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Title: The Country Husband by John Cheever

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Essay Instructions: Assignment --- From The Norton Introduction to Literature

Write an essay of about 500 words in which you trace the major stages or parts of the pyramid plot structure in either "The Jewelry," 8, or?The Country Husband,? 23. Write for someone who has read the story and is interested in your interpretation. As usual, in evaluating papers I will refer to this assignment. Please review it as you compose.

Select the story to write about, and review it until you discover its plot structure. In your paper, introduce your thesis-idea about the plot structure. (Everyone will have a slightly different interpretation or emphasis.)In the body, organize your argument by using subheadings (sometimes called subtitles) like those used to organize this assignment. The subheadings will consist of the five steps or stages of the pyramidal plot structure in order: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, conclusion (or resolution).In each of these subsections of your paper, identify the plot segment and give your support for identifying it as you do. No overall plot summary will be necessary. Instead, proceed by selective summary and selective paraphrase (see A5), and selective quotation in support of your views. The conclusion of your paper will not be a summary. It should connect to your thesis-idea and be brief.

Writing about Stories

For sample student papers on a story we read (though not on plot) see 492-94 as assigned on the syllabus.

Special Instructions

Note that the title of a short story is normally placed within quotation marks as above.

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Title: The feminine mechanics of political intervention of Uncle Tom's Cabin

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Essay Instructions: This should be a paper that deals with some secondary material and criticism, but mostly focuses on how the book "Uncle Tom's Cabins" attempts to create an impact on the reader. Under the author's dichotomy of genders in relation to sentiment, it is easy to see how it appeals to female readers (at times, specifically to mothers). But how does it appeal to men?

You should focus on what I call the "Antigones of Uncle Tom's Cabins, often women who persuasively argue that public interest (and the masculine world of the law) is out of sync with "private feeling and morality." In the interactions between Mr and Mrs Shelby, Eliza and George Harris, and especially Mr. and Mrs. Bird, we have women as the keepers of morality and religions. In focusing in the interaction between Mr. and Mrs. Bird we see a triumph of nurturing "feminine" pity in the hearts of a "rational" man. Their interactions seems to be a microcosm for the novel itself: Harriet Beecher Stowe is not unlike Mrs. Bird, criticizing the public (and public policy) from the sphere of the private (piety, morality, maternal feelings, charity).

But if indeed the book is attempting to perform the role of a virtuous wife, pulling at the heartstrings of her husband-- what are the mechanics by which this occurs? Isn't intimacy part of the reason the Mr. Bird listens to Mrs. Bird--that special connection between husband and wife is not there between the text and the reader. Or is there? How does the book establish that connection of intimacy and, if not, how does it get around it? What is the point of interface How do we get from the private to the public?

I will be sending a document with some notes I have on this topic.

Please make sure you cite all your sources, don't quote too much or at all from secondary material-- just paraphrase use when appropriate to build your argument (always cite). Please have a clear thesis, and make sure that the argument is ingenious-- that the reader can glean from it something that is not obvious from just reading "Uncle Tom's Cabin"
7-8 pages.
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Title: Research on a Biblical Woman Rebekah

Total Pages: 15 Words: 5361 Works Cited: 12 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: The research paper is on Rebekah, a women spoken of in the Bible.

Must use Chicago Style and Footnotes

Research paper should include at a minimum six articles from scholarly (peer reviewed) journals. Four chapters/references from four serious scholarly books or the section on Rebekah from four full length commentaries (not study bibles), edited or authored by a feminist/womanist scholar (someone with academic credentials like a PhD in Hebrew Bible or a closely related field, not a popular author).

