid cars in the US its sales have been minuscule compared to the Prius. The Prius commands over 50 percent of the hot hybrid market
Whereas sales of ultra high mileage Prius and Civic have grown significantly, less efficient and more expensive hybrid models such as Honda Accord and Ford Escape are facing declining sales because the customers are doing the math and realizing that they may not save money with that hybrid.
Now every car maker wants a piece of the growing pie ford has a goal of producing 250.000 hybrids per year by 2010, it plans to put more money on advertising campaigns General Motors has also big plans to extend its Saturn hybrid line and to introduce hybrids to other divisions like SUV?s and trucks. Nissan, Hyundai, Audi, and BMW are all developing hybrid vehicles of their own.
Even with all the activities of these auto makers Toyota is currently the clear leader in hybrid sales and likely will remain for some time to come. And Toyota planned to offer hybrids versions for all vehicle classes by 2012.

Please answer each question in an essay form.
Question 1: 250 words
All behavior is goal-oriented. What type of goals are Prius? customers seeking to achieve? Identify the types of goals and explain.
Question 2: 300 words
Identify and discuss the main segmentation base(s) Toyota is targeting and ought to target with Prius?
Question 3: 275 words
Discuss the concept of marketing mix? Supporting answer with examples from the case, discuss in more detail two of the marketing mix elements: Product and Price.
Question 4: 275 words
Evaluate Toyota?s marketing strategy so far. What has Toyota done well?

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Title: Abortion is Every Woman s Right

Total Pages: 2 Words: 564 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: I need this research paper placed in a formal sentence outline along with a thesis statement a conclusion to the paper. Needs to be in 12pt font Times New Roman.

The thesis statement should be provided at the beginning of the outline, and it should be labeled “Thesis,” followed by a colon. The thesis statement should be an argumentative statement that embodies the argument of your paper. V.
When writing your outline, make certain that every topic and subtopic is written as a complete sentence. Additionally, it is required to include in-text citations within your outline. For instance, one of your subtopics may be a direct quote; therefore, you would place an in-text citation at the closing of the sentence just as you would do if it were written in essay form. For example:
I. Hybrid vehicles are far inferior to our country’s available technology.
A. Electric cars are more energy efficient and do not have tailpipe pollutants.
1. Nissan CEO, Carlos Ghosn (2008), states, “I want a pure electric car. I don't want a range extender that still uses oil. That is unsustainable” (para. 2).

Furthermore, any in-text citation will also have a correlating reference entry listed on the reference page. For the purpose of this outline, you will only reference the sources, which have in-text citations to match (in the outline). In later drafts, you will include every source that you used in your essay on your reference page. However, the outline only requires that you reference sources that were used solely in the outline.
Headings and subheadings:
You must include at least four headings in your outline, indicated by Roman numerals (I, II, III, IV). Each of these headings must have at least two subheadings, indicated by capital letters (A, B, C). The best outlines will break down these subheadings into topics, indicated with numerals (1, 2, 3). A framework for an outline might look like the following.

Thesis: Hydrogen cars might be the future’s best hope for an environment-friendly family vehicle, but the unstable nature of the hydrogen that powers them is not worth the risk of personal injury.
I. There have been a number of alternative cars designed in the last decade, but none that are as efficient as the hydrogen models. (Heading)
A. Efficiency for alternative car models means production costs do not exceed the financial strain of consumers. (Subheading)
1. Hybrid cars are not as efficient as electric cars. (Topic)
2. Electric cars place undue energy demands on society. (Topic)
B. Subheading 1.2
1. Topic
2. Topic
II. Heading II
A. Subheading 2.1
1. Topic
2. Topic
B. Subheading 2.2
1. Topic
2. Topic
C. Subheading 2.3
1. Topic
2. Topic
III. Heading III
A. Subheading 3.1
1. Topic
2. Topic
3. Topic
B. Subheading 3.2
1. Topic
2. Topic
IV. Heading IV
A. Subheading 4.1
1. Topic
2. Topic
B. Subheading 4.2
1. Topic
2. Topic
3. Topic

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