Thesis (main idea that you are trying to prove):
Main arguments you plan to use to defend your thesis:

Thoughts compiled for Paper and to draft thesis:

I have chosen Rebekah to initiate my research on. She is identified as a woman of beauty. Even her name refers to how her beauty snares or bounds men like that of a ‘tie rope for animals’. As men are often drawn by beauty before anything else, it compels one to take a moment to reflect on the ‘whole’ of a person. Rebekah is a very intriguing woman who showed faithfulness and love to her husband and then through one son loved him more then her husband.
My research will attempt to address why and how did her love wane for her husband and grow in intensity for one of her twin boys. What motivated her to favor one over the other? What actions if any did her husband play early on in her marriage that may have placed a seed of deceit that would come forth after the birth of her twins? I am an identical twin and can remember growing up and feeling like there was ‘favoritism’ that my mother placed upon my twin brother over me. It never went to the depth or breadth that was portrayed by Rebekah and was more of an adolescent perception then reality in my own life.
In reviewing Rebekah’s life and character, we can learn that any love that seeks success at the cost of truth and righteousness is of this world. The scriptures tell us to not be conformed to this world, but transformed by the renewing of our minds. Therefore, it was and still is imperative that one’s first love must be God. In turn, that love will exhibit obedience to His Word and will. Rebekah was faithful during her first 20 years of marriage as a childless wife. However, because of her favoritism for one son over the other, a stain was brought upon her marriage and upon her own character.
The world’s system promotes the mindset that nothing succeeds like success. This is contradictory to God’s standpoint in that nothing succeeds that does not emulate truth and honesty in one’s actions. Rebekah may have had physical beauty, but her deceit revealed that her beauty was only skin-deep which showed no beauty in her godly character. Another point that can be learned from Rebekah for parents today is that there should be no favorites in the family. If there is any special attention, it should be given to the one(s) who may be weak or helpless.
A final negative point that can bring forth a warning today to either a husband or wife is an understanding of the demise of betrayal. The loss of trust in a relationship wipes out the many years of earned trust in a moment. Gary Smalley writes in his book, “His Needs, Her Needs” how each spouse has a bank account and one’s actions either place deposits in the account or makes withdrawals. Broken trust can wipe out an account instantaneously and as a result make a relationship bankrupt.
A beneficial application from a positive aspect of Rebekah deals with her prompt decision to follow Eliezer to meet her future bridegroom Isaac. This can be applied to our acceptance of Christ and to readily follow Him for the rest of our lives. Although these questions and applications may be seen as aiding women today, I believe this research paper will address the need for character and integrity for both men and women along with the application of such in the bonds of marriage.

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Title: Social assistance as a tool to combat marital issues

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1051 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: In each of your Assignments in this course, you will select the path that relates to your specific concentration of study. The Assignment and grading rubric are the same regardless of emphasis area though the actual scenario content differs.

In this Assignment, you will use your knowledge of ethics and best practices to identify the main issue presented by the client and develop a 4-page paper. In the paper, you will create an assessment and treatment plan for your client that includes his/her main problems (including any ethical issues), a prioritization of needs, an intervention plan and potential obstacles, and a plan to evaluate progress and next steps.

Choose the path of your career interest. Use the strength-based model in your planning. Remember the importance of a social support system in helping the client become more self-reliant. As your client becomes more confident, he/she will feel more confident in accepting more responsibility for filling his or her own needs. (Many clients initially lack these skills or confidence.)

Your Assignment should reflect professional writing standards using proper tone and language. The writing and writing style should be correct, accurate, and reflect knowledge of human service theories. The paper should be a minimum of four pages, double spaced, and in APA format. Completing this Assignment brings you one step closer to graduation!


You are a manager of a welfare-to-work office that oversees the employment training and case management for those who are unemployed. Many of your clients have been on public assistance (the TANF program, in particular) and have received everything from housing vouchers to food stamps to GED classes to medical checkups at your facility. One afternoon, a gentleman (James) claiming to be the husband of one of your clients (Michelle) requests to see his wife?s records. You check the file and see that the client specifically signed a form denying her ?former husband? from accessing any of her private information.

Use your notes from past Readings and Discussions to write your paper in which you:

Create a scenario using one of the three prompts above (one page).

Identify the client information, including demographics (age, ethnicity, marital status if applicable), reason for referrals and the client?s main problem and needs. Include a discussion of any ethical problems and legal values, standards, and practices that might be present in these situations (one page).

Provide an explanation of proposed interventions/best practice solutions (intervention plan) based upon a prioritization of needs using strength-based theory and description of possible obstacles that could prevent access to services (one page).

Plan for evaluation of interventions (half page).

Plan for next session (homework) (half page).

Note : page suggestions represent minimum page requirements.

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